Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mary From the MTC

Hey All!
Como vai? Eu estou muito bem! That just said, How are you? I am very good. Portuguese is ochiamo (awesome)!! I love it so much and I feel really blessed to be able to learn it. Last week was really good and I feel that I grew a lot. For some reason I have been really dumb and not been praying for the gift of tongues!! Last week I began praying in my personal prayers for Heavenly Father's help. I found that others were able to understand me better, things came to my mind about what and how to say something, and I was able to communicate better!! It was really neat to see that and I know it was from Heavenly Father and not just me!
So I find out where I will be reassigned tomorrow. Hopefully I will be reassigned. There have been some rumors that I have heard that the USA is so jam-packed with missionaries that there is not going to be any new reassingments. I don't really believe that but I'll find out tomorrow!!! If I am reassigned somewhere I will be able to call you guys for about 5 minutes! Maybe on Thursday or Friday. Depending on your schedule.
So thanks Ma for some advice about the companions. It isn't that big of a problem just a little annoying with my one companion who doesn't ever speak. I am more worried about her in the field. It is okay that she doesn't pray or bear her testimony but it will be a bit of a problem if she acts out there like she does here. During lessons if we turn to her to allow her to speak or maybe a testimony she will flat out say no. One time during a lesson we asked her say the prayer and she said no with this super sour look on her face and said she could not. I worry what the investigator will think because if a missionary refuses, than the investigator might refuse also! The funny thing is that she knows the gospel. It is in that head of hers! She just needs to say it out loud! She has really good things to say! And thanks for telling me to pray for Charity!! I will do that! I need to do that!
Dad, I'm sorry that I didn't answer your question about President Monson and how he pronounced Rio De Janeiro. That is exactly how you are suppose to say it! We were really excited when he said it like that because it is correct. When there is an R at the beginning of a word, it makes an "h" sound. Than de make a "g" sort of sound. I love it! It is sounds very pretty and a little bit like french. It is a lot prettier than spanish. ;)
Thank you for all of the letters!!! Things are super busy here. I was telling ma last week that I just do not have enough time for everything I want to accomplish!! Things are not that bad but I just feel really bad for not getting my hand-written letters out. Several have written me and I haven't replied to them.
So an Elder in my district just got his visa today!! We are all really shocked but super excited for him! He is from Grass Valley, California and his consulate is San Franscisco. He has been waiting a while so it is really good that he got his. It reminds me, though, how important it is for us to keep up on the language because you never know when you'll get your visa.
I think that it is so sad about Boston but ma, that is a really interesting take on it. I didn't think about it that way. It is interesting because I was just reading those chapters (Mormon 3:9). It is sad that we today sometimes forget how we are able to do things. We could not do anything without our Heavenly Father's help, guidance, and mercy. I am learning a lot about that in the scriptures right now. I am going to finish the Book of Mormon today! I'm really excited. I just read a really great verse that has helped answer some of my prayers. I have been struggling with my relationship with Christ and knowing him. I feel that I have a relationship with my Heavenly Father because I pray to him. I know that I pray to the Father in Christ name but I just feel that I do not know him. I know he lives and suffered for my sins and sorrows. So I was reading Mormon 1 :15 and it talked about tasting and knowing of the goodness of Christ. I was thinking, "how can I know that for myself?" The footnotes took me to Psalms 34:8. It said to put my trust in God. And then it lead me to Mosiah something. I can't quite remember which scripture. But it talks about steps to take (that I feel we can take) to know God/Christ. It was really neat and I still want to do a more extensive scripture study on it. Also I have a question for you guys. What exactly is the "glory of God," and how can I understand it?
I hope things get fixed fast for the elders that are coming! So cool thing! Some Elders from my branch leaving this week have been reassigned to Iowa! There are three Elders that are waiting for their visas. I can only remember two of their names. Elder Nicholes and Elder Searle. The other one starts with an L and that is all I can remember. They are cool and I told them they are going to the best mission in the USA and that their mission President is awesome! One of them might be living in our house!
So this last week Elder Richard G. Scott came to speak!! AHHHHHHHHHHH It has been the most powerful talk that I have ever heard. It was amazing. He talked all about receiving revelation and understanding the spirit. It was amazing to listen to him and he talked specifically to those missionaries learning a language. Several times he told us to allow the Lord to help us in learning and that if we worked hard, He would help us learn. He said at the beginning that he felt he had died and gone to Heaven to be with all of us. It was cool because at the end, he gave us an apostolic blessing that we could learn the language and some other things. I'm mad because I lft my notes in the residencia. He also talked to the sisters and said it was amazing that we made the choice to serve. He promised us that our posterity would receive immense blessings because we were serving. It was really cool!! It made me so excited to get out of the MTC and teach the gospel. I know that this decision was the right choice. 100%. If anyone asks me if they should go on a mission, I will always say yes because it makes me so happy!!
I read Sam's letter!! Sam you are so awesome and don't worry, things will be hard but remember to read your patriarcal blessing!! It will help remind you as to why you need to be there. Also I love hearing about your investigators! You are the bomb!!! My whole district thinks you are awesome!
I love you all and think about you often. Thank you for your prayers. I love you and miss you!!
Sister Cropper
P.S. Sorry if I forgot to comment about something! No time!

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