Monday, April 22, 2013

Mary's Latest From the MTC (#4)

How are you all? I'm sorry, my companions wanted to wait and so I didn't know how to tell you guys that I wouldn't be getting on at 1:00. I'm sorry but sadly I have to work around my companions. So I'm so glad that they extended the time that we are allowed to write emails. It is now 60 minutes. Plus we can write friends not just family!!! I still love to get Dear Elders though!  
Things are really good here. I'm just getting really antsy to leave! I am really excited to leave but at the same time extremely nervous!! I find out in about a week where I will be reassigned and so we will what happens. Oh and I haven't told you guys that I get to talk to you for 5 minutes when I receive my reassignment! We don't hear anything about our visas unless we get them. I think it would be really fun to get reassigned because then I could go to two different missions! Plus I really enjoy teaching in English. It helps me become more confident in my teaching. I feel that I am not the best teacher so I am really grateful that I have this time in the MTC to figure it all out. I find that I am able to teach better when I plan ahead and write out exactly or basically what I want to say. If I don't do that I kind of go off on tangents. You guys all know I don't explain myself very well. I am learning to put myself in the investigator's shoes.
So Arianna wrote me and said I must be dumbing down how hard the MTC is for me! Haha it actually is not that bad. I did struggle the first few days. I was feeling very overwhelmed but I pushed through and things are reall good. I just go along day by day. the language is coming. This week, my companionship is working on only talking Portuguese in class. It is challenging but I think it will really force me to learn the language better. I heard from the Elder from my district who got his visa, that we learn so much more here at the Provo MTC than Sao Paulo. That is because the teachers speak english and are able to communicate and teach us better. That made me feel good.
I am going to be a host tomorrow!!! I am really excited! I think it will be really fun.
So I am done with Alma!! I finished yesterday!! I am trying to finish the Book of Mormon by next Tuesday! I love reading the book of mormon. I have never felt this way about reading it before. I have never had such a strong desire to read and to learn from it. Some things I learned (from my study journal) and thought were interesting is first Alma 10 verses 5 and 6. I had the thought that maybe some inactive members feel this way when they decide to stop coming to church, than in Alma 15. Zeezrom becomes a good man and repents of his sins. It is too bad though because of the things he said to the people in the land of Ammonihah, they blieve nothng good. I thought it was cool though that at least Zeezrom repented. In Alma 21, verses 6 and 7, it totally helps with investigator's questions about why they need the gospel. Alma 22: 15- nothing is worth more than eternal life, not even a whole kingdom. Alma 26: 22- cool list! 1. If we repent, 2. exercise faith, 3. do good works, 4. pray without ceasing; we can know all things. Plus we,as missionaries, will be blessed that we may bring thousands of souls unto repentance. Alma 30:41, a testimon is complete truth and proof that our Father in Heaven lives. If anyone denies the existance of God or Christ, refer to verses 41 and 44. In verse 60 of that same chapter, I had a thought "why did the Lord not save korihor?" I believe it is because Korihor didn't repent! If he had humbled himself, the Lord would've been merciful unto him! I also love reading the story of Corianton! He is interesting and my hero in the book of mormon because he repents of his serious sins and goes on a mission!! He becomes a good person. I think it is too bad he didn't have more recognition.
I love the devotionals too! They are so freakin' awesome!! I brought my notes to share!!
We had the coolest devo last sunday evening!! It was given by the Director of Media for the Missionary Department. His name is Greg Droubay. He talked to us all about how Heavenly Father's work is hastening. He first talked about NYC and the things that have been done there. For this last Christmas, the Church put up several billboards in downton Manhatten. The billboards said, Christmas is ___________. They put in the blank several different words like, family, service, Jesus Christ. They were humongous and everywhere!! He said that the Athiest had put a billboard close by but this was his words, "We had no idea the Athiest were there, but we DOMINATED!!" They also put ads up on hulu and different internet sites.
He also discussed what they have been doing in London. The Book of Mormon play is about to begin there and they were putting ads up for it with phrases like, "The Mormons are coming," on buses and such. The church put ads on buses and there was this one picture of the play ad on a bus and then a bus behind it with our ad. It was really funny! He then talked about all the ads that are up! When you guys are there in May look in the subway stations and all! They are everywhere!! He told a story how he was behind a woman who was pregnant on an esculator that takes them down to the metro. There are ads on the walls just about different mormon things. At the bottom of the esculator, he noticed the woman was crying. Like a good missionary, he inquired and asked what was wrong. She said that the ads were the most beautiful thing she had ever read. He talked with her more and got a referrel for the missionaries. He shared another story about a family and The Book of Mormon play. He explained that this family wouldn't have given the missionaries the time of day. The family was really wealthy, they had gone to the play and were do disgusted with it, they left it half-way. After, they were thumbing through the playbook and saw the ads from the church. They ordered a Book of Mormon and read all the way to the end of 2 Nephi. They believed it was true and asked for the missionary discussions! They are all now baptized and are going to help their branch in London!
That story made me cry a little! Although this play has had an affect on the way the world views our church, it has also really benefited us! I bet Satan wasn't expecting that!!
So the speaker moved on and talked about the importance of having the spirit with us and our purpose as missionaries. Our purpose can be found on the first page of PMG. In Portuguese it is, Convidar as pessoas, achegaram-se a Cristo. Ajudando-as a receber o evangelho restaurado por meio da fe em Jesus Cristo e em Sua Expiacao, do arrependimento, do baptismo, de se receber o dom do Espirito Santo, e de preseverar ate o fim. That is all from my memory so I might be a little off. He remindedus that everyone on this earth at one time believed in Christ, saw him, had a testimony and agreeded to come to earth. All we have to do is bring the spirit (which is not an unfamiliar feeling) and remind them of their testimony that they once had.
I liked that thought a lot. After his talk, I was so excited to just get out of the MTC!! I want to teach actual investigators!!
Anyways, almost out of time!
I love this gospel, I know it is true and I am grateful for that knowledge. I hope I can be an effective missionary and help realize God's plan for all of His children.
Love you lots,
Sister Cropper

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