Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Week 2 By Sister Cropper

Hey Everyone,
Todo bem? Muito todo bem for me! Todo bem means everything is good. So you ask, is everything good? And then you can reply with the same thing that everything is good. Anyways!!! So I got the package yesterday! Thank you so much mom for sending my skirt, boots, and blanket. It has been cold here at night so the blanket was much needed!! So did my miz mooz shoes come? I had ordered the size and figured that they would've come by now. So Sam wanted me to tell you guys that he is departing for Chile next Monday at 1:00 pm here. So he will call you guys from the Salt Lake Airport around 11:30 am. Be ready!!!!! He flys directly to Santiago, Chile from SLC. He also sends his love. It has been so so so so so fun having him here. I see him all the time and it is fun to catch up. We like to write each other during the week so it's fun to be able to write to him. Thank you for all of the letters. It is so fun to read what is going on. I have gotten a ton since I've been here so it is hard to find time to write back some of my friends. I feel bad for only being able to write them on my P-Day.
So yeah, my companion totally left last Wednesday. I am actually glad she left because after the thought came into her mind about leaving she just totally checked out. She decided after the Tuesday Devotional to leave, then talked to our Branch President and then all of a sudden decided to stay!! I was frustrated because I kind of knew she was just going to leave eventually. She woke up the next morning and was sick. So we went to class but our teacher told her to go rest. So we went back to the resendencia and I sat in the dark studying my scriptures and reading while she took a nap. I guess I could've napped but I knew I didn't need to and I got a ton done!! Later that day she talked to the Discrict President here for the longest time. I sat in this room for my whole gym time! It was okay though because I talked to all of these missionaries. She came back out and said she called her family and she was going to leave in the next hour. We went back to the resendencia and packed her stuff and she left. Now I am in a threesome. I like the girls I am with. One has really attached herself to me and follows me around everywhere. Plus she keeps touching me and it is really annoying! But she kind of has stopped now because she probably noticed I don't really like it. She is hard because she has a lot of insecurities. She thinks she is ugly and gets offended when people tell her she is beautiful. I flat out told her to never call herself ugly around me because I don't like it when people are negative and it takes away from the spirit. She is actually very pretty so I hope I can help her in some way to gain her confidence. I like my other companion. She is from Oregon. Sometimes she goes off and talks with the other girls in the other district going to our same mission so it is frustrating when she leaves because it makes me feel like she really doesn't like my other companion and I. I feel like she thinks because now that I am here, she can just leave. It is getting better though, it was worse this last weekend. Oh and my old companion was from Utah! She lived in Highland so yeah she could pretty much see her house! 
So Easter was so great here! We did not have a General Authority come, which I hear is very rare. Bishop Causse came and spoke with his wife. It was very good!! Plus Sam and I both sang it the choir and that was super fun!! Also the whole MTC partook of the sacrament together. That was so awesome! And there was no one that was missed!! It was pretty amazing.
So one of the Elders from my district got his visa last week. He left this morning. We were all really sad to see him go. I am so grateful for the disctrict I have received because the Elders are so very nice to us and we are all really close. It feels like a family. We all love to sing together so it is so fun. Last night, our teacher (which actually he won't be our teacher ever again because we are getting 35 more brazilian missionaries tomorrow, 20 are sisters so they need more portuguese teachers)  shared an amazing experience about faith from his mission that really brought the spirit. After he left, Elder Christensen (the Elder who left today) asked if they could do a blessing. It was a really powerful blessing and we could feel the spirit so strong. Then we sang as a district together one last time. It was a really special night last night. I am so grateful that we are all going to the same mission so that we might see each other again. It is so hard not to hug the Elders because we love them so much!!! Um so not much time left now, so I have no clue about my visa. Dad, you should call the mission office to ask them!!
I love you guys so much and miss you!!! I am having a great time! Yeah the language is hard but I feel fine about it. I am more putting emphasis on learning the doctrine during my study time. Also did I tell you guys last time that my branch president challenged us to start the book of mormon over again? I am now in Mosiah!
Um so yeah, things are good! I am grateful to be a missionary and I am trying hard to make sure I work and do my best! I am trying not to waste my time here.
Oh ma!!! So we went to the temple this morning and guess what!! Our session had way more Bretheren than Sisters!! I am not kidding you so it can happen!!
So this last sunday, I fasted to be able to feel the spirit more and to be able to recognize it. Sam said he could feel the spirit really strong here. I didn't really understand that at first when I got here but I think what he means and others mean when they say that, that they spirit comes more easily.
Oh by the way, the food is not very good here. I am so sick of it!!! I try to avoid eating it because I do believe it does something! I haven't had any gas problems but some of the Elders have and my old companion was getting an upset stomach when she was here. So I totally think they add laxatives. I try to avoid it by eating a lot of salads, soups, fruit, and veggies.
Oh I have also seen Chloe a lot!! She looks good but I don't get to talk to her much!
Love you all again!!
Sister Cropper

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