Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Week #3 From Sister Cropper

Boa Tarde Minha Familia!
Como via? Todo bem por meu. So I hope you are all doing well. I didn't receive any letters from Anne or Michael and I got Mom and Dad's at the beginning of the week last week. I hope you all enjoyed conference, I know I did! So Sam left yesterday and I was sad but also really excited for him to travel to Chile. Did you talk to him yesterday? How was it?! I was jealous that he could talk to you guys, but I guess I'll get to do the same in three weeks. I cannot believe I have been here three weeks and that I am half-way done!!! All very exciting.
So this last week was good. Teaching went okay and I was a little bummed because it is just hard to teach in a different language with a very limited vocabulary. I was also sad because I felt I wasn't very good at teaching our english investigator. I felt I hadn't explained the Plan of Salvation really well (granted it was my first time teaching it) so I was bummed after the lesson and a little frustrated. Don't worry, I am totally fine now. I prayed about it and our lesson yesterday with Filo (that is his name) went fantastic and the spirit was strong there.
So conference was so fun to watch at the MTC. (Check out the 183rd Annual General Conference here.) It was a little sad because I couldn't stay in my PJ's all day but it was nice to have a break from classes for a day. Basically our whole day was based around conference and we watched the YW broadcast that evening while the Elders watched the Priesthood session. I heard from them that it was pretty amazing and I started listening to Thomas S. Monson's talk yesterday. So my favorite speaker or I guess speakers from conference were Henry B. Eyering and Holland. I really liked Eyering's because it was about service and sort of becoming a better individual by living the example of Christ. I just enjoyed it a lot and felt it pertained to my life right now. I liked Holland's because he just said a lot of really great stuff. I enjoyed his bit about faith and that we don't have to know everything, just believing is enough. It can really pertain to an investigator. I liked Clayton's a lot too. It was a good conference, nothing totally changed my life but it was fun to listen. I can't wait to print some of them out and read them over again. Especially Dallin H. Oaks, his was good but a little over my head. I want to study it more. What did you guys think of conference? What were your favorite talks?
So it was cool, at the temple we did initiatories today instead of a session. It was neat to be reminded of the blessings I receive and the promises I must keep.
Also are you guys getting ready for your missionaries?! How is that going? I'm telling everyone here that if they get reassigned to Iowa, they could live in my basement!!
Oh so I haven't told you guys!! Vocal point came for our devotional on Sunday!! It was so awesome! I didn't really how much I missed music. We are not allowed to listen to music at the MTC so it was so fun to go to the concert live.
So ma, our room is always clean here! We actually get the excellent award (or something) for a clean room. Our classroom on the other hand needs some help, we failed the cleaning checks so we will have to do better this week.
So my companions and I totally thought we were going to get some more girls in our room because we have three extra beds but we didn't get any last week and I'm not sure about this week either!! We are happy because it means more room for us. Plus there are only four closets and desks.
Oh!! It was snowing this morning!! It is cold here so I am so glad I have my boots and coats!! Thanks again for sending them! Oh and thanks again for the cookies!!
So I asked Sam to give me a blessing on Saturday before he left. It was really cool and really helpful. He first started out talking about my worries with my visa (which is funny because I haven't really been worried since becoming a missionary) and I was told I would go where people would need to hear the gospel from me and to not worry about it. I was also blessed with learning the language of my mission. Then I was told  about my companions and that I would learn things from them and they would learn things from me. He then talked about me learning the doctrine and teaching. He told me to have confidence with my teaching and to listen to the spirit because it would guide me in what I should say. (that was really helpful at the time). Then Sam paused for a second and said that I needed to remember I was a daughter of god and that in his eye, I was pure and have been faithful my whole life. Sam began crying at this point and I was too. Sam also talked about my decision to go on a mission and that it was a right one. I was told that I was where I was suppose to be at that time. I was really happy with the blessing and it was really comforting. Sam told me that he was planning to say some things but that he didn't say any of them. He said that all of it was inspiration. 
Anyways!!! So great blessing!!! Things are really good. I am just itching to get out of here! I want to leave and teach actual people!
Hope all is well! Love you all!
I hope the blog is going well and that you are putting up our emails MOM!!
Love you all,
Sister Cropper

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