Monday, May 13, 2013

Sister Cropper in Ohio #2

Hey all!
I'm sorry if I sounded a little down yesterday! I think I was just feeling bad for my companion. I am really good and I am getting back to my groove so do NOT worry about me! I think one thing I really need to focus on more is reading the scriptures. My PB states that if I feast on the scriptures, I will have more joy and the spirit will enlighten my soul. Also I think why I'm a little sad is that this work is slow. It takes time for people to receive answers and to understand the importance of keeping commitments. That is why I'm a little sad too. I just need to be more patient. I just want everyone to know now!

So things I learned this week from the scriptures is first from 1 Nephi chapter 5. I really liked how Lehi did not get mad at Sarah when she was getting mad at him. I thought it was interesting that he decided to comfort her and was kind back to her. That is something I can do with my companions, though they haven't made me mad yet! I like 1 Nephi 7 because it is amazing to me that Nephi is able to say things that soften the hearts of his brothers. I feel so inferior to Nephi because we have such a hard time sometimes getting others to listen to our message! 

In 1 Nephi 11:6- I've always wondered what the scripture meant that said that if we believe in Christ, we shall live (John 20:31). One way that we live is stated in verse 6. We will receive what we desire if we believe in the Son of God, Jesus Christ. And today during personal study, I read 1 Samuel 3 when the Lord is calling upon Samuel to tell him something. Samuel thinks it is his father calling him but his wise father realizes it is the Lord and teaches his son to listen to it. It is important that we teach our children who the Lord is and how to recognize the Spirit. We know from the stripling warriors that it is so important to teach our children from a young age the gospel.

So hey everyone! It was super super fun talking to all of you yesterday! I wish I could've talked to Sam but thanks for telling me how it was talking to him last night.

So life here is pretty cool. It is nice to be in the states because we get certain luxuries. Like we have a gym in my apartment complex. We also get a car and don't have to walk around. Thankfully I have all of this before Brazil because I won't have these kind of luxuries. Westerville is like Bettendorf. It is a suburb of Columbus which is a big city. The mission is good, we do a lot of tracting, finding, less active visiting, and a few appointments. It sounds like a lot of stuff you do. The first few days were hard to get use to but now I like it and I am use to it. It is just a lot different from the MTC. They don't really prepare you for what it is really like out here. 

So we don't have anyone on date here. We had someone last week but she has not been keeping her commitments and we haven't been able to see her so we had to take her off. We have a lot of appointments this next week so I know we will be able to get some on date.
So this last Saturday was so so so so so awesome! We visited many people and were able to set up some appointments. Two things that were really awesome was we found this boy who is really interested named Cameron and this women who use to live in an investigator's home. We found Cameron smoking outside of his house, he is about 20. We just started talking to him and he had a lot of questions. He believes in God and is religious but doesn't have a specific religion. I told you last night about him not understanding where we go after this life. He said that he understands that if we accept Jesus Christ and believe in him, we will live in Heaven. He said he has a friend that is Muslim and doesn't believe in Christ. Cameron said that his friend is good and doesn't understand why he would be destined to go to Hell just because he doesn't believe in Christ. We are all really excited to teach him on Wednesday

So the lady that lived in a previous investigator's home: We found teaching records of a this women in the area book, but there was no actual record of her and what they taught. So we decided to go visit her and see what was up. We went to the house and young woman opened the door. It turns out that the women moved. This young women seemed interested and she just had a baby. She is catholic but she is allowing us to come back.
We have other investigators but I don't have a lot of time to talk about them. 

Anne and Michael! Wahoo you have a house! When are you officially moving? Have fun graduating for the last time Michael! I love you both and miss you!
Sam- Mission rules? Well for one, no iPods! I can't listen to my music and it breaks my heart to pieces. We can have CD's but I don't have any. I don't know what else you want to know. Good job on all of the baptisms! So fun! Keep working hard on the language. You are so smart and will get it, I know! Also remember to always pray for the gift of tongues, it does work and is a special gift.  

I love you all and thank you so much for your support and love for me! I know you care for me and I thank you for that! I know I am suppose to be here and I can feel that everyday!
Sister Cropper 

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