Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mary-the Tuesday Before Leaving for Ohio

Oi minha familia! Como via?
I'm really well. I've finished packing and I'm now transfering my notes from my big english preach my gospel to a little PMG. They are all out of little Portuguese PMG and it is really annoying!!! They always run out of the Portuguese stuff here so fast! There is just so many Brazilians. There are also a ton of missionaries in general. There are about 1250 Sisters and around 3,000 in total. We are jam packed and it is going to be worse this summer! They are expecting an influx of 6,000 missionaries. The Church bought an apartment complex and they also are having Sisters stay at Wyview (BYU Campus Housing). I think they are having the English missionaries stay off campus but don't quote me on that.
I cannot believe that I am leaving for Ohio tomorrow! I feel like my mission is beginning again! I'm finally going to be put to work. It's a little nerve-wracking to leave and think by thursday I will be teaching actual people. Hopefully I will remember all I have learned and will remember to speak English and not Portuguese! 
Pai (that is father in portuguese. Since I use to call you Padre, I need to adjust that over to Portuguese): I did get all of the info! Thank you for copying and pasting all of Wikipedia onto the letter. Haha, I received about 8 letters from you all about Columbus. So I think my Mission President's name is President Nielson? I think but I have herad from the grapevine that he use to be the owner of Cafe Rio and they supposedly fly in Cafe Rio during our mission conference. Haha

I love 3 Nephi 11. It is one of my favorite chapters in the BoM. I think Mosiah 18 is a great chapter to use when inviting an investigator to be baptized. That is really cool that your feel a special spirit in our home since the missionaries have moved in. It makes me wonder what sort of spirit I have and convey. I can never tell but my teachers say that on their missions, people would tell them that all the time. I hope my mission president is praying for all of his missionaries! That makes me feel special!
I bought a phone card to use in the airport but I am really not sure if I will have time to call. Hopefully it is okay if you I call early in the morning in Salt Lake.
Sam: You are freakin' awesome! I miss you so much! I love reading about your investigators and experiences. Keep going!! I hope your toe feels better soon! I'm praying for you everyday!
So Devos and Spiritual thoughts:
I have finished the Book of Mormon and I loved reading this fast! I'm not sure I will do it again because I would've liked to have had the time to ponder on all my thoughts but it was really fun and felt the Spirit testify to me that it was true!
So more on the Devo from Elder Scott: He talked all about prayer and receiving an answer. He talked a lot about how our callings were dirwectly inspired. He repeated the language promise and about our callings several times. One thing I forgot to mention last time was that after he was done speaking and we sang closing him, he stopped the Sister from praying and told us again that our calls were inspired and that we could learn the language. It was really powerful. It reminded me that I am suppose to go to Brazil and Ohio, and I may not know the reason now but I will soon. I really liked when he said that when we wnat to reach a goal we have never done before, we have to do things we have never done before. That was really interesting to me. He told the story of Nephi in 1 Nephi 4. He said that we may not know why we have received the promptings of the spirit, but when we act on faith, we will be given power. He also talked to the sisters and told us that our choice to serve will enriche our lives as wives and mothers. It will enriche the life I have with my husband and children and that I will never regret this decision. I have been told that several times while at the MTC.
I loved the devotional this past Sunday evening! It was given by Brother Allen who works at the missionary department. He is really fun but also gives great talks. He talked about how Lucifier is really hounding on the missionaries and how to recognize when he is tempting us and what we can do about it. He related the story from the sons of Mosiah in Alma 26:27. He said that we need to be patient in our afflictions an when we are patient we will be given strength from the Lord. We have given up things (privation from Alma 26:27) and that made me think about what I have given up at this time to serve the Lord.
Like Sam, I also went to the Character of Christ by David A. Bednar. It was awesome!! I loved it and you guys should look it up on It is all about Christ and examples from his life on how we should treat others. He said as natural men, we tend to turn inward when things get hard or don't go our way. He gave examples when Christ turned outward when he was tempted Matt 4. It was awesome! I need to do more studying about that. It was very inspiring.
Well. I have to go! I love you all and can't wait to get to Ohio. I hope I can talk to some of you tomorrow. I'll probably try the home phone first. I only get 500 minutes and when I start a new call I lose 130.
Sister Cropper

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