Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sister Cropper: June 12 B

Oi Minha bonita familia!

So I may be getting my visa soon!!!!!! Other missionaries that came out with me have already left (we'll two) and I was talking to minha amiga Sister and she was saying that she had to sign this paper and they told her her visa is being finalized and she'll get it in July. She turned her visa stuff when I did. And an Elder just left Monday and he turned his stuff in when I did. I sent you that thing that says that my visa is still processing. We'll see. I'll ask president tonight. I haven't gone to MoTab just yet. It is actually tonight and I cannot wait!!!
This week has been absolutely crazy!!! SO MUCH CRAZINESS BUT IT HAS BEEN AWESOME!!! Sister Johnson is being transferred. We just found out about 15 minutes ago that she is training and being doubled-in (she'll be in a new area and she'll share it with Elders). Plus my trainer, Sister Hughes (the tall one) just found out she'll also being training. So she'll be training both me and a newbie. I plan on helping her a lot because my companions keep telling me I came pre-trained and I had an interview last Friday with President and he told me I am a lioness. Haha. I didn't believe him at first but I guess he is right. My companions keep telling me that I am.
Anyways so I'll go through the week with you guys:
Monday- Awesome, fun day. We went to the Zoo. Really fun.
Tuesday- I woke up in the morning with this weird rash/hives on my right side of my abdomen. I took benadryl that night and some anti-itch cream. Earlier that day we went to pick up a sister because it was zone training. We are the closest sisters to the mission home and so we get a lot of sisters. Tuesday was a good day.
Wednesday- we had a mission fast. They seem to always do it the week we have fast sunday. That was a hard but cool day. We have been praying constantly as a companionship to find those prepared for the gospel. It was at the end of our fast that day and we were having a hard time. It was really hot and we were walking around. We obviously hadn't eaten or had a drink. So we walked to this appt we had and this woman stopped us and asked who we were. We talked with her and she was interested in us coming back. Our appt wasn't there (like always) and then we went back and tracted around the area because we had an appt like in 45 min in the area. So we tracted around and then were walking to our appt and Sister Johnson saw this guy waving at his door. She thought it wasn't to us and didn't say anything. Well the guy chased us down and asked us if we were Jehovah's Witnesses. We get that SOOOOOO much. So this guy is talking to us and says how he has been searching and trying to read the Bible. His Sister is a JW and so he wanted to stop us and ask about the Bible. We talked to him for a while and taught him the first lesson. Our mission has been extending baptism after the first vision and we have found it to be really successful. Surprisingly I hadn't extended yet and so Sis. Johnson told me I had to extend at the next door. So Luis was the one. I prayed in my heart if it was the time to extend and I felt prompted so I did and he said yes!!!!!!! (It is a very conditional extension. We ask them if they come to know that what we have told them is true, then will they be baptized by the proper authority that has been restored.) So that was pretty awesome and my compies were really proud.
Thursday- It was a normal day. We taught people stuff. I called the doctor last week about my cat allergy issue and he told me that claritan is about the worst allergy medicine to take. He said that allegra is the best and then ordered me an inhaler too so I'm all good now. Last week I had a really hard time on tuesday night and got like no sleep because of all the people that have cats!
Friday- We had a specialized training and interviews and so we had no time to weekly plan before our Minis. It was a crazy day and we were all super stressed about the minis and finding enough appts and service.
Saturday- Got our minis and mine came a little later because she was taking the ACT. We found out Friday evening that 2 of ours dropped out and then Sat. Sister Johnson's other mini never showed so we only got three.
Sunday- Really awesome Special Stake Conference. Elder Gerard from Northern VA was there and spoke. Great meeting. The Stake President invited each family to think of a family to invite to be taught the lessons. We get so much support out here with missionary work. It is grand!!!

So I'll just talk about the mini experience. We have received answers to our prayers about finding those who are ready. I have talked to so many people and we as three companionship have found so many new investigators. Things are just booming and the Lord is really guiding us to those who are ready. We have found so many people and have extended so many times. We only have about 5 BOMs left for the rest of the month and we just got 16 on Wednesday. It has been awesome and I have grown so much just training my mini because I do the door approaches by myself. It has been really awesome. I wish I could write to you all of the stuff that has happened but I don't have time.
There is a member who served in Iowa and he has given us a lot of advice with missionary work. He served in Davenport for a while. His name is Brother Beddoas. You should ask around. He has helped us a lot with street contacting and praying for help from ministering angels. I wish I could write more about it but I don't have time. I am actually behind on my journal writing because we just don't have time. Yes chastise me all you want. I wish I could write in my journal!!!! 

Sam- You rock and keep on going!! Goals are always amazing and if you put forth all you can, the Lord will put in the rest and help you fulfill your goals.
I love you all and hope all is well!
Com amos,
Sister Cropper 

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