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Sister Cropper - June 17

Hello Family, 

So this last week was really good and it was a great experience for me because I was forced to do things on my own. It was a little nerve-wracking at first but I took a deep breath and tried to remember all that my trainer and other companion had taught me. It was a really good that I was forced to be on my own because I came out of my shell more and I had to teach my first lesson by myself. I was nervous but after the member told me that it was an awesome lesson.

The Motab was awesome and I loved it! It was really beautiful and the spirit was strong there. There was a good crowd and people seemed to really enjoy it.
So we had transfers last Thursday. We got our new companion. Her name is Sister Stewart. She is from Spokane, Washington. She is a nice girl and is 19. I was worried at first with just having Sister Hughes and I together because she has some problems. She has some self-confidence issues and Satan works really hard on her self-confidence. I am really glad I had Sister Johnson with me these last 6 weeks because we were both able to help each other, and help Sister Hughes understand that she is a wonderful missionary and that she says good things. Now Sister Hughes is a lot happier and we get a long well. We work well together and I feel we are effective teachers. She has gotten attached to some members here and thinks it is okay to go let out one of the member's dogs during our prime hours of proselyting. It is super annoying. For example, last week Friday she had an appt and I was going to go visit some potentials in the area with my mini. She then decided to not go to the appt because the person hadn't texted her back to confirm and she was going to go with her mini and greenie to let out the member's dog. I went and worked while she let out a dog. It took her about 40 minutes and I set an appt with the potential and she let out a DOG. I did not come out on my mission to let out dogs and do visiting teaching with members who we don't need to visit. I was really worried about how to approach the situation in a kind way and I prayed hard to Heavenly Father. When the issue comes up again, I know how I will approach it.
Don't worry about my journal, I update it and plan on catching up today. I still try to write down what happened. I just need to get on a schedule of writing in it every night. I know, Dad, that your journal means everything and I need to write it all down, it is easier now that planning only takes us 30 minutes. It took longer with my other companion, Sister Johnson.
So thursday was a good day. I was sad to say good-bye to Sister Johnson because we got really close and became really good friends. She is thinking of going to BYU and so I hope she does because we both decided we would want to live with each other after our missions. I had to give my first lesson on the Restoration last thursday and I was nervous but it worked out and I did well. I had another lesson with an investigator and she hadn't read so we read Moroni 7 and the spirit was strong. Plus we figured out why she is holding off baptism. Her husband told her several years ago that he was going to write a book on the atonement and transcendents (I don't know how transcendents fits into it all. Her husband is a little weird, haha) and so he didn't want her to get baptized yet. He wants her to wait until the book is published! Well that still hasn't happened and I'm not sure when he plans to publish it. We'll discuss it more next week with her.
Then that evening we met with a new LA that moved into our area. It is actually kind of amazing how it happened. She was baptized when she was 8 and grew up in the church until she moved away from home. After that she stopped going and hadn't been to church for 20 years. The bishop asked us to stop by and visit her because she had just moved in. She had just moved from the town next to us and had been in that town for several years. The Elders would stop by periodically but two years ago had come by at a bad time and her husband had yelled at them. Now this is my guess but she was probably put as a DO NOT CONTACT and she said after that nobody stopped by. I asked her if she still believed the doctrine to be true and if she wanted to come back to church. She said yes to both! I gave her a BOM (because she had lost hers) and gave her a reading assignment. Because she had moved, we were able to visit her and now are helping her get back to church.

Another cool thing that happened last Tuesday was with this other LA named Krystal Mckinney. She is by far the coolest person EVER! She is deaf and older but super awesome. We saw her on our directory and there was no info on her in our area book so we stopped by. There is this big deaf community here in Westerville so when we first got there we figured she was deaf and had a hard time communicating with her. We were able to set up another appt and found an interpreter. We met with her last Tuesday and finally heard her story. She grew up in West VA and had married when she was in her 20's? She married a man who was also deaf She had a daughter with him and lived in OK. She said that there was something funny with her husband but it seemed like everything was okay. So one day she was coming back from a Rodeo and she came home and her husband was with another man! So she divorced him and moved out! After that she met another man who was hearing and they got married. They were together for 22 years and had 4 boys. Her husband began writing a woman in Australia and she would ask him about it and he would keep saying, don't worry about it, we are just friends. Well just before 9/11, her daughter was going through a tough divorce and custody battle and so Sister Mckinney went to go help with the kids. Her daughter was living in Hawaii and so she was there for a couple of months. She was planning to go home on Sept. 18th but her husband called when 9/11 happened and told her to wait and not come home. Then he called again, later that week or something, and told her he was leaving her and took ALL of the money. She was completely shocked and did not understand what happened! She lost everything and after that decided to start over.
While she was staying with her daughter, her daughter became interested in the LDS church. She went to support her daughter but then began taking the discussions and was later basptized. She knew that this church was true and later her daughter and grandchildren were also baptized. Her daughter later remarried and was sealed with her new husband and her children. She then moved to Florida because her daughter's new husband owned a house there. Sister Mckinney lived there for 4 years and then her son-in-law wanted to sell the house so Sis. Mckinney moved up here to Ohio to live at the Deaf Coloney. In florida and here she had been searching for the church but for some reason could not find it. She has lived in Ohio for 3 years and been searching. About a month ago, just before we stopped by, she met a couple at the Deaf Colony who are LDS. Then a few days later, we stopped by and were able to help her find the church. She said that she immediately called her daughter and told her she found the church and her daughter said, well it is about time! If we had not stopped by, she would've still been searching and looking for the church! All of the missionaries in this area before us had skipped over her! Truly awesome! Now she is going to church and I hope will one day go to the temple! 

Sam- Good luck with your numbers and baptisms this week! Keep on working! 

P.S. My shirt that you go the stain out of now has a hole and my dress we got is starting to deteriorate so I am losing some clothes!
P.P.S. My hives are all good, the predisone worked and there are almost gone! 

Love you all and I think about you often but I am usually thinking about missionary work!
Sister Cropper 

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