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Sister Cropper - June 24th

Hello all!
Sounds like life is rolling on for you all! Things are really great here in Westerville. The work is moving and we are moving with it.
First off I forgot to answer some questions last week, yes I have had the wonderful Graeters ice cream and it is sure good! I really like their toffee chip, strawberry chip, and this other flavor but I can't remember the name.
All my other clothes are good. Except for the new skirt that you sent me, it has started pilling a little on the back. I'm not sure what I do but my skirts keep pilling a little! It isn't bad so don't worry.
Yes I was flattered when my mission president called me a lioness.
I also have some questions for you!
What should I say back to people when we tell that they can be with their families forever? People, usually Catholics or Christians, believe that they already will and when we tell them that, they just say I know! I don't know how to inform them that they are wrong and are misled.
Another question I have is from Alma 20. We were reading it today as a companionship and it states in verse 2 that Alma was told not to go to the king's father because he was going to kill him. So Alma goes to his brethren but then on the way meets up with the king! Why would that happen when Alma was told to avoid the king because he would be killed?
Also, the members here use a bishop's storehouse to provide for those members who don't have the money for food. What do we do in Iowa because I think the closest storehouse is in Chicago? Here they fill up a truck with the orders and drive it around to those who need it. But I don't remember hearing about that in Iowa!
Okay so this past week was really good!
Monday- P-Day, good we have a good evening. We gad no appts so we tried to see some LAs and investigators who we didn't have an appt with. Nobody really wanted to talk to us that day.
Tuesday- We had a lesson with Francis , which went well. We watched Finding Faith in Christ. It was good but she just really not progressing like we want. She says she still doesn't know it to be true but does have a desire to know. Then we had an appt with a LA. He is actually from Iowa and grew up in Bettendorf. We also watched FFinC and invited him to church. He said he would come if we got his parents to pick him up! He was there on Sunday and it was really exciting! He went on a mission to California so hopefully we can help him become more active.
Wednesday- We had a lesson with Cathy who just found out she has MS. She keep falling asleep during the lesson and I hate when people are talking and start falling asleep! It freaks me out! Because she has MS, she is tired all of the time but she knows that this is true and wants to join but her husband is writing this controversial book and wants her to wait till he is done with it. That was like 5-10 years ago and it isn't even done. She is an enternagator (eternal investigator).
Thursday- ZONE CONFERENCE!!!! Wahoo it was awesome! Really great and the spirit was strong! Loved it all and it was really fun to see my fellow mission friends. One thing that is sad is our mission is splitting. We only have about 145 missionaries in our mission now (because of the split) but we have been told that by next December we'll be back up to 250. Another hard thing that is happening is that our mission president, President Nilsen has cancer. It is actually quite a miracle how it was discovered. He had to go to the ER last week because they thought he had a bowel obstruction. It turned out that all of that was fine but because they scanned his abdomen, they found a cancerous tumor on his kidney. They are having surgery to remove it and because it is in the early stages, it has not spread so he will be cancer free. President was really worried that he wasn't going to live and he has some young kids so he was really worried. He is having surgery in a couple of weeks.
Our lessons on Thursday were awesome! We had a lesson set up with a former investigator. Sis Johnson stopped by during mini week and met them. They were super excited to see missionaries again and we set up an appt for Thursday. Her name is Michelle and she knows that it is all true. She wanted to join before but her fianc√©'s daughters go to a different church and she wanted to do this as a family. We taught the restoration and she just kept saying it was true. So I just stopped and asked her, WHAT IS HOLDING YOU BACK FROM BAPTISM? She said again it was her family. I invited her to be baptized on July 20th. She was hesitant and she knows she has to be married before she can be baptized. She said she'll pray about it. We have an appt set up tonight with her so we'll see what happens.
Friday- Nothing special, not many appts. Just a normal day.
Saturday- Had an appt with Luis!!! He is a guy I mentioned a few weeks ago when we were fasting and he chased us down! We finally met up with him this last Saturday! Sister Huffman went with us and it was a great lesson. We taught the restoration again and he is super open and humble. We invited him to be baptized again and he said yes. Then we invited him to church and he said yes. Then we asked if we could make breakfast for him and he said yes! So it was great and he has been prepared by the Lord for sure! He asks us a lot of questions and says that he is finding himself happier and more at peace because he has been praying and reading the bible.
Sunday- We made breakfast for Luis (it is something we do in this mission to help investigators come to church. President implemented a year ago. After they started doing it, their church attendance sky rocketed!) and we ended up being a little late to church. Church went well but our teacher for Gospel Principles wasn't there! So I went up and led a discussion on the Sacrament. It went well and we had a good discussion. My companions are a little lazy and just sat there not taking the lead so I sometimes (most of the time) start the lesson or get out of the car first. It is a little annoying.
I loved the broadcast last night! To be honest family, I am little disappointed not more was said about in your emails!
It is an amazing announcement and the Lord needs the members to step it up. A sister in my ward said yesterday that the Lord didn't intend for all these missionaries to come out and work while the members sit on their bottoms not working as well! THE MISSIONARIES NEED YOUR HELP!! As members, our duty is to preach the gospel, you find, missionaries teach! Anyways, my ward here is really pumped up and the bishop is having me speak next Sunday about what was said last night and my thoughts. I hope you are helping the missionaries and really praying earnestly for missionary opportunities.
Sorry to chastise you all but I really am disappointed! Members were invited to go! Even non-members! Dad said a little bit but come on, you're the Stake President! What is your plan?! I want a detailed report next week on your plan! (And that means all of you, family!)
If you haven't watched it! Go on! Watch it on!

Also I like my other companion fine but can I just say she has the worst telephone skills on the planet. She said she never called anyone really before her mission and she truly is not good at it. We are going to role play talking on the phone.
And I love sis Huffman! [Sister Huffman is the portuguese tutor Mary works with in her ward.] She is awesome!! That is interesting about Brazil! We'll see when I get my visa!
Anne and Michael- Thanks for writing! I shed many a tear when I read about Arrested Development. Oh well, it is worth it for the Lord! Also I didn't recognize the subject line so I am spiritual! Anyways, you sound good but mow your lawn!
Sam- You rock, you're awesome and way obedient! Stick to what you have been taught!
Sister Cropper

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