Monday, June 10, 2013

Sister Cropper: June 3

Hey all! I love you so much and miss you!
Okay so I have NOT heard anything about my visa. They will not tell me anything until it has been accepted and then I will leave. That is cool that the missionaries got their visas. Maybe it will happen soon but I hope it waits until after this next week.

We have some really exciting things happening in my mission. So first is that this Saturday the Mini-Mission starts in the OCM (Ohio Columbus Mission). A ton of youth have signed up. About 170!!! And about 50 or so are Sisters. So we only have about 40 full-time sister missionaries. Guess how many my companionship is getting. Just guess. We burst out laughing when they told us on Friday!
WE ARE GETTING SIX MINIS. Yes I said SIX!!!!!!!! There will be 9 of us in our area and in our little tiny apartment. I, the greenie who has been out for a month, will be training 2 missionaries. I barely know what I am doing!! But it will be great and we will get so much work done!! It will be a crazy but an amazing week. We will get a lot of support and help from our ward. Our minis get here this next Saturday.
So the other awesome thing that is happening next week that I haven't mentioned yet is the MoTab is coming to Columbus!! And our mission president was determined to get us there. Usually we wouldn't be able to go because it would cost too much but President Nilsen did it! We are also taking all the minis too. So it will be an amazing week and a wonderful night next Wednesday

Anne, Baby Jane, and Michael- I am sad Jane got sick!! That is a true blessing that Michael could give her a blessing. Awesome stuff. All three of you looked great and happy!! Good luck on the move and send me pictures of your house! I will be sad when I get back and you won't be so close to us! I will for sure come and visit you all. Michael, when do you start working? Tell Jane I love her and she is the cutest baby in all the land!
Sam- Keep on keeping on! I love you and think about you all the time! I am so glad you decided to go on a mission and I know it will bless your life! You're freakin' awesome!
So cool stuff happened this week. Well let me give you a background story. Two weeks ago, we were visiting an old potential after trying to see our appointment with our ward mission leader. We visited some old investigators with him and also his home teachie but no one answered. He left to go be with his family but we still had some time before curfew so we went to find! The wife of our potential said he wasn't interested so we decided to tract around. Everyone was saying no and we got to this one house and no one answered. We started walking away and an older man came out. He wasn't really interested but we kept pushing because we have been trained to push through the no's. He was starting to become a little annoyed so we left. While walking to the next house I told my companions that "I was sick of this." Meaning, I was sick of the no's and wanted to find someone who was ready! We went to the next house and started talking to Marty. Marty is a whole 'nother story and I don't have time to get into it but he was probably a no but we kept talking to him and got a return appointment. I thought that was a little blessing because no one was really interested on that street. 
Well last Monday at the memorial day picnic for our ward, the bishop's wife came up to us and said that her co-worker/friend said we came by and wants a BOM. She said that she wasn't there but her husband answered. We were really confused at first but then realized it was the man that lived next to Marty! Because we tracted at that time, the man answered, told his wife we stopped by, which sparked an interest in his wife! Our bishop's wife has talked to her before about the gospel but now she wants a BOM. I'm so excited!!
We also saw Dream man yesterday. He read in the BOM and wants to meet with us but won't set up a time. Our investigator's are still poopy heads and won't come to church. Also this last week I felt the spirit really strong in our lesson with Francis. I don't have time to write about what happened but it was amazing!!! 

I have P-Day on Wednesday because it is transfer week! So don't expect a letter until Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love you all and thank you for your support! I hope all is well. I wish I had more time to write but I don't!

Sister Cropper 

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