Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sister Cropper: May 28, 2013

Hey all! I'm sorry my letter is late! All is good but it was memorial day yesterday and the library was closed. I only have a little time right now because one of our appointments went over so less time to write emails. Plus in 20 minutes we are going to do a church tour with an investigator. Tuesdays are always super busy!
So thanks so much for sending the pictures! I loved seeing you guys and it almost made me cry!!! It sounds like you are having a ton of fun on your trip and I'm really glad because i was so worried that you were going to miss me too much to have fun. ;)
Everything is really good here in Ohio! We are finding a lot of people, the hard part is just helping them keep their commitments and to come to church. Several of our investigators refuse to come to church!! It is super annoying. The one we are taking today soon is one of the ones struggling with church. She has had some bad experiences in the past with churches not being about God and she said she wants to know that this is true before she comes to church. I think the church tour will really be amazing for her and she will feel the spirit.
This last week we talked to a lot of people. One that really stuck out to me is a man named Richard. We found him 2-2-5ing a LA home. He said that he is a spiritual person but isn't 100% sure God is there. He sometimes prays to know if he is. He shared a dream that he had once that he was walking down a tunnel and there was a door opened with a light on. He knew God was in there so he went in. When he went in he saw that God looked exactly like him. He asked God how it was and God told him that it was possible because he knew everything about Richard. 
When richard was telling us this he began to cry and said that he holds on to that dream when things get hard. I was really touched by this and we gave him a BOM to read. We tried our best to get a return appt. but he said he was super busy with all of his memorial day stuff. We are for sure following up!

Thank you so much for the package!! I felt bad for complaining about my clothes so I was going to write and apologize!! That is funny what my president wrote. The clothes you gave me are plenty!! Thank you thank you!!
I'll write more next week! I am running out of time now. I'm really good though and I'm trying to be obedient and a good missionary! I'm focusing on feeling and recognizing the spirit more.
Love you all and stay safe!!
Sister Cropper 

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