Monday, July 1, 2013

Sister Cropper - July 1, 2013

Ah Family!! Love you lots!!!
Also I am so proud of your mission plans!! Father- I could not be prouder. It sounds like you are really implementing missionary work into the wards and working hard!!!! Mom- Your plan sounds great and it is awesome to see you and dad working together on a plan! Anne and Michael- Awesome! I'm so proud you are listening to the Missionary Training. Way to be!!!!

This week has been really great! First off with some exciting news!!!! We have someone on date!!!
Her name is Michelle and we invited her to be baptized last week with the date of July 20. But that was going to be hard for her so we prayed about a new date and invited her to be baptized August 10! She accepted!!!!!!!! Then after that great lesson on Thursday, we were walking over to see a LA and he turned out not to be there but his brother was, Shawn. Shawn is also LA and said that it was a miracle we came by. He said that he has been struggling with his two jobs (feeling overwhelmed) and is now taking care of his son who is 10 years old. So he said that he really needs a Priesthood blessing and just said how he really needs our help and was super excited to see us! Two miracles in one night!!!
Also we had a little miracle with our investigator Francis! She said that once she reacives a witness that the Book of Mormon is true, she will come to church and be baptized!! She has come such a long way. It is awesome to see it. She really has become a better person and even her husband has noticed it!
So I hate to complain about my one companion again but I have been doing more service for her to learn charity and to love her more. I will keep doing service but man alive, I don't understand her. She doesn't help Sister H and I when we bring in groceries, she doesn't help when we make breakfast for our investigators, she doesn't help us plan, she just doesn't do much! I am studying a lot about patience and charity. It is helping a bit!
So we also have been teaching this man named John. He is super interesting but man is he weird. He has several hang ups about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. He thinks JS took James 1:5 out of context. I have no clue why he thinks that or what it is a problem. We tried to explain to him that the scripture meant something personal to JS. Also John thinks the Bom contradictes the Bible. For example Alma 7:10. It talks about Christ being born in Jerusalem. He also said that he doesn't understand how the lamanites are the ancestors to the Native Americans because they disproved it with DNA evidence. And the last question he had is about Deutermony 18:22. It says if a prophet has a prophesy and that it hasn't happened yet then that prophet is a false prophet. He referred to JS's prophecy that a temple would be built in Missouri but it hasn't. I told him that the grounds have been dedicated but there is not temple built yet. John looked up all this stuff on the internet. He is a tricky fellow. So if you could give me some advice on how to answer his questions, that would be great! We don't have a set appt with him yet because he is going out of town this week.
So I gave a talk yesterday! I based my talk off of the GC talk given by President Monson at the Priesthood session. I talked about how the member's are the best to find people and their finding is more effective. I really was bold and pushed for their help. I bore my testimony in Portuguese. Several members told me my talk was excellent. I just bore to them that this work is amazing and that it is so important. 

Ma could you send me my orange shirt. That is the only one I can remember that I didn't take. Also can I order a small Portuguese PMG? It is 4.00 dollars. 
Also I can print off emails!
Anyways I am out of time!! Love you!!

Take care,
Sister Cropper 

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