Monday, July 15, 2013

Sister Cropper - July 15th

Hello all!
This last week was pretty good. We worked hard and got 10 member presents. Correction from last week but we are leading our district not the zone! I guess I heard wrong! Haha anyways but we got mentioned in the email that goes out to the mission.
So I'll just got through our week cool things that happened:

Monday- For P-day we went to Costco and thrift shopped! I found one new skirt and it is cute. Costco was amazing! It was out of our area but we had a member drive us and we got some food and I bought a bag full of dried mango. It was super good and I'm trying to ration it out so I can save it for a long time.

Tuesday: It was an okay day, I felt like we didn't do much and I was annoyed. Some of our lessons didn't go great like I had wanted. We decided to try something we hadn't done before last minute. We went back to the apartment and made cookies for LAs we hadn't gotten in the door yet. None of them answered! None! So it was a flop but we tried.

Wednesday: We did service for Sister L to help her get ready for the Baby Shower. It was good but she has no AC in her house because she lives in an underground house. It was very hot! It rained really hard that day and we had to drop an investigator. It was Diana and she just was not understanding and had some hangups. She couldn't get over why there was an Apostasy and why a loving God would take away his gospel and priesthood. We tried to explain that man turned away from God and that it wasn't the first time that God had done something like that. A member gave an example of Noah! But Diana would just not get it. Super frustrating but we had to move on. But we taught Ray that night and it was a good lesson. We taught gospel of Jesus Christ. At the end of the lesson, he said he was a little overwhelmed because there are some things that are different from his previous religion. (He was raised as a Jehovah Witness) Thankfully one of our strong members is a former JW!! We're bringing her to our next lesson.

Thursday: We had 3 lessons and they all went really well. Our investigators are progressing and former investigators we have contacted seem that they are more interested.

Friday: Frances!!!!!!! We finally realized and found the source of her hold up. She does believe the BoM is from God but she wants to know more info on the Church especially the beginning. So now next lesson we are watching the 1:20 long version of the JS story. Plus I'm going to give her our heritage. I actually just finished reading it and I think that is why I felt like reading it! Another one of our investigators is Ami and we met with her on Friday. She is a little hard. She says she wants to be baptized but all three of us and the member that went with us to the lesson feel that she really doesn't have that strong desire. We don't want to baptize her unless she really wants this! I keep praying for the spirit of discernment so we can make a correct decision about this.

Saturday: So cool thing, after going to the Baby Shower (which ended up being a flop because Sister L wasn't ready and we were only staying an hour. So we helped her get things ready and then had to leave! Her family is so not supportive because here we are helping her and a member that also came and her whole family didn't help at all! They just sat around!) we went to a member for dinner and discovered that a referral we received was actually in our area! So we went and contacted it after dinner and she is super solid! She wants to raise her daughter in a good church with good morals! We are meeting with her on Wednesday, I think.

Sunday: 4 investigators at church! Wahoo! Ray, Michelle, Molly, and Ami (surprisingly)! Ray said he liked it but was a little confused with all the room changing. Molly and Michelle are solid and want to be baptized. They just have some hurdles to jump over. We need to get them on a more solid date. We also saw a LA yesterday who said that she hadn't let a member of the church come into her home for a while but let us in for some reason!!! Super exciting. We are working with her more and have another appt this Saturday.

Thank you for the package!! I appreciate any mail I receive!! 

I've got to go but I love you all!
Sister Cropper 

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