Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sister Cropper - July 22

Ola minha familia!
Como via?
Things are really good. We have transfers this week but they have not called us yet to tell us if we are being transferred tomorrow so I have no clue. So I forgot to mention last week but we have a Five Guys here! I really want to go but my companions don't want to spend the money. I'm super super bummed!!! Anyways, I'm really good but always anxious about getting my visa. I hear from the members here that there is some turmoil in Brazil. Don't worry about it though because Sister Huffman told me that they do this all the time. She told me that when they riot it always turns into a party so it's not a big deal.
So some cool stuff that happened was that this last Sunday at church, Ray was there but he left early! Our members weren't talking with him that much and so I was really worried that he wasn't getting enough fellowship. I was so worried that he was going to decide not to investigate! But yesterday we had a lesson with him and we had texted him to confirm the appt. He didn't text back so we called right before the lesson. He said that he just woke up (he works night shift) and he would be there! He got to our church building in like 3 minutes!! It was awesome! We had a really good lesson and watched the restoration video. We found out that he wasn't really praying by himself our about the BOM so we really focused on that! But he is still progressing and coming to church. We didn't even remind him last Sunday.
Stacey is really progressing and it is so so so so so so awesome!!!!!!!!! Last week we had a lesson with her just before we left for 24 hour exchanges in Mount Vernon. We taught the Plan of Salvation and she really loved it. She said that it made sense and that she could she a likeness to the plan and how she parents her children. (We focus a lot on agency and that God has always given us choice. Since the beginning we could choose which path we wanted to follow and he still gives us the choice after this life.) She said it reflected her parenting because she still allows her children to choose but teaches them the principles they need to make correct choices. Sadly she texted us Saturday and said she couldn't come to church!!! We were bummed. She said her friend drove into town unexpectedly and that her friend didn't want to come to church! But she said our meeting this last Monday was still on! So we saw her Monday and it went really well. She was stuck in traffic so our meeting wasn't as long as we wanted. We were planning to teach Gospel of Jesus Christ but we ended up talking about her progression and how she has felt reading the Book of Mormon and meeting with us. She has said that she has felt really good. She mentioned that she is going through a hard time and has felt a little depressed. But since she has met with us, her situation hasn't changed but she has felt so much better and happier!! Also she mentioned that when we had stopped by her house before, she told us that she could've not answered the door but something was leading her to. Also she mentioned that she felt she couldn't say no to us even if she had wanted to! She is a true miracle! It is so great!!
So a sad thing that happened is that we found out that Cathy is moving! She is moving outside our area. We are sad but know that our time is done. She told us though that she is going to make each of us a quilt! Haha, I haven't decided what kind yet.
President Nilsen was in the hospital again last week but we had a specialized training yesterday and Sister Nilsen told us that he is okay but just needs a lot of rest.
Oh and a crazy thing happened last week! We were 2-2-5ing a member's home and stopped at this house. This woman answered and we talked with her. She proceeded to tell us that she doesn't believe that we believe in the same Jesus Christ. She also told us that she would be praying that we would NOT have success! Holy cow was I caught off-guard! We left that woman (probably of the DEVIL) and continued to 2-2-5. I noticed that after about 10 minutes, she came outside of her house and watched us!! Ah! It was crazy. We meet some crazy people.
Oh and mother, for sure we use our scriptures during the lessons! How could you not?! The scriptures say everything better than how we could explain it sometimes. Plus it brings the spirit because the scriptures are truth and the spirit always testifies of truth. 

Hey do you guys know anything about the new dress code for missionaries? I heard something from our APs but they didn't say anything and I tried to look on but it didn't say anything. 

Anyways, love you family! I hope all is well with you. I pray for you almost everyday.
Com amor,

Sister Cropper 

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