Monday, July 8, 2013

Sister Cropper - July 8th

Oi minha familia!
This week has been a great week! Totally awesome. We gave gotten so much work done. Our zone leaders called us today and said that we are leading the zone. They said we are doing better than anyone else. We have been teaching so much that we don't have time to find our visit LAs. We are exceeding our goals with other stuff but with RCLAs (recent converts and less-actives) we are falling behind. All of our investigators we are teaching are those we have either found or former investigators.
So on July 4th we didn't get to do that much. We proselyted during the day and then had dinner at a member's home with one of our investigators. We left after about an hour to go back to work and then went home at 9:00. We didn't get to see any fireworks :( it was a little sad but as a missionary we can't really do that kind of stuff unless our investigator is going to be there or we can have a purpose along with the activity. I wish we were lucky like the missionaries in your area but it is how it is!
So we had two miracles this week!!!!!!!!!!! First is Stacey. So a member in our ward told us about a former investigator and he told us that we should go visit them. They weren't in our 2-2-5 book so it was really good he told us to go visit them. Well we stopped by a few weeks ago and this young woman answered the door. We used this new approach on her and she was interested in learning more and we got a return appt. So we had the lesson with her this last Tuesday!!!!!!! It was the best lesson we've taught as a companionship so far. We taught the restoration and it flowed and was very applicable to her. The spirit was strong when Sister S. shared the First Vision. The great thing is that Stacey felt it as well. She told us that she has been looking for a church but wanted to raise her two daughters in a strong church with good morals. She said she has been praying for a new church and recognized that our stopping by was from God. This woman was not the former investigator that the member told us to stop by but obviously it was inspired by our Heavenly Father. We extended baptism like always and she said yes! Now we just need to extend a date and she will be awesome!
So the other miracle is our investigator Ray!! Holy cow! So we were trying to find a former and the elders before us did not write their address except for the street! Well it turned out that they moved but we ended up meeting Ray and Daniel. Well Daniel ended up not being interested but Ray said he would meet with us. Well we met with him a few weeks ago. We taught the Restoration and it was good. He is kind of interesting and doesn't say much. When we would ask him questions, he would smile and then answer. He was a little hard to read and we weren't entirely sure how interested he was. But he said he would be baptized if he knew that this was true. So we finally got to meet up with him yesterday! He had rescheduled our appt with him and on the phone was hesitant. So when we called yesterday to confirm, he said he would be there and that he read! When we pulled up he was already sitting outside with chairs ready and reading the BoM. We taught the plan of salvation and he was a lot more open and asked questions about it. We extended a date and he said he would have to think about it. We testified that he was ready and that the Lord had prepared him. He also said he would come to church when we invited him! We were all shocked that he is interested and we are super excited to teach him this Wednesday

Anyways, it has been a great week! I love you all and pray for you. 

Sister Cropper 

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