Monday, August 12, 2013

Elder Cropper - August 12

Dear Family

You will all be happy to know that my keyboard is amazing today so were good on that end. 

well I’m now in my 4th change--it started today. 6 months on the mission (a 4th) and 4.5 months in Chile. Not as much time as I feel I have. It was a very good change. We as a district got 2 baptisms and the other district 6. As a zone we got 8 baptisms for the month which was something like 3rd out of 15 zones. Viña del Mar always used to be the lowest but now we’re getting better. We also used to always be the lowest for books given out but this last month we were somewhere in the high middle. This is all good stuff because in the past Viña zone had an reputation of being a zone for stupid missionaries where not much work gets done. We are trying to change that. I still don't know if I’m being transferred or not. Elder R my Zl is though. Him and I are best friends, he is also my grandpa in the mission meaning he trained my father Elder P (he was one of two trainers Elder P had, the other is an assistant Elder T from Illinois) Anyways so we’re family and we get along well. I’m sad because he leaves after this next change (going home because he’s done) President doesn’t have missionaries be ZLs their last change and I think he told Elder R he was going to take him out of Viña. Elder R has been ZL here in Viña for 8 months. Insane and unheard of. Anyways I’m nervous for change because I don’t want to be surprised with some other challenge. I’m comfortable where I’m at and I still think there are things for me to learn here in this area, and as district leader, but likewise the ZLs told me that in their Zone Leader meeting (which they have monthly) they gave my name to president to be a ZL. Ugh i don't want to be a ZL, I’d actually really rather be a normal missionary. I like serving in leadership because I learn a ton and its good practice, but its very hard sometimes. 

Anyways we will see what happens if President calls me tomorrow and tells me I’m going to ZL I’ll accept and move on. Same if he calls me and tells me I’m not district leader anymore. My purpose is not to be a district leader first it’s to be a missionary. Anyways enough of that.

We bought Monopoly last week on Pday and Elder H and I have been playing a ton. Just in the night after we come home and have free time. We just played this morning as well with the ZLs. I killed everyone it was fun game. 

BYU application--got it and will start working on it then. Its exactly like Peru, it even smells like Peru--(burning wood) that is the smell all the times. Hate it. I usually wear a sweatshirt and have a ton of blankets, I also wear that long underwear you bought me Dad right before we left (we bought it in Deseret Book) Thanks for that--saved my life. 

Well thats all I’ve got. Oh yeah could you guys tell me whats going on in the news. And please feel free to write in detail about your lives. Not much happens here so I don’t have much to write about. Well-- actually a lot happens here. Ok I promise the next week I will write more about what’s going on and what I am experiencing. 

Love you all! 

Elder Cropper

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