Monday, August 26, 2013

Elder Cropper - August 26th

Dear Family:

well I have a whole 12 minutes to write you guys!

I had a ton of stuff to report in my letter to preisdent, and other things as ZL. By the time I had finished doing all of it I had lost an hour of my times. I only read Mom and Dads letter, everyone else I just took pictures of it and will read it later. 

I had a good week this week. Got the best numbers ive ever gotton in the mission. I realized that the most important thing as being a ZL is example and interchanges. Elder Larsen does these really well which helps me. There are however some administration things we can do better so I brought those things to the table today and we made some changes on how were going to run things and recieve updates. I think it will really work out.

Supposibly this week they are going to have a speacil training for the new 5 Zls which would inculde me. I am super exicted to go they said it will probably be thursday in viƱa. The only annoying thing is i would have to go in bus down there. Its an 8 hour trip which forever....woh computers freaking out. there we go. Anyways Im excited for that. wjay else...Yesterday we did a stake training session with all the ward leaders to train them how to do their job. Our job as Zls (there were 4 of us because our stake has 2 zones) was to just show numbers and then the stake guys were going to do the training. It stunk and next time they should have missionaries do it. We are much better about talking about missionary work then chilean members are. well minus the bishops and the stake president. 

I actually havent worked on my application at all. Ill have to start getting on that. When do you need it by. By the way dont expect me to send things to you guys ever because its like impossible in chile. I have to go to a store to do it and they have like 1 in the whole city of 1 million people. Plus they are all curropt suposibly which is why the mission gives out its mail and doesnt use the countires system. 

Well sorry for the short letter but thats all i got. Ill read all of your letters thi9s week and have more to say next time. Love you all! = )!

Elder Cropper

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