Monday, August 5, 2013

Elder Cropper - August 5


whats up fam. I'm writing you a letter on a key board without letters on the keyboard so we will see how this goes. THANK YOU FOR THE LETTERS!!!! you guys rock!!!! 

This week was good...well actually it wa horrible because our numbers were horrible but its a new week and we step it up and make things happen. eso no mas!

no mas is a thing people here say at the end of everything. beware it will probably take me  awhile to get rid of saying it. even in english. I also like to say caulquier which just means whatever. so ill say something like hace cualquier fria-o (no sé) ahora. which directly translates to “its making whatever cold right now.” Basically it’s how Elder Cropper says he freezing cold!!!!! Anyways its winter here and we just started a new month. Changes are next week which is super chill. WHERE DID THE LAST CHANGE GO. I don’t know, maybe its hiding under Elder H's bed. Anyways, things are going a lot better. I’ve had a change as a district leader so now I know I can do the job. Thanks for all the advice Dad about deciding what to talk about for meetings, very helpful i will put it into practice. 

Well a week ago I decided I was getting fatter so I’ve since then stopped buying candy bars and cookies. good decision I know. When I’m hungry I just eat fruit or if I don't have fruit i just go to bed hungry. well I probably shouldn't have said that because you guys are going to think Im going hungry. I’m not. I was thinking about my spanish today and decided I was fluent enough. Good stuff nice not to have too worry about spanish anymore. 

This week I decided I needed to focus more on diligence, I have found that when my companion wants to be diligent I am diligent but when I’m left to my own steam I don't put out quite as much, need to work on that.

Oh question when do i need to send back my BYU application. 

So good news we bought Monopoly, my ZL cut me (jokingly) and said we shouldn't have bought it but they are coming over later to play. This change as been really fun because btw nothing has really changed with my fascination with business. Elder Haws knows a ton about investing! like a ton. His grandpa traded professionally and i think he was pretty good, so anyways I just soak it all up from him. I wish I could try some of the ideas he has but no importa en dos anos no mas. 

what else. 

Oh yeah a member died in our ward this morning. She was very old and had many health problems, he husband is an investigator and has wanted to get baptized forever but he and this women who died were not married and didn't have enough money for him to pay to get divorced from his last marriage. Anyways she died so now he can get baptized, i just hope he still wants to. I really think getting him baptized will really help him feel happy and know that he will be with this women again. 

I found hot chocolate it Lider (Walmart of Chile) I drink hot chocolate everyday now, its awesome....sometimes i drink it twice a day.

we had a zone activity today, we had a testimony meeting and played soccer, I had fun but The other district was really competitive, I don't like people who make a non-competitive game competitive. 

anyways thats all i got for whats going on here. 

Oops---sent the email and I wasn't done. anyways you all rock thanks for being a supportive family at home (and mary in ohio). Lots of missionaries write home just to get letters about family problems but I never get that. Now I'm not saying that if there is a problem I don't want to know because I do.
love all your socks off!

PS I have the best idea for a Christmas gift you guys can give me. I'll just tell you know because I'm so excited. For Christmas I would like you all to give out a Book of Mormon and write me a letter about who it was and the experience! oh and make sure you give the reference to the missionaries! they always need more reference numbers!
So anyways be thinking about that!!!!

Elder Cropper

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