Monday, August 5, 2013

Sister Cropper - August 5, 2013

Here is a picture of me with my English tag I
ordered. I am officially an English missionary.
Dear Family: 

So I'm sorry about the short letter last week! I ran out of time! I love reading your letters and I kept getting distracted. Several things happened this last week so I'm excited to write all of it to you. 

Still no visa. I have absolutely no clue when I'll get it. It is frustrating and sad. I feel like I cannot truly feel complete until I get to Brazil. Plus I really want to learn the language but it makes it difficult to do that when I am not immersed in it all. I have prayed several times and I haven't felt anything really about it. I just know from the blessing Sam gave me back in the MTC to not worry about it, the Lord is working on it and that I will be sent places that I need to teach people. Something I have been working on more recently is praying to know who I am suppose to teach here so I will feel better about not having my visa.
So crazy thing last Tuesday! So we were visiting a referral by that lady who told us that she would pray we wouldn't have success. The person didn't answer the door so we started walking away. We saw that lady and she asked if we were the ones that had stopped by before. We yelled over yes and she called us over. I kept thinking, "holy cow what does she want now"! Well she actually called us over to apologize to us! She asked for our forgiveness and explained that her conduct was rude and she felt bad. She said she still didn't believe what we were teaching but was very kind and courteous. She offered to give us some water but we declined. Taught me a big lesson on forgiveness (well I had already forgiven her) but it gave a great example of humility. That woman had to face us again and say she was sorry! Pretty cool.
So Ray is still progressing but he is taking his sweet time. We have been working with him to help him recognize when we receives a witness of the truth. I have this formula that I've developed to help the people we teach understand how to get the result intended. There are three ingredients: church attendance, reading the BoM with a sincere heart and real intent, and praying with specific questions. A lot of times investigators are doing two of those steps but not all three. That is why they don't receive a yes answer. So I explained to him that he needs to do all of those three things. He still doesn't want to set a date for baptism until he knows it is true. He doesn't want to join or be baptized till he knows that this is something he wants to stick with! We want him to be 100% sure as well so sadly we have to be patient! But members in our ward keep thinking that he is already a member. It's hilarious.
So we actually didn't get to meet with Stacey this last week but she did come to church with her girls! It was a lot better. I was nervous because we had a lesson in Sunday School on Word of Wisdom. We were going to teach that this last week and didn't get to it obviously. I was really worried because she does smoke. Well after the lesson, I talked with her and she was totally fine! She said she has been wanting to quit and knew that this was coming. I was so relieved!!
Molly is still set! We met with her parents last Saturday and they still are saying yes! They just want to make sure that Molly is sure she wants to do this but Molly cried almost the whole time. She really wants it and shows it because she comes to church and reads the BoM. Her dad even came to church yesterday! He said he liked it. I can't wait for my first baptism. It is on August 17th.
We've been reaping and sowing with our investigator pool. We dropped a ton of investigators and we were down to just our 4 progressing gators and 3 other investigators. We started trying to find right at the beginning of last week but still by Friday we had no new investigators. I was really frustrated and we were all a little down. We kept having a ton of cancellations and things with potentials. We finally got one new investigator last Saturday but all this next week is filled with potential appts! Very exciting!
We found out Wednesday that next transfer Westerville is getting another set of missionaries (probably Elders!) Very exciting. We need the help and another set. The only thing is, is that our area is super small.
One thing that we are doing this next week to find investigators is a car wash! A member told us how her son in CA did that and found 5 new gators. So this Saturday, with the ward's help we are having a free car wash! Super exciting!
So our Bishop got up yesterday and bore his testimony. A few months ago, L. Tom Perry came out and met with the different stakes in the area. He met with our SP and said that our ward (the only ward in the stake) needed some work done. It takes 40 active Melckezadik priesthood holders (totally spelled that wrong) to make a ward and we have 37 MP. So we do have some work to be done. Our ward is tiny and we are trying our best to find families. I prayed this last week to find a family of 4. I'm still praying and searching for them!
Also, President Nilsen gave us a challenge this last week to answer the question what have we been called to do and why, using the standard works and focusing on the BoM. Your daughter, who is given the spirit, studied Jacob 5 and came up (with the help of the Lord) with an awesome analogy of how it fits with missionary work! We are sending it our stuff today so I'll link it to the email! I want you guys to study that as well and tell me what you find.
Dad- Answers to your questions. 
How often do the members feed you? Maybe 5 times a week. This last week was really bad and it was about 3 times. We told our meal coordinator that we can't afford to pay for all three meals. I have no clue what she sent out but the members kept calling us and making sure we were okay. They are now giving us all this food. What we really need to do is to be fed by the Part Members and LAs. We keep telling our meal coordinator but she isn't getting us in. I think the members were scared to feed us because our bishop wants a non-member to be at the dinners. 
What do you eat when your at home? I try and eat healthy. I make sure I am eating veggies and fruit. It is hard to fix a quick and healthy meal. I want to try to lose some weight. 
Where do you live and what is it like? I live in an apt. It's nice but small. Very hard to fit all three but it works. We are in a suburb of Columbus.
What kind of car do you drive?  Who drives? we drive a 2013 chevy cruz. Very nice. Sister H is the driver.
What do you like to study in the scriptures? I'm trying to study patience and I like to study the lessons from PMG and look up the scriptures. We use a lot of scriptures in our lessons.

Love you lots family! 

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