Monday, August 12, 2013

Sister Cropper - August 12

Dear Family:

Well this week has been pretty good. A little weird and frustrating. Our numbers were good but they could've been better.
We tried to kill it with hair spray. Didn't work.
So we decided as a companionship to be exactly obedient. We wanted to do everything to the tee! We were obedient but we weren't all done with our breakfast by 8:00, some companions weren't in bed by 10:30, and other things. So we really wanted to try our best! Because you know what they say, obedience brings blessings, exact obedience brings miracles. So we started thaton Saturday night and we were all in bed! It was great. At church, our investigator Michelle informed us that she and her fiance were talking and decided that they wanted to both be baptized on the same day! So we got a new investigator, two on a solid date (for baptism), and a miracle! Michelle had told us earlier in the week that she probably was going to need to push back the date so I'm very grateful for this miracle.
Stacey's a bummer though. She didn't show up at church and didn't text us back till last night. She said she had gone down to her parent's and wasn't there and that next week she'll be gone. Then she told us that she can't meet with us this next week because things are too busy. ARG! So that is extremely frustrating and worrisome. But she said she was okay and just busy with life this week. She promised us that we can see her three times next week. Hopefully things work out because we are keeping her on date.
So we have a little problem with Ray. We've been really focusing on our lessons with him on recognizing the spirit. We challenged him this last time to pray fervently and write down impressions that he gets right after the prayer and then pray again for confirmation of those impressions. (That was said by the member) So we ended up seeing him on Saturday at a Baptism and we asked him if he had done it and if he got his answer. He said he didn't want to tell us right then but said after church on Sunday. SO yesterday we were talking with him after church and he starts talking about imprinting. He asked us if we knew what that was and I knew it was mentioned in Twilight. After he said that I knew this wasn't going to go well. Then he told us that he prayed and felt he got the impression that he needed to leave home and get a new job (he isn't happy with home life.) Then he proceeded to say that he layed down to go to sleep and had this pounding in his heart and said he had a thought come to his mind that he needed to get married. He then said maybe the reason we met him is because he is suppose to marry one of us. We told him that we can't marry him and tried to help him understand that that wasn't from God (in a very nice way). OH MY GOODNESS, TALK ABOUT AWKWARD. I don't really want to teach him anymore. I don't really understand his intentions and if he really wants to know that this church is true. Plus this is just extremely awkward and weird now.
But happier side! Molly is getting baptized!!! Wahoo! My first baptism! Very exciting and I cannot wait. We have the baptism all planned out.
So this week was a little tough for me again. I, for some reason, was just not feeling fulfilled at the end of the day. I was really upset and wanted to know why I was feeling this way. I think one thing I needed to work on was charity. I feel that sometimes I'm very quick to judge others (we all know I do that) and I was doing it with my companions. I was reading about hypocrites in the BD and it talked about the parable with the mote in the eye. It stood out to me a lot and I went and evaluated myself and what I could do better with obedience and being a missionary. I realized I needed to work on myself before judging others. So that is what I did! I decided I needed to be more obedient and be even more motivated and in a good mood. My companions don't talk a lot and it frustrates me. But I noticed that if I put out happy, good vibes, they do the same and are more happy. So I am trying to have a merry heart that radiates out! It has been working a lot better. I feel a lot better and am grateful that I can improve myself even more.
So President Nilsen is doing a lot better! He tells us that his mind and heart and back to normal but his body is a lagging behind a bit. We have a special training this Tuesday and he will be there! I'm very excited to see President Nilsen.
So the car wash was okay! I think if we can plan ahead for it more then it will be more successfl but we got two solid potentials out of it! Definitely try it in Iowa! We had the people fill out a questionaire while we washed their car.
Sam- I loved your last letter! Interesting to see if you are transferred! Good luck and you're awesome! 

I love you all and miss you. I'm doing well and I'm doing my best because it is the Lord's time. 

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