Monday, August 19, 2013

Sister Cropper - August 19th

Dear Family:

So my goodness! This week, a lot of things happened!
Everything is fine with Ray, we passed him off to the Elders. But we found out yesterday at church that they haven't contacted him yet. Lamo Elders in our district. They also haven't contacted a referral yet either!
So Molly WAS baptized! It was a wonderful baptism and very spiritual. I sang at it because Molly asked me to and after the Bishop informed me I would also be singing during Sacrament Meeting as well. Haha. I sang the primary hymn, Where Love Is. I received several compliments.
So on Monday we did exchanges with our Sister Training Leader. My other companions went to her area and I stayed in Westerville with her. She told me the reason we were having the exchanges was because in zone training meeting (or whatever) they were discussing that they needed more Sister Training Leaders and that my name came up from several people! So she said that the reason for the exchanges was to talk to me about it and stuff. She said that they weren't sure if they would call me because I am waiting for my visa but I guess I will find out soon! Really exciting. I told her I would love the challenge of being a sister training leader.
We also had a specialized training meeting on Tuesday which was great! I love getting training because it gives us knew ideas and helps us know what more we can do to be better missionaries. We also have a sisters specialized training this next Thursday!
So investigators are going well. But we are struggling to keep them on a solid baptismal date. We are worried that Patrick's desire to be baptized is just for Michelle so we are talking to him this week. And the wedding won't work for the evening of September 3rd so we might have to push that and the baptismal date back. We talked to Stacey last night and she seemed a little different. She has been stressed out because she is a single mom and she has two daughters. She hasn't been reading the BoM but has been reading the manual from Gospel Principles. We have a meeting with her this next thursday.
We got three new gators this week. Two are friends of this YM in our ward! Super cool and they came to church yesterday! Our other investigator is Brandon Moody. He is very moody. He didn't come to church because he was out of town.
The bugs bite us here SO bad! I have many bites on my legs. I would use bug spray but I don't want to smell nasty all the time. 

Love you all very much! I am happy but I know will be happier in Brazil!
Com amor,
Sister Cropper 

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