Monday, August 26, 2013

Sister Cropper - August 26th She's Headed For Brazil!!

Dear Family:

So super exciting week! 

Tuesday- President called during personal study. I answered the phone and he said "Sister Cropper, the long wait is over." Immediately when I heard him say long, I said NO and began crying! I cannot believe that I have my visa. I was, at first, very sad to leave and did not want to go. But now, I'm booming with excitement. I cannot wait! I get teary-eyed thinking about being there. I am so excited but also sad to think that my time in Ohio is done. I am really sad to leave the Sisters that I have met and become friends with and to leave my mission president and his wife. It makes me very sad! I just want to move this mission to the other one. 

So anyways, this week was good. I'm trying to get more language study in. The funny thing is, is that I didn't have any language study the week before. We were getting ready for the baptism and my mind was on other things so I haven't had language study in a while. I'm praying in Portuguese and I'm doing as much language study as I can. I am also going to get together with Sister Huffman again this week. 

So very sad but Stacey dropped us yesterday!! We met with her last thursday and she felt very pushed with the baptismal date SHE had decided so we said okay, no date. She said she was coming to church and that she would come to a baptism (the member that came with us was having her daughter baptized on sunday). We texted Stacey the night before and reminded her of church. She said she'll be there. Well she didn't show up yesterday and she didn't come to the baptism! We got a text later last night that said she wanted to take a break from us and asked us not to come by. We told her that we were sad because we knew that this would help her life and asked her what we did wrong or why she decided to have us stop coming. She still hasn't texted us back. 

Though it is very exciting because Patrick and Michelle are now on a solid solid solid solid date for the wedding and their baptism. Wedding is on the 7th and the baptism is on the 14th. One of his daughters is interested in taking the lessons and agreed to a soft baptism!! 

I've heard about the new temple video!! I really want to see it but I'm not sure when I will get to go. I miss the temple. Our ward mission leader told us that he cried during it! 

One cool thing is, is that we were very bold (I was specifically) with a LA. We asked him if he wanted to get to the temple and he said yes. I asked him what he needed to do to get there. He said come to church and quit smoking. At the time, he had his coffee sitting next to him and his cigarettes also there. I told him, "well, let's pour out your coffee, give me your cigarettes, lighter, and ask tray." He did all three! After we left, we destroyed the cigarettes and threw away everything. He still didn't come to church but we are moving along with him. 

Well I am out of time but I have some things that I would like to have before Ieave America next week! 

- Journal (I need another one of my journals I bought. I am getting close to finishing up this one)
- Make-up (I would like to have some just in case I can't find make-up in Brazil!)
- My turquoise bag (I am getting sick of carrying my big bag around. It is too big and I don't carry that much stuff and I will carry less in brazil) Plus I don't want to carry a big bag in brazil because people may think I am carrying important stuff and will be more prone to steal from me.

Also DAD, SAM, AND MICHAEL: All of you have learned a language. Advice please! I am so nervous about that. I am not nervous of going to a different country. I'm freaking out about the language because I know it will be hard and it will take a lot of patience. 

Family, I love you all and cannot wait to talk with you next Monday!!! 

So you have it, my address in Brazil:
Sister Mary Cropper
Brazil Curitiba Mission
Praca Joseph Smith
15 Portao 
80613-991 Curitiba - PR
That is for mail and packages! 

Com amor,

Sister Cropper 

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