Monday, August 5, 2013

Sister Cropper - July 29, 2013

Hello family! 

Alright, so I was not transferred and neither were any of my companions. I'm both sad and glad that I didn't get transferred. I really love this area and our investigators but I do want to experience different companions and areas. I must have more to learn from here so that it why I have stayed!
Oh and yes we went to Five Guys! It was really good! Thank you.
So Stacey is moving right along. She did come to church but she had a really hard time the first hour. There were some kids that were really loud and screaming and the parents were not taking the kids out. It really bothered her and she said it was distracting. We are going to talk with the Bishop because we had another investigator say the same thing. Stacey did like the rest of church and gave a lot of great comments during the lessons. She also came to a baptism on Saturday and she really liked it. She kept saying that she wanted this and that at her baptism! The only thing is is that we had this special meeting last night and she said she was going to come but didn't show up. I'm a little worried but I know that she is still solid. I just hope that church gets better for her.
So Ray is good but I'm also worried about him. He is not getting enough Fellowship at church. We've talked to our ward mission leader and he has talked to the elders quorum president but Ray told us last night in text that he feels like an outsider. He said that it is like a bucket with a hole in it. You can put water in it but it is still always empty. I hope we can help him out. He is just a little hard to relate to. As sister we can try to do our best but it just sometimes isn't enough because we aren't men!
A miracle happened! Molly is going to be baptized! Her parents gave consent (finally)! She is going to be baptized on August 17th. We are very excited.
This last week was hard though because we had to drop several people. We finally went back to John and dropped him. Haha he told us that the feeling we got to find out if the BoM was true was demonic. Haha! It was really strange. It was also hard because we cannot find investigators. We tried our best and worked on finding the whole time. We would run after people that had walked past us to talk to them! No new gators, just some potentials.
Well I'm out of time but I love you all! We are sadly going to the zoo again today. I don't want to go but the others do. I'm a little bummed.
Have a great week!
Sister Cropper 

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