Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Elder Cropper - September 16th

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for all of the letters! I had 15 which is a new record. I thought I had Elder L beat but he got 33. He always gets a ton of letters. Usually I only get two, one from Mom and one from Dad. I was feeling kind of bad about it last week but decided it was just Satan. At the same time though I decided to fix the situation by emailing all of my friends asking them how they were. I got more this week which was nice.

This week was a good week. Maybe a little long. our week last last week was crazy busy but this last week was just normal. We had two interchanges though. I think they went well. the second interchange was with Elder P from San Diego california. This Interchange was cool because it was my first one with someone who had less time then me in the mission. It was good and I think he learned a lot but they guy doesn't have a testimony or a desire to be a good missionary (I think) we will see what happens. I talked a lot with him about moving out of our comfort zone. I told him either we as missionaries can Move ourselves out of the comfort zone or the Lord will do it for us. Quote from the MTC...There's no comfort in the growth zone and no growth in the comfort zone. amen! anyways. 

Elder L and I had a good companionship inventory this week. I figured out that Elder L cares more about our investigators then he does the zone, and that I am the oposite, care more about zone then investigators. Maybe care is not the right word maybe think about is. I probably need to start focusing on investigators more but likewise for Elder L and the zone. 

The zone does occupy my thoughts often though. What we can do better and mainly what I can do better as a missionary. It's the never endiong quest for me, ugh hard to do everything perfect but Christ demands immediate progress not perfection. 


Monday- I dont know...P day stuff. We tryed to look for some...haha oh no I just told Elder R i hope you enjoy your last Pday. He goes home this next week. lol he gave me a sad look. poor guy. anyways we tryed to look for some shoes, we looked in Hush Puppies but they dont have american service and didnt have my size. LOST THE SALE! that's a joke Elder L and I do when there isn't american service and the chilenos lose the sale. We just whisper it as were walking away. 

Tuesday- Interchange 

Wednesday- District meeting. Wednesday was also the 11 of September like the worst day in Chile. Its the day that the dictator dude took over to government and bombed the capital building. Its a bad day for americans because supposibly the CIA helped out (they totally did) anyways dont tell the chilenos that because thet dont know. So usually there are riots in the street and such. The missionaries in Santiago dont go out that day because its really bad there. All the members told us not to go out in La Serena but president said we should continue with the work so we did. Nothing happened in the zone expect in the night Elder C and Elder A got stopped by cops asking for there carnets (license) and something that happened to us. We work in centro so if anything was going to happen it would happen where we work. We were walking home at night and saw some riot police on a bus getting ready to move out or something. As we were crossing a plaza to go to our apartment complex we walked into some tear gas which was super cool. Does everything they say it does. The reaction went away quick though. Anyways, the most dangerous day in Chile ended with zero riots that we saw. 

thursday- nothing 

Friday- Interchange

Saturday- Breakfast in the morning at brother mikes (american guy) they feed us breakfast every saturday morning super nice. Ill have to write them a thank you card with the thank you cards Mom gave to me before I left thanks mom!

Sunday- Good day at church, I love being in the huge chapel. 

Thats cute about the dogs, I miss them. There are a lot of dogs in chile. dogs that live on the street, its really sad sometimes. Just makes me want to hug max and mori and give them everything a little dog could desire. 

Speaking of rain i decided I want to live in the northeast because there is lots of rain, mormons, and little sun. I'm not a sun person. anyways 

yes the hot dogs are huge in chile they are called completos i think thats how you spell it. Anyways its basically just normal hotdog just big bun with a huge amount of mayo and palta. opps palta is avacado. 

Ugh, I'm so excited for General conference i could die!


Thats exacly what my president would say just with an argentien accent. He would say something like this. Che Elder Cropper que estas haciendo, usted es my lider de zone y tiene que ser un buen ejemplo para los otros misioneros. usted quiere que los elderes en su zona hagan llamadas a sus familias? no presidente.. entones usted no debe hacerlo tampoco. Elder cropper usted tiene que grow up (hed say it in english) un poquito....and to end it all..... le quiero usted tiene todo mi confianza. ya presidente le quiero tambien. así es.

Michael--we cant to any of that stuff. Presidwent cut bowling, we cant go to beaches, or islands, and we arnt allowed to climb mountains or big hills for activities. thanks for the adivce though.

anyways mary we have a sister in my zone whos from brasil. She has a really cool accent but i listend to some of her protuguese and it was nada que ver. spanish for the win! spanish is the lenguage of the restoration...just kidding english is but still people come on. 

anyways family love you all. hope your all doing well. talk to you next week. 


Elder Cropper

Sister Cropper - September 16th

Hey all! 

Hello hello hello! Things are really well here in Brazil. This week has been a long week though. Sadly our investigators that we do have are not progressing so we´ve been doing a ton of finding! It is annoying because we aren´t finding anyone really solid. Or the ones that we do are moving to Londrina! So silly.

Tuesday: These investigators that we had were being a pain in the booty. They have been taught by missionaries and keep saying that they want to be baptized but then on the day of baptism, back out. So we went and talked with Michele. Sister Da Rosa was talking with her and she was saying something about not changing. I had this feeling that she was backing out again. I began to feel the spirit swell in my heart and I felt I needed to share my testimony with her. So I asked if I could. I tried my best to talk about the book of mormon and tell her that I knew it was true. I tried to tell her that she needed to pray and ask God if this was what she needed to do. I´m not really sure if it helped her but I knew that is what Heavenly Father wanted me to do. After we went and visited a less active. Matilde is her name. The coolest thing happened! She told us that she has been confused about what church to go to. She told God that if we came (the missionaries) this last week, she would go to church on Sunday. Sister Da Rosa told me that she hadn´t been there for about 2 months. So God was really watching out for her. It was a really good lesson with her. We talked about the sacrament and the atonement. 

Wednesday: We had zone meeting. I got my money card so now I have reals! Yay. Zone meeting was good but I still had no clue what was going on. Sister Johnson and I went to this branch that isn´t in our area but President wants us to work there when we have referrals. We visited two recent converts and then had an FHE with a part-member family and members. It was a great lesson! We talked about faith and miracles. The family and members were all crying. After they fed us. Holy cow. Braziledos are crazy about their food here! This is what we usually have when we have amoço (lunch). They have rice (arroz), beans, carne (meat), salad (which is lettuce or tomatoes or both together), soda (guarana), and a dessert. At the FHE, they fed us sausage, prime rib, arroz, salad, two different types of dessert, and ice cream. Thank goodness we usually only have two meals/day or I am going to be FAT! 

Thursday: We taught michele e vera again. We had a member come with. It really helped to have her there. This member is a RC and she invited them to a dance this past saturday

Friday: It was a long day of trying to find. We were able to get into a menos ativos at night. It was good and they fed again! 

Saturday: Vera did not show up to her interview! She said on the phone that she felt confused and all this other stuff. We have decided to drop vera and her sister, Michele. It was a long day or tracting. We got some return appts but did not get in any doors. 

Sunday: Matilde came to church!! All of the members were so excited to see her! They kept coming and talking with her. Giving her a hug or a nice note. It was great. The members are really nice here. It was another long day of tracting. We talked to this really nice old lady. I was speaking really well with her in Protuguese. I told Sister J after and she said, ``yeah, you were speaking well.´´ It was neat to experience that. It is all the Lord though, I could not learn this language so fast without His help. 

So Brazil seems more like a 1st world country. Peru and Ecuador seemed more poor. The people don´t drive all crazy like they do there. And the towns seem smaller there. Here, it feels like I am ina big city. There is not a lot of history (like old buildings or town squares). 

I love you all and hope you all stay safe! I am doing well. I just hope we find people to baptize! There are here in Santa Felicidade but they are hiding!

Com amor, 

Sister Cropper 

Sister Cropper's New Address

Sister Mary Cropper
Brazil Curitiba Mission
Iguazu Av. 1460
Água Verde
80250-190 Curitiba - PR

Friday, September 13, 2013

Sister Cropper - September 9, 2013

Hello minha familia! 

Como vai? Tudo bem? Holy cow!! It has been a crazy week. So many emotions! 

So I´ll go over kind of day by day:

Monday- Flew to Brasil. It was a long flight and I was very tired. I was so excited to see Anne, Michael, and bebe Jane. So wonderful!! Super fun. 

Tuesday- Arrived in the São Paulo airport. This guys was waiting for us outside of customs. We exchanged money and then got our ticket for our flight to Curitiba. Eventually got there and met up with one of the APs. Then President Monterio came over. We took a picture and they put it on the Facebook page. If you want to see what is going on in my mission, join the facebook page and become friends with Sister Monteiro! Anyways, so then for some reason we had to wait for an hour for the bus to come. We just waited outside of the airport with President and the AP. Then we finally got on the bus and made our way to the church closest to the mission home. We dropped off our luggage and then walked to the mission home. There we had amoço (which is lunch) and then walked back to the church and had transfers! I was sad to not have an interview with President Monteiro. I really feel like I don´t know him at all and it makes me sad. Anyways so transfers was crazy because the AP just got up there right away and started saying missionaries´names. We didn´t start with a prayer or anything. (Here they have the big transfers on Monday and then the trainee transfers on Tuesday). They said my name and I got up and my trainer got up as well. Her name is Sister da Rosa. BUT guess what?!?!?!?!? I have two other companions! Yes, two other companions. It is so funny! So my trainer (trainadora), sister da Rosa is from Brazil but speaks fluent english, spanish, and french. She is a rock. Then my other companion, Sister Johnson, is from Oakland, California (yes, my second companion with the last name of Sister Johnson!). And then my other companion, who is training as well, is Sister Espinoza! She is from Santiago, Chilé!!!!! Craziness. Plus we live in a house with another trio! Seven sisters in one house. So we switch companions everday. One day I´m with Sister da Rosa, another with Sister Johnson. It is really fun and I really like all my companions. So yeah, we went home and I carried our bags upstairs. Then we went to work. We had an FHE with an investigator and a member. I had no clue what was going on but it was fine!

Oh by the way, I am serving in Santa Felicidade! It is a city just outside of Curitiba. 

Wednesday- I was with Sister da Rosa. We went to this place that is part of the branch in this area. It actually isn´t our area but we go there when we get referrals. We had some appts to teach recent converts so we went and did that. I taught about keeping the sabbath day holy. I was really nervous right before we went in. I prayed with my companion and I prayed for help. I taught and it was good! I can barely talk but I am just trying to talk as much as I can so that I can learn this language fast. 

Thursday- I was with Sister Johnson. We decided to split the areas up so I got one half and Sister Espinoza got another. It just so happened that my area had no investigators! So knocking on doors is what I have done for the past 5 days. Actually, here you can´t knock so we clap and the people come out and we talk with them. There is always a gate blocking the house and so you can´t knock. I am doing door appoaches and am trying to teach. Anyways so that day we just walked and walked and walked and walked. Imagine walking for 7 hours straight because that is what I have been doing these last few days! 

Anyways, so thursday was good. 

Friday- Things were getting a little hard. Actually that whole day we had to go all around our area because we need to find a new place to live. They´ve been having trouble finding places because everything is so expensive here. So we didn´t work much but I wasn´t feeling like a missionary because I couldn´t talk to people. I was getting really frustrated that I couldn´t understand anyone!! I wanted to talk and felt so pushed back because of the language. I was getting really close to tears on our way home but I didn´t want to cry so I was holding it in. We got home and I was about to start planning with Sister Johnson and I just cried. I told her I was not feeling like a missionary because I wasn´t understanding people. She gave me a hug and told me she knew exactly how I felt. I really am trying to not be hard on myself and laugh when I make stupid mistakes! For example, yesterday at church, the Branch President was teasing me and asked if I had been baptized. Stupid me said no! Haha I am starting to understand a tiny bit. Very small but I am kind of getting stuff, sometimes. 

Saturday- All day tracting with Sister Johnson. Some people answer like they do in the states but it is funny to me when others just say, "pode" (meaning yes you can share a message right now!) Then we ask if we can come in, they say "pode" and we go and teach the first lesson! Some are very receptive! But there is also rejection which isn´t suprising. The members are really nice here. 

Sunday- Another long day of tracting. We talked to this one woman who was catholic and she let us in. She really wasn´t that interested but we taught the first lesson. In the middle of the lesson, her sister came and I had this feeling that we were there for her. The sister grabbed a chair and sat down and just listened to us. She was really interested and said that she wanted us to visit at her house! Very exciting! 

So this mission is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO different from Ohio. It is hard to adjust and I just have to change my mindset about things. We invite and baptise people here in two weeks! It is crazy! Plus we teach differently. We focus on different stuff in the lesson and teach simpler. My mission president doesn´t want us to waste our time so if someone doesn´t seem interested but they say, come in, we just say a prayer or quick message and leave. 

I haven´t gotten my money yet so I have to use the card. I´m grateful that I had my emergency money with me because I have been using that. It is frustrating to not have it. 

I´m really happy though. It is great to actually be in my mission! It feels good. I really like my companions. I haven´t gotten to know sister espinoza very much but I really like my trainer and sister johnson. Sister johnson and I click really well. It is nice to have people that are fun. 

Sam- Loved your last emails. Don´t worry, you are a great missionary. Pray for the Lord to help you. 

I was studying in Ether 12 this morning and I love verse 4. There are 5 steps to how a miracle occurs so read those and apply them in your life. 

We have a mission tour coming up next week. The area president for brazil is coming. It is suppose to be good! 

Anyways! Family, love you lots! Sounds like things are going well! Curitiba is great. It is different from Ecuador and Peru! Hope you all have a wonderful week. Good luck! 

Com amor,

Sister Cropper 

Elder Cropper - September 9, 2013

Hey Everyone,

So my week went something like this.


We Had a fun zone activity in the Japanese Gardens. We talked about our families and the importance there is to find families in the mission. Our slogan as a mission is Convertir Familias, which means To Convert Families or Convert Families (depends). I think president wants us to focus on this a little more which is why we talked about it.

Just really busy day. We had 10 lessons set but 7 of them fell through. I think it was just really busy day. Always a lot of stuff to do as zone leader (helping people over here, picking up stuff for missionaries over there, busy).

Thursday was a funny day because we had a slight mission emergency. All of the members kept telling us not to drink the water because people were getting sick. We called the office and told them what was going on, they told us not to drink the water, specifically they told us to go on the emergency water plan, sounds cool right? Anyways, we did that which basically means we buy water, boil it, or drink it from our filters. Turns out n that there isn't a problem here in La Serena but in Ovalle (different city) there is a problem.

ok woh lol I have to get off the computer haha ill explain why in a few seconds when we got find a different computer.

Ew gross a man next to me is looking at porn  ahhhhh sin! gotta run like Joseph from Potipher’s wife lol.

Anyways we were in a library which was awesome because computer was free but then they told us we could only be there for 30 min. So now we are in the stupid computer place. 

So, anyways, because of the water problem in Ovalle the zone of missionaries there has to not drink the water. 
Thursday in the night we got on the bus to go down to Viña. Before the bus we got together with the other Zone Leaders from La Serena Norte. We bought some nice cheap meat and cooked up some pretty good steaks. Then we just laid around and talked about cool missionary experiences. Our bus left super late in the night, like at around 2 in the morning. 


Friday morning we got to Viña. It was really cool to see all the other missionaries there for consejo de los lideres de la mision, (Mission Leadership meeting.) All the best missionaries in the mission are there (like the missionaries you hear rumors about). It was cool to be able to talk to them. I love the mission because there are not groups. Once you are there they let you in, you don't have to make friends with anyone. The meeting was good. President said some pretty funny things like “Elders, if the church didn't have manuals we would all be in apostasy in 6 months.” I liked the meeting because president acts a little more like himself, I think. I had the chance to see Elder P for the 1st time since my training. I realized he acts a little young at times, doesn't think things through or use common sense. He asked a lot of questions in the meeting but questions that weren't very good. President told him he just needed to use common sense. It was nice to see him though, he always gives great advice. After the meeting Elder L went with Elder G (assistant) to go teach lessons before our bus left. I stayed with Elder T and just cleaned up the meeting room. After that he had to take care of some computer work so I got on Elder G computer and started looking at his assistant stuff. I asked Elder T if I could take some of the forms they had saved on the computer (I like forms) and he told me take whatever you want Elder Cropper. So I took everything. Just copied entire folders of forms. Even forms that don't pertain to ZL stuff. Now I have all of the answers, which I like. 

Friday night we came back to Viña. There was a movie playing on the bus and Elder L and I were sitting right in front of it. We tried not to watch it but lost. It was a stupid movie anyways about the tsunami that hit in 2004. It was called Lo impossible or the impossible/ it impossible....something to do with impossible in english. 


Just a normal day of work.


We had stake conference in our new chapel here in La Serena. They just opened in for this meeting yesterday. ITS HUGE! its like an American chapel. The style is even the same. The sacrament room is massive too.- Crazy stuff. We had 5 investigators come to church yesterday. An entire family plus 2 others. Were going to baptize all of them. We have 4 baptisms for this next next weekend. I’m very close with all of them but i don't know if they are the people I’m supposed to find. These people were found by Elder L before I came. I just helped participate in their teaching from the beginning (meaning when they get baptized they will be my converts just I didn't FIND them.)

Everything is going well here. Our sector has just really took off. Half of the accomplishments of the Zone are because of us and our sector. That’s good because we need to be examples, but i would much rather have the zone be progressing a ton. It’s getting there but still has a way to go. 

The Sectors of the DL aren’t really progressing. They both are getting really frustrated. My thoughts are usually occupied thinking about the zone and how we can help all of the missionaries. Elder T told me as a ZL that’s what you have to do, it’s not about you anymore or your area. It’s about the other missionaries helping them grow, and also about the church in your zone and helping it grow. Those are the things I’m focusing on now. We are getting close to changes again--bout 2 weeks or less away. I don't think I will get transferred. I don't think Elder Larsen will get transferred either. 

Mom and Dad-

Glad your feeling better Mom. Cool that you bought that base ball shirt. Illhave to see it when I come home. Glad your teaching thing is going well mom. Do you find it difficult, like it takes a lor of time. What classes do you teach? How many of your own classes are you taking? Dad, I agree with what you said in the beginning of your letter about my mission president. Just need to take the counsel and do it like you said. 


Got your 3 letters grandma! Love them they made me smile. We dont get mail very much grandma (once every month) so I always get a ton of your letters all at once. Just thought id tell you and Grandpa that I love you guys and I have your pictures on my study desk. Its the picture you guys gave to all the grandchildren after the Family reunion years ago.

Well thats all I got, kind of bummed I didn't get to hear from Mary. I hope she's doing ok. 

Love you guys,

Elder Cropper

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sister Cropper - No letter on September 2

Sister Cropper called on Monday, September 2, 2013 from the Atlanta airport on her layover to Brazil. She was able to meet up with her sister and brother-in-law there. She called us the next morning when she arrived in the Sao Paulo airport. We assume she has arrived safely in Curitiba. We are very excited to get her email this week.

Elder Cropper - September 3

Thanks for the pictures and the letters. Especially yours Mom I know you were in a weakened state and probably screamed in pain every time you pressed a key. Just kidding but really you rock thanks. 

This last week was pretty.... different, but really good. Just getting the hang of being a zone leader and being in the north of the mission. I guess I’ll just go ahead and go through my week and all the crazy stuff that happened.


I really don't remember I think we finished P-day and just went out to work. 


Working, but Tuesday night I got on a bus a left for Viña to go to a cool training meeting for all the new Zone leaders. I was on the bus alone for 20 minutes between the cities of La Serena and Coquimbo (another zone with another new zone leader) Pretty weird to be alone but then he got there and it was all good. We went on the bus down to Viña without problem. 

Wednesday: In the morning we arrived in Viña. It was cool to be there again in the heart of the mission. The assistants Elder T and Elder G picked us up and took us to their apartment. We got showered and they made us breakfast. Their apartment was very clean just like you would expect out of assistants. Their apartment was really small though. After that we left to go to the Mission home, where I had not been for a couple months, to go to this meeting. It was cool to see president again, I was a little nervous to see him because he had just cut me a week ago (cut is a spanish thing, if you say someone “cut you” it just means they told you you were doing something wrong and the English translation for it would be “called me to repentance”). Anyways he was there and gave us a hug. Everybody arrived later and we began the meeting. The meeting went for about 2 hours and it was pretty good. Basically president expects that we do everything perfect which is cool. he cut me twice during the meeting which stunk, once for high-fiving a sister missionary (that one he did with his eyes) and the other for being along on the bus for 20 minutes between la Serena and Coquimbo (that one he just said Elder Cropper that shouldn’t have happened) He told me I was the youngest zone leader in the history of the mission (what am I supposed to say to that?) He said I had all their support and love. After the meeting they bought us all lunch. It was Arabic food. It was pretty good--not amazing though. After that everyone else left to go back to their areas but Elder F (the new zone leader in Coquimbo) and I did interchanges with the Assistants. I went out with Elder T, the American of the two. He is my grandpa in the mission (trained my trainer), so it was pretty cool to be with him. We only had the time to do a couple contacts when president called Elder T. After talking for a few minutes and telling president I was with him and would know the way (to where--I don't know) he hung up and told me we needed to run to the mission office. So we ran which made me start feeling sick (I wasn't feeling that good). We got to the mission home and got in the car that the assistants can use and drove off. While in the car Elder T told me president wanted us to go search missionaries apartments for contraband and that it was good I was there because I knew where the houses of these missionaries were and Elder T didn't. He told me we were going to 2 apartments of missionaries who had lived in my zone before, and I did, basically, know where they lived so we were good. We went to the first apartment, luckily they were out working. We searched it and found nothing. We went to the second and searched it and found a ton of movies, likeike Batman, Superman, the Avengers, Harry Potter, and a ton of “not allowed” music. We also found out that these Elders (the two companionships) were doing sleep overs. Bad. Anyways we took pictures and left. At this time I started feeling really sick like I was going to throw-up sick. We went back to the office to drop of the pictures and I went to the bathroom and just was very sick in there. I told Elder T I couldn't work and he said it was ok that we were going to have to leave and catch our bus to go home in like 30 min. Elder F arrived with Elder G, they gave me a blessing, and we got on the bus home. I knew I would be fine on the bus ride home even though I was sick because Elder G in the blessing said everything would be fine. I liked the interchange with Elder T. He told me President expects a lot from me. I told him that just because I was a 4th change zone leader didn't mean I could pull baptisms out of nowhere. He told me that President knows I can do it and that he expects me to be different (in regards to other zone leaders--like he expects me to be special.


Anyways so Thursday in the morning we got to Coquimbo, Elder F got off and I once again rode to La Serena by myself. While driving I had the scary thought of what if I got to the bus terminal and the elders weren't there to pick me up. Anyways I got the bus terminal and there were no missionaries in sight. I waited for a bit, walked around to see if they were in the building or not, they weren't. Nonetheless I prayed about it and felt like I should just walk home, alone. My apartment is only like 4 blocks from the terminal so I did it. I said a lot of prayers and arrived safely to the apartment. I guess now I will begin the other side of the story--their side. Elder L, my companion, was with two other elders (interchanges) because I was in Viña. They were in my apartment and had woken up at around 12 to come get me at the bus terminal. They told the elders in Coquimbo to call them when the bus arrived in Coquimbo so that they didn't have to wait there for forever. While they waited they decided to play a game of Monopoly (my game), anyways they waited for a super long time like 45 minutes and started feeling like they should leave to come get me and that the Coquimbo elders had forgotten to call. They cleaned up the game and were walking to the door. Just as they opened up the door to walk out is when I arrived standing in the doorway. It was actually pretty funny, they were pretty surprised to see me there. I just told them I had been disobeying the number one missionary rule for the last 45 minutes (including bus ride) and just wanted to come in. 

Friday: Friday our District leaders went to Viña for a big district leader meeting. They said it was good. Elder L and I just worked. We called Coquimbo to tell them I walked home alone because of them, they felt pretty bad but laughed about it.


While walking Saturday down the road I got a call from president. I answered and after asking me just nice little things about how was I doing he asked me how my trip back from Viña was. After I answered he then asked if my companion had been there to pick me up. I said no and then after awhile gave the phone to Elder L to explain the situation. It was nice because I didn't get cut. Elder L didn't either because once we told him Coquimbo was going to call us he called them and cut them. He did however cut Elder L for playing Monopoly. He said table top games weren't allowed--that made me feel bad because it was my game. 


Sunday we had 4 investigators show up to church which was awesome! At the end of the day some Elders in our zone game to stay with us (they live 2 hours away) because zone conference was going to be in the morning. 


Zone conference! It was great, the crazy thing that happened was that during lunch I went up to president to apologize because of the Monopoly game. I told him I was sorry that the game had actually been mine but I would get rid of it. He basically just told me to grow up (hurt a lot because it was the 2nd time he had told me that in 2 weeks.) Then he took Elder L and I to the side and told us we were zone leaders and he expected more of us. Elder Larsen and I didn't like getting cut by president. 

Anyways after conference I talked with Elder T for a bit privately, just more about being a zone leader. I told him I felt bad I had been cut by president so many times. He told me basically that president cuts him everyday. He said president expects more from certain missionaries (the good ones) so he tells them when they were dumb. He said he doesn't cut the bent missionaries. I basically told him I wanted president to trust me and I wanted to be a missionary that president could use for what he needed. He told me that was good and I just needed to do it. I like Elder T -- we are good friends.

After Zone conference, Elder L and I did a zone training thing. We tried to make it really professional (we typed things up and stuff) Elder G sat in and said it was the best Zone training he had ever seen, we liked that. After the conference we left to go work and then Elder G joined us both for a mini interchange (Elder T was with other ZLs). He helped us learn how to control our zone better and feel like it’s in the palm of our hands. He said we teach well and that’s why we are zone leaders. He told us president only picks people to be zone leaders that are obedient and are good missionaries. We talked some more with Elder G about how we had gotten cut pretty hard. He told us about all these times Elder T and he had gotten cut. One time they both cried while president was doing it. Anyways, he just said president trusts us 100 percent and he cuts us because he expects more of us. Elder G pulled me aside while we were working and whispered to me that President expects a lot from me more than anyone because--I don't know why... Anyways he told me not to feel pressured just that President knows when we can give more and sometimes to help us do it he puts on the pressure a little.

Pheww--so that was my week. We just had a good zone activity today. we talked about our families and how we need to search for more families (direction president gave us). I love you guys. I told about how we were all in the temple together while we got our endowments, Temples and families are the goals of the mission now.

To finish this very long story Elder L and I are just a lot more focused. I told the Assistants to take the Monopoly, chess board, and squirt gun (sorry mom) with them. They liked that. By the way, you were right about the Monopoly game.

This week will be a good one because we have zone leaders meeting. That’s when all the Zone leaders go to Viña for a meeting with president. Since we are in the north its like a 2 day function...fun stuff. They always take pictures so look saturday on the mission blog and you will probably find them.

Hope your feeling better mom, Michael thanks for the pictures! Mary I hope your doing well in Brazil! Rock it, and good luck for the next 3 months while you learn the language! Welcome to South America. 

Love you guys!


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sister Cropper: Headed for Brazil by way of Atlanta

Sister Cropper with her niece Jane and Anne and Michael Johnson .
Sister Cropper with her companion.

Going through security. Best of all blessings, Sisters!