Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Elder Cropper - September 16th

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for all of the letters! I had 15 which is a new record. I thought I had Elder L beat but he got 33. He always gets a ton of letters. Usually I only get two, one from Mom and one from Dad. I was feeling kind of bad about it last week but decided it was just Satan. At the same time though I decided to fix the situation by emailing all of my friends asking them how they were. I got more this week which was nice.

This week was a good week. Maybe a little long. our week last last week was crazy busy but this last week was just normal. We had two interchanges though. I think they went well. the second interchange was with Elder P from San Diego california. This Interchange was cool because it was my first one with someone who had less time then me in the mission. It was good and I think he learned a lot but they guy doesn't have a testimony or a desire to be a good missionary (I think) we will see what happens. I talked a lot with him about moving out of our comfort zone. I told him either we as missionaries can Move ourselves out of the comfort zone or the Lord will do it for us. Quote from the MTC...There's no comfort in the growth zone and no growth in the comfort zone. amen! anyways. 

Elder L and I had a good companionship inventory this week. I figured out that Elder L cares more about our investigators then he does the zone, and that I am the oposite, care more about zone then investigators. Maybe care is not the right word maybe think about is. I probably need to start focusing on investigators more but likewise for Elder L and the zone. 

The zone does occupy my thoughts often though. What we can do better and mainly what I can do better as a missionary. It's the never endiong quest for me, ugh hard to do everything perfect but Christ demands immediate progress not perfection. 


Monday- I dont know...P day stuff. We tryed to look for some...haha oh no I just told Elder R i hope you enjoy your last Pday. He goes home this next week. lol he gave me a sad look. poor guy. anyways we tryed to look for some shoes, we looked in Hush Puppies but they dont have american service and didnt have my size. LOST THE SALE! that's a joke Elder L and I do when there isn't american service and the chilenos lose the sale. We just whisper it as were walking away. 

Tuesday- Interchange 

Wednesday- District meeting. Wednesday was also the 11 of September like the worst day in Chile. Its the day that the dictator dude took over to government and bombed the capital building. Its a bad day for americans because supposibly the CIA helped out (they totally did) anyways dont tell the chilenos that because thet dont know. So usually there are riots in the street and such. The missionaries in Santiago dont go out that day because its really bad there. All the members told us not to go out in La Serena but president said we should continue with the work so we did. Nothing happened in the zone expect in the night Elder C and Elder A got stopped by cops asking for there carnets (license) and something that happened to us. We work in centro so if anything was going to happen it would happen where we work. We were walking home at night and saw some riot police on a bus getting ready to move out or something. As we were crossing a plaza to go to our apartment complex we walked into some tear gas which was super cool. Does everything they say it does. The reaction went away quick though. Anyways, the most dangerous day in Chile ended with zero riots that we saw. 

thursday- nothing 

Friday- Interchange

Saturday- Breakfast in the morning at brother mikes (american guy) they feed us breakfast every saturday morning super nice. Ill have to write them a thank you card with the thank you cards Mom gave to me before I left thanks mom!

Sunday- Good day at church, I love being in the huge chapel. 

Thats cute about the dogs, I miss them. There are a lot of dogs in chile. dogs that live on the street, its really sad sometimes. Just makes me want to hug max and mori and give them everything a little dog could desire. 

Speaking of rain i decided I want to live in the northeast because there is lots of rain, mormons, and little sun. I'm not a sun person. anyways 

yes the hot dogs are huge in chile they are called completos i think thats how you spell it. Anyways its basically just normal hotdog just big bun with a huge amount of mayo and palta. opps palta is avacado. 

Ugh, I'm so excited for General conference i could die!


Thats exacly what my president would say just with an argentien accent. He would say something like this. Che Elder Cropper que estas haciendo, usted es my lider de zone y tiene que ser un buen ejemplo para los otros misioneros. usted quiere que los elderes en su zona hagan llamadas a sus familias? no presidente.. entones usted no debe hacerlo tampoco. Elder cropper usted tiene que grow up (hed say it in english) un poquito....and to end it all..... le quiero usted tiene todo mi confianza. ya presidente le quiero tambien. así es.

Michael--we cant to any of that stuff. Presidwent cut bowling, we cant go to beaches, or islands, and we arnt allowed to climb mountains or big hills for activities. thanks for the adivce though.

anyways mary we have a sister in my zone whos from brasil. She has a really cool accent but i listend to some of her protuguese and it was nada que ver. spanish for the win! spanish is the lenguage of the restoration...just kidding english is but still people come on. 

anyways family love you all. hope your all doing well. talk to you next week. 


Elder Cropper

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