Friday, September 13, 2013

Elder Cropper - September 9, 2013

Hey Everyone,

So my week went something like this.


We Had a fun zone activity in the Japanese Gardens. We talked about our families and the importance there is to find families in the mission. Our slogan as a mission is Convertir Familias, which means To Convert Families or Convert Families (depends). I think president wants us to focus on this a little more which is why we talked about it.

Just really busy day. We had 10 lessons set but 7 of them fell through. I think it was just really busy day. Always a lot of stuff to do as zone leader (helping people over here, picking up stuff for missionaries over there, busy).

Thursday was a funny day because we had a slight mission emergency. All of the members kept telling us not to drink the water because people were getting sick. We called the office and told them what was going on, they told us not to drink the water, specifically they told us to go on the emergency water plan, sounds cool right? Anyways, we did that which basically means we buy water, boil it, or drink it from our filters. Turns out n that there isn't a problem here in La Serena but in Ovalle (different city) there is a problem.

ok woh lol I have to get off the computer haha ill explain why in a few seconds when we got find a different computer.

Ew gross a man next to me is looking at porn  ahhhhh sin! gotta run like Joseph from Potipher’s wife lol.

Anyways we were in a library which was awesome because computer was free but then they told us we could only be there for 30 min. So now we are in the stupid computer place. 

So, anyways, because of the water problem in Ovalle the zone of missionaries there has to not drink the water. 
Thursday in the night we got on the bus to go down to Viña. Before the bus we got together with the other Zone Leaders from La Serena Norte. We bought some nice cheap meat and cooked up some pretty good steaks. Then we just laid around and talked about cool missionary experiences. Our bus left super late in the night, like at around 2 in the morning. 


Friday morning we got to Viña. It was really cool to see all the other missionaries there for consejo de los lideres de la mision, (Mission Leadership meeting.) All the best missionaries in the mission are there (like the missionaries you hear rumors about). It was cool to be able to talk to them. I love the mission because there are not groups. Once you are there they let you in, you don't have to make friends with anyone. The meeting was good. President said some pretty funny things like “Elders, if the church didn't have manuals we would all be in apostasy in 6 months.” I liked the meeting because president acts a little more like himself, I think. I had the chance to see Elder P for the 1st time since my training. I realized he acts a little young at times, doesn't think things through or use common sense. He asked a lot of questions in the meeting but questions that weren't very good. President told him he just needed to use common sense. It was nice to see him though, he always gives great advice. After the meeting Elder L went with Elder G (assistant) to go teach lessons before our bus left. I stayed with Elder T and just cleaned up the meeting room. After that he had to take care of some computer work so I got on Elder G computer and started looking at his assistant stuff. I asked Elder T if I could take some of the forms they had saved on the computer (I like forms) and he told me take whatever you want Elder Cropper. So I took everything. Just copied entire folders of forms. Even forms that don't pertain to ZL stuff. Now I have all of the answers, which I like. 

Friday night we came back to Viña. There was a movie playing on the bus and Elder L and I were sitting right in front of it. We tried not to watch it but lost. It was a stupid movie anyways about the tsunami that hit in 2004. It was called Lo impossible or the impossible/ it impossible....something to do with impossible in english. 


Just a normal day of work.


We had stake conference in our new chapel here in La Serena. They just opened in for this meeting yesterday. ITS HUGE! its like an American chapel. The style is even the same. The sacrament room is massive too.- Crazy stuff. We had 5 investigators come to church yesterday. An entire family plus 2 others. Were going to baptize all of them. We have 4 baptisms for this next next weekend. I’m very close with all of them but i don't know if they are the people I’m supposed to find. These people were found by Elder L before I came. I just helped participate in their teaching from the beginning (meaning when they get baptized they will be my converts just I didn't FIND them.)

Everything is going well here. Our sector has just really took off. Half of the accomplishments of the Zone are because of us and our sector. That’s good because we need to be examples, but i would much rather have the zone be progressing a ton. It’s getting there but still has a way to go. 

The Sectors of the DL aren’t really progressing. They both are getting really frustrated. My thoughts are usually occupied thinking about the zone and how we can help all of the missionaries. Elder T told me as a ZL that’s what you have to do, it’s not about you anymore or your area. It’s about the other missionaries helping them grow, and also about the church in your zone and helping it grow. Those are the things I’m focusing on now. We are getting close to changes again--bout 2 weeks or less away. I don't think I will get transferred. I don't think Elder Larsen will get transferred either. 

Mom and Dad-

Glad your feeling better Mom. Cool that you bought that base ball shirt. Illhave to see it when I come home. Glad your teaching thing is going well mom. Do you find it difficult, like it takes a lor of time. What classes do you teach? How many of your own classes are you taking? Dad, I agree with what you said in the beginning of your letter about my mission president. Just need to take the counsel and do it like you said. 


Got your 3 letters grandma! Love them they made me smile. We dont get mail very much grandma (once every month) so I always get a ton of your letters all at once. Just thought id tell you and Grandpa that I love you guys and I have your pictures on my study desk. Its the picture you guys gave to all the grandchildren after the Family reunion years ago.

Well thats all I got, kind of bummed I didn't get to hear from Mary. I hope she's doing ok. 

Love you guys,

Elder Cropper

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