Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sister Cropper - September 16th

Hey all! 

Hello hello hello! Things are really well here in Brazil. This week has been a long week though. Sadly our investigators that we do have are not progressing so we´ve been doing a ton of finding! It is annoying because we aren´t finding anyone really solid. Or the ones that we do are moving to Londrina! So silly.

Tuesday: These investigators that we had were being a pain in the booty. They have been taught by missionaries and keep saying that they want to be baptized but then on the day of baptism, back out. So we went and talked with Michele. Sister Da Rosa was talking with her and she was saying something about not changing. I had this feeling that she was backing out again. I began to feel the spirit swell in my heart and I felt I needed to share my testimony with her. So I asked if I could. I tried my best to talk about the book of mormon and tell her that I knew it was true. I tried to tell her that she needed to pray and ask God if this was what she needed to do. I´m not really sure if it helped her but I knew that is what Heavenly Father wanted me to do. After we went and visited a less active. Matilde is her name. The coolest thing happened! She told us that she has been confused about what church to go to. She told God that if we came (the missionaries) this last week, she would go to church on Sunday. Sister Da Rosa told me that she hadn´t been there for about 2 months. So God was really watching out for her. It was a really good lesson with her. We talked about the sacrament and the atonement. 

Wednesday: We had zone meeting. I got my money card so now I have reals! Yay. Zone meeting was good but I still had no clue what was going on. Sister Johnson and I went to this branch that isn´t in our area but President wants us to work there when we have referrals. We visited two recent converts and then had an FHE with a part-member family and members. It was a great lesson! We talked about faith and miracles. The family and members were all crying. After they fed us. Holy cow. Braziledos are crazy about their food here! This is what we usually have when we have amoço (lunch). They have rice (arroz), beans, carne (meat), salad (which is lettuce or tomatoes or both together), soda (guarana), and a dessert. At the FHE, they fed us sausage, prime rib, arroz, salad, two different types of dessert, and ice cream. Thank goodness we usually only have two meals/day or I am going to be FAT! 

Thursday: We taught michele e vera again. We had a member come with. It really helped to have her there. This member is a RC and she invited them to a dance this past saturday

Friday: It was a long day of trying to find. We were able to get into a menos ativos at night. It was good and they fed again! 

Saturday: Vera did not show up to her interview! She said on the phone that she felt confused and all this other stuff. We have decided to drop vera and her sister, Michele. It was a long day or tracting. We got some return appts but did not get in any doors. 

Sunday: Matilde came to church!! All of the members were so excited to see her! They kept coming and talking with her. Giving her a hug or a nice note. It was great. The members are really nice here. It was another long day of tracting. We talked to this really nice old lady. I was speaking really well with her in Protuguese. I told Sister J after and she said, ``yeah, you were speaking well.´´ It was neat to experience that. It is all the Lord though, I could not learn this language so fast without His help. 

So Brazil seems more like a 1st world country. Peru and Ecuador seemed more poor. The people don´t drive all crazy like they do there. And the towns seem smaller there. Here, it feels like I am ina big city. There is not a lot of history (like old buildings or town squares). 

I love you all and hope you all stay safe! I am doing well. I just hope we find people to baptize! There are here in Santa Felicidade but they are hiding!

Com amor, 

Sister Cropper 

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