Thursday, October 17, 2013

Elder Cropper (Making up for two weeks of insufficient letters) - October 14th

(This was the first email we received)

I’m sorry again i don't have time to write you guys! We have a GA coming to the mission and he wants us to do a survey it took all my time. Got to go love you guys!
~Elder Cropper

(This was the second email we received)

I know you hate mean jokes so I’ll tell you know I was just joking. I’m writing your email now.

Thanks Michael for reminding me.
~Elder Cropper

(This was the third email we received that day)

All of [the above] is true actually but I have plenty of time to write my family and do the survey. We are all pretty excited in the mission and interested to see who it will be. We don't know who it is or when he will come. Im hoping its an apostle though.

So I’ve been pretty busy these last few weeks but things are starting to calm down. 

Since its been two weeks I’ll have to give you guys the 2 week update

Two weeks ago was a pretty busy week. The friday of that week we had the big Mission leadership meeting. Always fun to go to that and it was my second time. The only part i hate is the part when we have to tell president how our zone did. Always hard. Being a zone leader is definitely the hardest things I’ve ever done because you have to be perfect. One little thing you do wrong and your district leaders get mad and report you to president. Happened two times already with me (they didn't report me to president just talked about it with my companion). I dislike it, and think they shouldn't do that. When I was a DL i had the two stupidest ZL in the world (i know now because I am one) and I never said anything to them. 

Anyways its hard to be zone leader too because the zone is all on you. The success and the failure. Our zone isn't doing so hot. We have the second highest amounts of baptisms for this month which is great but we have few baptisms scheduled for the end of this month. Plus the rule in our mission is a person has to come to church for 3 weeks to get baptized. This means that this last Sunday was the last time for somebody to come to church and get baptized this month. Theres no short term thinking with baptisms in the zone. You have to think long and plan it all out. Always have to be on top of your game because if you slow down you will feel it 2 or more weeks later.

Anyways, so we had the big meeting it was fun. They changed up the dress code. We now cant have backpacks and we can wear Dockers. I’m buying a handbag thing today. The zone was pretty excited about the rule change. We like rule changes. After consejo we had conference and then Pday. So it was basically like a missionary holiday for 4 days. We had a baptism in between the two things of conference which was awesome. 

This last week we did zone meeting which is just a mirror thing, ugh, i forgot how to spell some words.  Anyways we redo the big mission meeting just for the other missionaries. It went really well and the missionaries really liked it.

The zone is going well but we never have enough baptisms. That’s the ultimate sign of success and the thing president looks at. La Serena does ok about in the middle every time. But I’d rather have our normal be a lot higher.

We have interviews with president this next week which will be great. After that it will just be two normal weeks until the end of this change. I think Elder L is out of here. he will have been in his area for 6 months. I think he's going to be made assistant. I don't know if he's got the organization or administrative skills, but he has a pure heart.

Well that’s the mission life. Other than that nothing else is going on.

In the way of investigators its going pretty well. One thing I don't understand is that we fast and pray but then things don't work out with them. Elder L thinks that God is just testing us to see if we still have faith in even hard situations. I agree with his idea. 

I need to look more for spiritual experiences everyday so I can write you guys about them.

the other day we were walking late at night. I had remembered earlier that it says in the handbook the spirit will warn you of danger. I never knew what that felt like but then that night we had an experience with it. Elder L and I were walking in an older part of our sector. There were people everywhere. As we were walking both of us somehow without looking just new that a man who was sitting on the curb with some other guys was dangerous and we needed to cross the street to get away from him. It was just a feeling we both had at the exact same time because we both started crossing the street at the same time with no obvious need to do so. The man got up and was looking over at us but then sat back down as we walked away. I think he was drunk and would have caused problems with us. 

We always have drunk guy problems. Ahh--funny story about that. the other week was the Independence day of Chile. There were a ton of drunk people. We were walking again late at night to the apartment when we came across a man who was laying down on the sidewalk. He was totally out. Another man was there calling the police so we decided to stop and help. The police told us to try to wake the man up and we tried like 5 times. We stopped and they said they would come. We decided to try again and the guy suddenly woke up. He was just mumbling things and totally crazy. He was just stumbling around everywhere it was crazy. His wallet it had fallen out so Elder L grabbed him and I jammed his wallet in his pocket. I think the guy thought we were trying to rob him because he backed up and tried to take a swing at Elder L. It was the classic drunk man swing. Arm back started to bring it forward slowly, big loss of balance, and fell down. He then proceeded to run into the street and stop traffic. I didn't want to seem him get killed so we walked away. He eventually stopped running in  the street and passed out on the grass next to the street. Crazy drunk people stories. Moral of the story don't drink, and Chile is a country full of sin.

Hay que cambiarlo no mas!

Yesterday we went to go give a blessing in the La Serena hospital for a menos activos brother who is there. It was actually a really clean hospital. Super old and dirty though. It did have some creepy looking old bloody rooms. I gave the blessing, felt like I shouldn't say anything about the man getting better. We both kind of got headaches in the hospital. Elder L was getting a little light headed from all the death. Kinda creepy. 

Funny thing happened yesterday. Everyday we do contacts with people. They always give excuses but we always smile and say ok. Yesterday i didn't do that. A man told us we couldn't visit him because he lived far away, along with many other things. I told him. “Mire cualquier excuso.” He got mad at me and it turned out bad. Don't know why I said that. Kinda just came out. 

Anyways church is still true. 

Still here rockin it up. Hope you guys are good.

Glad you had a good b-day Dad, and Anne.

Thanks for the shoes Mom

Lova ya all
Elder Sam Cropper

By the way remember that the church is true, not the people. The members here seem to not understand that. Annoying.

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