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Elder Cropper - October 21st

What is up people!!!!

Im doing good, probably the best ive been doing which is nice. This last week was pretty good. 

Last monday p day we went shopping for clothes. I wanted one pare of pants and we heard they were selling pants for 1 thousand pesos in a store thats called la polar. the poler or however you spell that. Anyways one thousand pesos is like 2 bucks which is chill. Anywas--that was chill. I also had to buy a new bag because backpacks aren’t allowed. I was sad. I liked my backpack. It was more comfortable.

Anyways so we had a good interchange with some elders in a different area. We only did it for a day though. morning to night, because in the morning we had interviews with president. I had a good interchange with one of the district leaders. He is very obedient and a little too serious, doesn’t really fit well with my personality sometimes--but its ok. We found a family which was chill. He felt like we should pray, I said the prayer and at the next door we found a less active women and we taught the family. I don’t know if there will be much progress with them but we will see. 

Wednesday was our interviews with president. We had the assistants stay at our house that night. They arrived at like 12 at night, very late. Elder T and Elder G are very good elders. Anyways in the morning Elder L and left early to go open the church and to get everything set up. We had sometime while waiting so we did contacts in front of the church. President pulled up and waved it us. He said he liked that we were doing contacts. Annoying thing, 20 min before that Elder T called me to tell me to open the front gate to the church so they could drive in. The front door to the church was also open. ANyways president got a little after us because he had wanted the back door opened as well. Elder T was like “I told you guys that, but don’t worry about it.” One, what little thing to get flustered over, and two he said the word for “gate” in Spanish and not “door.” I don’t know, they just kind of made a deal of it and Elder L and I didn’t like it. We just rolled our eyes later. WIth Elder T and Elder G if every single thing doesn’t go right with president they get worried or mad. Ugh--it’s like they don’t even have a relationship with him. 

My interview with president was really good. I had written to him earlier about issues i was having in the mission. We talked a little bit about it in the interview but not very much. I took that as the things that I was worried about weren’t in his eyes a big issue so i didn’t need to worry about them. He asked what keeps me up at night? just as a question not because I’m actually having problems sleeping (psssh i sleep like a baby.) Anyways I told him zone stuff. We talked about that for awhile. He said i should focus on finding with the zone. He said if you don’t find new investigators one week it means you won’t be baptizing in 3 weeks. He talked with me about Elder L. He said our transfer was the strongest he had had that change and he had known without a doubt that we needed to be together. He told me I needed to have love and patience with him. I thought that was interesting because Elder L and I have zero major problems. Anyways, I’m trying to do that more with him and I’ve actually seen us become even closer with our companionship. I told him the president that I felt like i was still trying to learn to be a good missionary let alone a zone leader. BAD IDEA! lol--he just launched at me. Told me i was a zone leader and he didn’t care how young i felt in the mission. He told me i wasn't the first person in the church to be called young and I needed to accept it and the Lord would sustain me. I liked what he said. I just need to act like normal and not like the young little ZL called early that i kind of feel like sometimes. And yeah that was the interview. It wasn't my favorite interview with president that i had had, but it was really good. 

After the interview we went off to go work, later we came back to do interchanges with the assistants. Elder G went off to a different zone and Elder T was with us. Elder T is technically my grandpa in the mission so i always feel kind of close to him but he doesn't have it. He's not a very loving missionary which is always sad to me. He's not freely divulging of information and only wanted to chat about people in the ward with Elder L(because I still don t know everyone in the ward) Elder T had served as a zone leader here a year ago so he knew many people. He cut me out a lot of the group, like he and Elder L would chat but when Elder L and I would be chatting together he would separate us and move right into the center. i don t know--I struggled with him. He’s ending his time as assistant so I think his true colors are showing. Before he used to ask us questions about the zone and how we were doing. This time he just wanted to know if this person or that person was still in the ward. Frustrating. The most frustrating part of the night was when we were teaching an investigator. Elder L had just finished talking and I felt it was my turn to talk so I did. I began transferring into the atonement to talk about that (we were teaching the plan of salvation) anyways after about 10 seconds Elder T interrupted me and stayed on the subject we were on. i don t know why, maybe he felt like he wanted to talk about it more. It was his first time with this woman and it was my 5th. Nonetheless, i feel that this action is one of the rudest things you can do in missionary work. I felt like i needed to talk an I felt like i needed to make the transfer talk about the atonement and how we can repent of sin. Elder T felt like we needed to stay on the topic of what is sin and experiences she had had when she felt bad. I felt like what he said was not important and didn’t help with the lesson. I really actually struggled with it. I said a prayer during the lesson that I wouldn’t be angry and that I could focus instead on the things Elder T was doing right not wrong. So I did. He actually is a very good teacher. He knows the scriptures very well which I thought was cool. anyways after the lesson as we left. he said some things to Elder L and not me. Like i was there but he would say, “Elder L that lady is crazy.” Or “Elder L ,i think this was her problem.” I don t know--i just was tired of getting left out. So i complimented him on his teaching skills and his knowledge of the scriptures. I felt a lot better afterwards. They stayed another night in our apartment, and then left in the morning. Dad I’m in the internet place and they are playing that song (on my own) with that man and women singing. I think its glades knight or however you spell her name. Anyways thought of you. 

So after president interview we focused more on finding. I also decided to focus more on desires to work. Sometimes i don t want to go do missionary work and I don t like that. So I started praying for it more and just tried to work more hard. I feel a lot more happy now and have more desire to work. Ready to help that increase more. Instead of dreading end of p-day I’m actually kind of excited to start working again. hmmm mugh better. 

Friday we had interchanges with a sector in our zone with the bad missionaries. Elder C is one. he leaves in 2 weeks and has just served the crappiest mission every. Never does studies, is disobedient. Elder Lspent an interchange with him trying to get him to be better but it didn't work. I was with his companion Elder M. He is doing really good and is ready for Elder C to leave. Elder Mis actually very obedient. Elder L and I are going to recommend him for DL.

We did a zone fast on saturday. that all the people who could get baptized this month would get baptized. We had one zone baptism yesterday and we will have 4 this weekend, one for Elder Larsen and I. That means we will finish with 8 for the month. Im really happy because thats pretty dang high for our mission. 


We’ve been doing a lot of finding which is always fun. Found a mother a son from Colombia. They were pretty dang good. WE have a lesson with the again tomorrow. We found another family the other day. THe wife has a baptismal date but the husband no. They are older and the husband is Catholic. 


Archivaldo is doing awesome. He was the guy that got baptised like a month ago. You will remember that I had 5 other baptisms before that when i was in las americas. One from 2 boys and the other from part of a family. All are inactive which is a bummer. but Archivaldo!!!!!!!!!!!!! never. He has the priesthood he comes to church every week,he pays his tithing and hes young mens secretary. HE IS MY PRIDE AND JOY YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love that man!!!!!!!!!!!! anyways he’s also going to baptize his son this saturday. YEAH!!!!!  

So thats my life. Doin good. Speakin the spanish. baptizin the peeps. 

Dear Primary Children of the Bettendorf Ward,

Thanks you for the CD and wonderful pictures! It really brightened my day! I loved seeing all of the pictures you drew about chile and missionaries. My life as a missionary in Chile is wonderful! Last Sunday we joined the primary during sharing time to talk about missionaries and what missionaries do. The primary children practiced inviting their friends to church, or a primary activity. They did a really good job. You guys should invite you friends to church too. If you are really brave you can ask them in spanish. 
¿Quieres acompañarme a la iglesia?
I know if you invite your friends to church they will feel really good and you will feel good too, because Heavenly Father is happy when we share the gospel. Keep growing those testimonies so that you can serve a mission when you grow a foot or two!

With Love,
Elder Cropper

Love ya guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Elder Cropper

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