Thursday, October 31, 2013

Elder Cropper - October 28

Hey whats up peeps. 
ugh I’m just tired.
Week went by fast though, the fastest its ever gone by in my mission.

Good week we had a baptism saturday. Archivaldo (my convert of gold)`s son got baptized. They hugged in the font and were crying sweet!!!!!!!!! anyways he was super nervous to do the ordinance, but everything went ok. During the time when they were changing we watched some videos about missionary work. Church has come out with a ton of missionary videos and they are chill. There is one where it shows some missionaries hugging their families goodbye and going into the MTC. That one was my favorite--I started to cry. 

Nothing really crazy happened this week. Last Pday we had a cookout with our Elders quorum pres. Chill guy--he speaks English too because he served his mission in California. Really focused guy and was a zone leader. Now he works for the church (basically) on the farm company it owns. We talked a lot about Masons, it was really interesting.  

Elder C a missionary in our zone is going home this next week (2 years up just like that). He’s being pretty stupid and its basically like he’s already left. I feel bad for him because he’s just a mission wasted. He was disobedient his whole 2 years. I called him up after hearing from his DL that it was 10:30 and they weren't in the pension (30 min late) I told him go would hold him accountable for the things he did or didn't do the last week in the mission. I told him to be obedient and live the end of his mission the way that God would want him to live it. I told him I loved him and was excited for him and this new chapter of his life he was starting. I felt like that was enough showing an increase in love. 

what else, oh we had a sweet zone activity today. We played dodgeball in the chapel, ate pizza, and set the goals for this next month. I think the zone really liked it. We tried to go to a museum instead of play dodgeball but president didn't approve it. bummer. 

Good week. trying to be more focused and more pure. I like to zone out a lot. I think its just the whole focusing thing, just gotta train my mind to focus more often and not zone out. 

Anything I could do to get more emails on pday. Lots of the elders I took to get like 15 every Pday from other people and I get like 3. Maybe I did something wrong in high school or college to make it so that people don't write me. Don’t think I’m going to write anymore about this because its actually making me feel bad. I’ll just write more people.

I know how Mary feels. Church just isn't very organized in some places. He ward is definitely bad. I hate it when members have priorities above the Church. It just makes me want to go to their house, tell them that they need to repent, hit them with the word, and then leave a blessing on their home lol. Ain’t nobody got faith anymore! Faith without works is dead, People. How are we supposed to have faith like the brother of Jared if we cant even go to Church on time?

Everyone else: Les quiero (more laid back way in Spanish to say “I love you”-- actually it means “I want you” lol) and share your testimony or something gosh dangit!

Love the man 

Hlder Crauper (thats what my name is in Spanish)

Elder Cropper

The church is true 
The book is blue
And Joseph was a prophet

Now go tell someone about it!

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