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Elder Cropper - September 23, 2013

Whats up fam.

Mom, Dad: Fine I will just take a big chill pill. I’m just trying to be a good missionary, but maybe I like it when Elder L says he’s never seen a missionary who pushes him self as hard as I do. I say that in the most un-prideful way I can of course lol. Anyways thank you for the message. I really like what grandma said. There is a talk called the 4th missionaries. Look it up its on It basically just gives a list of 4 types of missionaries, number 4 works and has success because he loves the work and has a strong testimony (hence the testimony question Dad) My goal, be number 4. That’s why I’m working a lot more on internal obedience and desire to work. Working and being obedient not because I want to make the mission president happy or something but because I want to make God happy. Elder Cropper is not quite there yet.  but whatever siguimos pues!

I’ve realized my writing in spanish needs some work. I can speak it but I cant write it.


GOOD WEEK! we had a baptism! We had lunch with our investigator Archibaldo and Elder N just started asking him the baptismal questions. He passed them all even though we hadn't taught him tithing! anyways he ended up getting baptized yesterday which was awesome. When you a missionary and you get a baptism you feel successful. I feel like Archibaldo was the first person i actually helped get baptize. Cool stuff. I’ll send a photo later this computer wont let me for some reason.

We found a super chill guy from Colombia yesterday. He knows the bible like crazy and had basically already found the need for a restoration just by reading the bible. It was a pleasure to teach him and we have another lesson today with him. Seesh for some people you just have to show them where the pila (font) is.

Life is good here in wonderful La Serena. Its spring time here which means hot during the day and cold at night. Its just perfect really. We have changes tomorrow. I do not think I’m leaving. I think I’ll be ZL here in La Serena for 6 months which would be cool. La Serenas like my baby, gotta make it good! Anyways i dont think Elder L will leave either. usually you serve 6 months as ZL in an area and he has 4.5 months. By the way I hit 7.5 months in the mission today, cool stuff. year mark here I come. I love new changes because it just gives you the change to start over fresh. As missionaries we’re not perfect we always do stupid stuff and make bad impresiones so its nice to have a new start somewhere else or be with a new companion. I would like 1 of our 2 DLs to leave specifically. I made a bad impression on him and now he thinks I’m disobedient or something. dislike. Its actually not all that bad he just made a comment to Elder L that I didn't get out of bed on our interchange tell 7:10....well ya know what Elder N I was praying, sorry if I’m not perfect and don’t pray on the floor every morning. SOmetimes its just so much.....crap i forgot how to spell the word esier, easy, easier there we go! Anyways sometimes its just so much easier to kneel on your bed lol. anyways he's a good guy.

So the week here we go.

This week was the independence WEEK of chile. not day, WEEK! the actual day is 18 of september but it starts the 17 and lasts tell well yesterday the 23. Holidays in the US are awesome for the work because everyones home. Well its the same in chile but they are all drunk. Actually most people were gone. We contacted a lot of members though who were here visiting from santiago. Anyways, lots of walking. BBQ´s ae the big thing in chile so everyday during this week we ate at a members house and the BBQed. It was delicious until we had done it 3 times. We left there houses everyday feeling over filled. ugh horrible. Plus BBQs here are so slow. We got to a members house one day at 2 the normal time we arrive to eat lunch. We only have an hour for lunch but we were there for 3 hours because they just kept feeding us small little food items until the main stuff was done. It was weird.

Anyways that was my week.

Thanks for the advice Mom and Dad believe it or not I actually do need to be more obedient. It just sounds like I’m really obedient. I feel like as a missionary you do your stuff and then after get feedback from people or the spirit you need to better, right now with my assignment and all I feel like I’m getting too much feedback on stuff I need to change and not pumping out change stuff fast enough. Like I’m never going to get above water. My answer to that is to just be more organized, more obedient because when you do those things that fixes half of the stuff. I don't know just some of my thoughts. Its easier now though because I know better how I need to be a good zone leader. Focus on the church organization. Thats the vision president has for us as well. focus on the communication between church and missionaries. Another key is to not focus on myself so much and focus on other. That goes with your comment Mom. Your right i do need to stop focus so much on where I can improve and just focus on the work or other missionaries. anyways to quote A Consecrated Missionary God Doesn't demand immediate perfection, just immediate progression.

love you guys!


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