Monday, October 7, 2013

Elder Cropper - September 30

Well hey everyone. Sorry I actually haven’t written any of your letters. Its the end of the month which is always busy for us because we have to enter into the computer like 5 informes. today it took me an hour to do it so i get 30 min to write you guys!!!!

I hope everything is going well. I’ll take pictures of your emails so I can read them later.

My week went well. The zone is really progressing which makes me happy. we finished the month with 3 baptisms in the zone (not that much) but one was from us so that was awesome.IM SO EXCITED FOR CONFERENCE THIS WEEK. it will be a nice break. Plus between sessions we have 4 more baptisms from the zone, and again one of them is ours. Changes was last week by the way. Neither Elder L or I got transferred. We got 4 new missionaries in the zone which is always cool. I feel like we lost a lot of good missionaries last change but everyone seems to be working super hard (except the hermanas). They are really good at putting baptismal dates but the people never keep them. Their ward hasn't had a baptism in like 4.5 months...ugh.. Anyways hopefully we can change that. 

today we are having a meeting with out DL to set a zone baptismal goal and to give them the vision of obedience and such. I think it will be good. I had to call president and ask for permission My heart always beats like 50 miles per hours when I call President Kahnlien.

Elder L and I got sick this week. Him more then me he started getting really cold and then hot. Obviously had the flu. Anyways we didn't work wednesday or thursday because of it. Nice break, was able to clean the apartment which is not dirty again...great lol. The action started thursday morning when Elder L woke up at like 6 in the morning to walk it off or something. Anyways he was feeling really light headed and everything was blurry he said. I woke up for like 2 seconds and saw him walk out the door. the spirit told me to tell him that he should go to the bathroom but of course I didn't because I feel back asleep. Anyways woke up like 30 seconds later to a big bang sound. Turned out he passed out and fell and hit out kitchen table. So I came running out to see if he was ok. he was on his hands and knees throwing up blue gatorade. I cleaned up the throw-up, with my towel, and he went back to sleep. Later we gave him a  blessing. He feels a lot better now which is good. Some members made us take him the the hospital yesterday because he had started to feel sick again. The hospital said he just had eaten something bad. No biggie. Now he’s a million times better. ANyways because of the sickness our last week was filled with a lot of sleeping which was nice. but this week were going to kick it into gear which is awesome. 

Anyways thats all i got. busy week this week ill have lots to write about next week.

Love ya all,

Elder Cropper

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