Monday, October 7, 2013

More from Sister Cropper - September 30

Okay for starters:

Happy Birthday to pretty much my whole family because all of your birthdays are this week! At least it feels like it. 

I have something special coming in the mail for you all so be prepared! It will most likely be very late so sorry for the delay!!! 

So this past week I feel that I am getting back to my old self. The first two weeks were just weird. I didn´t feel like a missionary and I just felt a little useless. Then the third week I just wasn´t feeling complete. I think I figured out a couple of things that I needed to fix. First off was obedience. It has been hard to be exactly obedient in my companionship because there is a total of 4! But I have been really trying to get to bed by 10:30 pm. That is the hardest for me. I am fine everywhere else but it was 10:30 that was it. Anyways, so I´m finally feeling back to myself! 

So I´ll go through some cool things that happened this week. 

So I forgot to mention about a blessing I got from an AP last Sunday. It was a really really really good blessing. President had him give it in english. He blessed me with the language, said I was here to specifically teach people, I would bring the spirit in to their homes, blessed my family with health and safety, I can´t remember the rest but it was really good. At the time I was really frustrated that I couldn´t understand a lick of what people were saying. It was killing me slowly inside! I felt a lot better afterwards. 

So Tuesday came along and me and Sister D were looking up a reference. Well they weren´t there so we planned to palm the next streets. So we were tracting and the third house I said my regular introduction. So this woman came out because she couldn´t hear us. So I repeated what I said and included that our message would help her in her life. She began talking about how she lost her son. She was crying up a storm. She left to go get something (pictures) and Sister D filled me in with the rest. Turns out her son died from this rare disease that only 8 people have ever had. He was a really good person, never smoke or drank. She was really mad at God for taking away her son. She then came back, showed us pictures. She kept talking and I had no clue what to say. It came into my mind to ask her if she believed that she would see her son again. I felt really really strongly that I needed to ask her that. It was a very strong impression from the spirit. So I asked her the question. I am not 100% sure what she said but I think she said something to the affects of, I just want to see him for one minute. So we asked if we could go in and share a message. She said yes and we went in. We sat in her kitchen and she just talked up a strom. Sister D and I just listened. Sis D shared a message from OLdeM and then I felt impressed to talk about Jane. So I talked about what happened and how my parents turned to God and the scriptures and received comfort that way. We invited her to church and she said yes. She said that she loved our church and thought it was beautiful. Sadly she didn´t show but we have another compromisso this week with her. 

That night we also taught Zeila (the woman who showed up to church). We invited her son to come listen to our message as well. We talked about 2 Néfi 32. It was really good and he seemed really interested. He came to church yesterday which is a miracle because he has a hernia and it is really uncomfortable for him to sit for longer than 10 minutes. Sis D promised him that if he came, he would have no pain. Well he came and he stayed the whole time! He has accepted a baptismal date for next week and hopefully his ma will be baptized! 

Also we dropped Vera and haven´t seen her for 2 weeks. She texted a member yesterday in the morning and told them to tell us that she wants to be baptized! Miracle! 

Then last Friday I was with Sis J. We had gone to Campo Magro but had an appt. that night in a different part of our area. Our compromisso feel through and we were walking away. Sis J said let´s try this house so we clapped and this woman came out and said we could share a message. She was SO interested. She was just eating everything up! It was really neat. She smiled when I shared the first vision. She said she would try to be at church but she wasn´t there. The only problem is her husband. He wasn´t there at first but came later and he was really cold. It was weird. 

So yeah, we had some really good teaching experiences! Plus our numbers were great this week. We got 27 referencias! And 15 new gators! 

We had a conference of the mission this week. It was really good! Sis D translated some for me and I was able to understand Presidente Monteiro. I really love my mission a lot. I am feeling so happy! I can´t believe how fast it is flying by! I have less than a year left!! AHHHHHHHH 

Oh minha nossa I love being a missionary! This decision to go was the best decision I have made in my life. I think it was both the quickest and best. Well actually, I had been thinking about it before but the decision to leave when I did was quick! 

Anyways, familia! I love you! Miss you! Pray for you!! 

Have a great week!!! 

Com amor, 

Sister Cropper 

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