Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sister Cropper - October 14th

Hey família! 

How are you all doing? Life is pretty good. I heard that I was being transferred yesterday. It is weird because all of my other companions are staying in Santa Felicidade. Sister D is getting a new missionary and Sister J will train Sister E. I am actually sad to leave. I wish I could stay with them because I had a lot of fun and we worked hard together. But I am grateful I won´t have to deal with the craziness. They still will have 4 in this area and they will live with another area of sisters which is really hard. 

This transfer is a little hard for me as well. So the other sister that I came with that I know really well is training. Her name is Sister B and she gets to train already. She knows the language, I guess, better than me. She already trained in Estados Unidos. Let´s just say my pride is a little hurt. Which is obviously a lesson I need to learn. Também I need to learn to be more humble and allow the Lord´s will to take over mine. It is just hard sometimes you know. Like hearing in Ohio that she and the other sister that is suppose to come to this mission were training. The best missionaries train so it is sometimes hard. 

ANYWAYS but Sister B is a great sister. She really is. We were talking last night and she was just saying how she really looks up to me. She told me that I am amazing because I always turn outward. For example, (and I had no memory of this) but she said that when we got to Ohio and we were both put in trios, she was freakin´out. She was really stressed and she said that I probably was as well. Well, I guess before we parted ways, I went up to her and grabbed her shoulders and said, "YOU can do this!!" She said after I had done that she felt so much peace and love.
At this point she and I were crying. So she said that she really admired me. It made me feel better. 

Also, I was thinking yesterday that I know I am not ready to train. It is still hard for me to understand people. It gets better everyday but it is still difficult. 

I was studying about humility this morning and this scripture in Deuteronômio really stuck out to me! It is Deu 8:2. God is talking about putting the children of isarel in the wilderness because they need to be humble and that God was testing them to see if they would still follow Him. That stuck out to me that God is putting me in this situation to see if I will keep doing the things that I need to. Which is a duh! Of course! It is just hard. And it shows me that I have pride and I need to work on that. 

ANYWAYS!  This week was good. We worked hard. We are suppose to find 80% of the time and teach our investigators 20%. So we did a lot of bater em portas (knocking on doors). WE found some really good people. This one woman we found has been looking for peace in her life. It is amazing to see the people that we run into. God´s hand is definitely in the work. 

My language is getting better slowly but surely. I hope I get a native speaker this next transfer so I can forget about english!!! 

Don´t worry family, I am all good. I am so happy. A mission isn´t easy but in the end, it always brings happiness! I love you all and miss you! Have a wonderful week! 

Mom- Good luck with your talk! That is so great you invited friends to churhc! Perfeito!! Also, you guys totally baby the missionaries that live with you! We don´t even have a microwave in our casa! But keep doing because I bet they really appreciate it! 

Dad- I am glad your board retreat was good! It is so nice to read your letters every week. 

Com amor, 

Sister Cropper 

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