Monday, October 21, 2013

Sister Cropper - October 21

Arg! I just accidently deleted my other message! Dang okay, starting over. 

So all is good! I am in Jardim Bontânico. It is a really cool area but completely different from other areas that I have served. I live in the city in an apartment. It is a difficult area because we have tons and tons of apartments but no way of getting in unless we have someone we are visiting. So we do a lot of street contacts. 

Another part of our area is really really poor. It is the best place to find people because it is poor and the people are more humble. The first few days here were really hard because we were white washed in. They haven´t had missionaries here for a really long time. But the members are really nice. We have been getting some referrals but this ward needs a lot of help! We only had 54 people at church. So this ward needs more of everything and reactivation. It was kind of stupid because we met with the bishop on tuesday (when we arrived) and we were going through the list of members. He told us that a lot of people on the list have moved but he didn´t know who! ARG!! 

So yeah, this area is hard but it is going well. It is also hard because our mission president wants us to bater em portas all day long. He wants us to bater em 100 portas!!! It is a little bit insane. We haven´t done it yet but I really want to try and do it because it is a ricidulously high number. Também he wants us to baptize baptize baptize baptize. WOW. We have a lot of pressure coming at us. 

So yeah, it is has been a good week but also really hard. I like my companion. She is Brazilian and from São Paulo. We are the same age and have been out the same time. She is ´´training´´me. She isn´t much of a leader but I think she was nervous at first so I helped her a lot. My language gets better every day. Also my companion wants to learn enlgish really badly so we read the book of mormon at night. Her in english, me in portuguese. It is crazy how many members in my ward know english. They want to always speak english with me! They get so excited when I tell them I am from America. Also, this one member asked permission to speak english to me and also another member asked me to have english classes! Absolutely hilarious. 

So yeah, we have the jardim bontânico in our area. We are going to visit another p-day because we are suppose to be getting our stove, refrgierator, and washing machine. They haven´t given it to us yet which stinks because it is hard to eat things!!!  

So we had a few miracles! We had two investigators at church! It was really good. One told us that she had been praying for two people to help her now how to follow God. She was crying when she told us this. Also we found these people from France on the street and he came to church! They speak portuguese but about as much as I do! So it is interesting to teach them. But we have a member in the other ward that speaks french so we are going to call him. 

Anyways, thanks for the updates on your week!!! I love you family!! Tell Grandma I got her letter and will try to write her back today!! 

Com amor, 

Sister Cropper 

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