Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sister Cropper - October 28

Hello minha familia! 

Life is good in the Jardim Botânico. I still haven´t visited the place. I wanted to go today but my companion had an appt at a hospital here so we didn´t have time. And she has a follow-up appt. next week so not happening next week either! Oh well! By the way, I was very impressed with the hospital here, very like america. Very organized! 

So this week was pretty good. My language gets better every day. It amazes how much I can understand. I make mistakes but I really don´t care because I need to get use to speaking.

So we found 20 new investigators this past week but only 1 went to church!! Talk about frickin´annoying! We went and tried to find our investigators this last Sunday before church to give them a ride but no one either opened the door or was ready! Minha nossa (my goodness)!!! Oh by the way, bater em portas is knocking on doors. And that rule for 100 doors was only last week. 

So this week was good. We had a special zone meeting with President Monteiro. It was really good. We learned more about how to teach better and that if we teach correctly, we will have baptisms. My mission president is all about baptisms which is hard and a lot of pressure. I feel that I can teach so much better than I am. It seems that people want to hear about God but they already have a religion and don´t want to change! Arg! My mission president last week had this scripture in his email to us. I read it during personal study and it is really good. I had a really good personal study that day. The scripture is D&C 68:1. It talks about how we need to use the scriptures to teach the gospel. This past week, I´ve studied a lot about how to teach better and how to use the scriptures. It has been good. 

Our lessons have been good with people, we really teach people not lessons. My companion is good about that but not really good about using scriptures. It is a little annoying. But I look a lot of scriptures up and I know where they are so it is good! We also learned at this specialized training that we need to use a scripture for each doctrine that we teach. 

It was really frustrating yesterday at church. Again we only had 53 at church. So frustrating because I feel we have no help from the Bishop. He comes to church at 8:40 (church starts at 8:30 - we have the other classes before Sacrament Meeting) and leaves after church ends. This ward doesn’t really function. Also it is super annoying because they let kids just run around the chapel during the meeting. This one boy of a recent convert is always running around and nobody was doing anything. He ran over to the sacrament table and almost took the bread during the sacrament. Sadly because I am a missionary, I can´t do anything about it so I just had to sit there crying. Yes I was crying because this is the sacrament we are talking about! Plus I was on the stand because we were giving a talk. Sadly I was going first, I was still really upset about the whole sacrament issue and I flat out told the members during y talk that the chapel is a sacred place and we need reverence here. I was crying while saying all of this in Portuguese. My talk wasn´t really good because we were supposed to give it the week before and I forgot why I wanted to use particular scriptures because I didn’t look over my talk beforehand (my mistake). So anyways, people told me my talk was good. I really don´t remember what I said but my companion told me my portuguese was really good. 

So anyways, this past week was good. We could teach better and be more on the same page sometimes. All with practice. 

Love you all family! 

Sister Cropper 

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