Monday, October 7, 2013

Sister Cropper - October 7

Hey all! 

WOW conferencia géral foi muito bom! Minha nossa. I loved the sunday sessions a lot! Plus I got to hear it in inglés which was a blessing. But suprising a little hard to see Utah. It left me a little distracted and weirded out. Mostly because it reminded of what America is like. I guess Brazil is pretty different. 

So this past was really good! Oh I almost forgot! We got a baptism yesterday! I mentioned how our former pesquisadora (gator) texted a member and said that she wanted to be baptized! Well she wasn´t kidding. It was between the sessions yesterday. It was really good but quick. 

Our numbers this week weren´t as good but it is amazing everyday to see the gift of tongues work through me. It really is amazing. I still have a hard time understanding people but I feel more comfortable going off of the lesson. I feel that I am getting back to teaching people not lessons. 

Something I was focusing on this week was really teaching (when teaching the first lesson) for the person. For example, this one girl that let us in mentioned that she hadn´t been baptized yet. I asked her if she had a desire. She said yes! So that whole lesson we taught the same parts of the lesson but really focused on baptism and that we need the priesthood for baptism. Then another lesson later that same day, I heard Sister D say something about knowing the right way. I felt that is something I should focus on and so when I taught, I focused on how God prepared a specific way for us. Things just come out of my mouth and my portuguese flows better. It is really amazing. My companion, Sister D told me that my pronunciation is really good, evern better than my other american companion that has been here for 7 months. I was really shocked when she told me that! 

So yeah, a good week. We have transfers this next week! I am not sure what will happen. 

So my thoughts on conferencia géral:

My favorite talk was: either David M Mckconkie and Russell M. Nelson. Really all of the talks were great but I especially loved those ones! I really liked Brother Mckconkie because I had gone to conference with the question, how can I teach with the spirit more? I loved the choir and all of their music from the sunday sessions. Conference was really good! 

To answer your question:
My mission president is very strict like Sam´s. We actually can´t leave our area on P-Day so we just stay here. We clean the house, I update my journal, laundry, grocery shopping, write letters, email, etc. It is just basically a day to rest. At least we try to. I wish we could go out and explore but it is a mission rule so sadly not. And the temple is not in our mission and we can only go at the end of our mission when we leave. I don´t know how many stakes are in curitiba! I imagine a lot! 

Well love you all family! I am doing great and just chugging along. I will conquer this language!!! 

Com amor, 

Sister Cropper 

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