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Sister Cropper - September 23, 2013

Hello, hello, hello!!!!! 

Minha familía! Tudo bem? Tudo bem! 

First and for most, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JANE!!!!!!!! HOLY COW!!!!! I cannot believe Jane is going to be one! So big! I already bought my ticket so prepare yourselves to see me walk in! (I may be late because I have absolutely no clue where Anne and Michael live). Anyways, you must send pictures. You absolutely have to because I cannot be there!!!!! I will be here in Brazil, crying and longing for Anne´s masterpieces, Michael´s music, and bebe Jane. Hope you all have a great time. 

Tell Grandma that I just got her letter that she sent on Aug 30th. Que legal (that means cool). I am staring at her letter right now. 

Just so you all have it again, my address is:

Av. Iguaçu, 1460 - Agua Verde 
Curitiba - PR

So this week was a little bit crazy! A lot of things happened! 

Tuesday: Surprisingly normal day (except for the evening. I don´t want to tell you what happened but remind me after my mission to tell you!!) It wasn´t funny at the time but looking back it is. Don´t worry nothing illegal or dangerous. 

Wednesday: Sister D was sick :( So I stayed home with her. I washed clothes, studied, cleaned the kitchen, tended to her every need (actually she slept the whole day), and took a tiny tiny nap. We went out at 6:00 but her heart felt weird (she gets low blood pressure) and so we walked really slow. We walked to an investigator´s home but she didn´t answer. So we walked back to the house because I refused to let her be out since she could barely walk! She was just short of breath. It took us about an hour to get back home when usually it takes about a half hour. 

Thursday: Normal day. Oh and Sister D woke up feeling a lot better! 

Friday: Got a call from the secretaries that we needed to bring our passports to the office so Sister D and I went. It took us an hour and a half to get there. We were about to leave when Sister Monteiro wanted to show us something. So we went back in and then said hi to President. He called us into his office and began talking with us. What seemed like was going to be a ten minute conversation turned into 3 hours of talking! I understood some but not all. We talked about committing people, our bishop (who is a dumb-dumb), door approaches, studying the scriptures, and the ward we serve in. I think I needed the experience because although I couldn´t understand everything, I still felt that President really cared about us. He took 3 hours out of his day to talk with us and wanted to really help us. So we went home and it was 7:30pm! We were planning to help the YW at the church so we didn´t get any work done. 

Saturday- Normal day expect for all the rain! Holy cow is there so much rain. It just rains all the time and it is cold too! I am glad I am warm clothes and my green duck shoes. 

Sunday- President came to church! Ah with his family and the AP´s. Minha nossa (my goodness). Sister D was again not feeling well (she has been getting this awful headaches/migraines) and so we were a little late. It was completely our fault. President wasn´t too happy. He told us at the end of church that our ward is hard to deal with but not impossible. The ward is irreverant and not helpful. They think we aren´t working because we aren´t having baptisms but in the branch that we also work in, we had 9 (not me but before). We had 9 because the members in the branch gave us referrals! The members aren´t good about giving us referrals! President said that if it doesn´t get better, he´ll transfer us out! 

Anyways good week. We found a lot of new investigators. Now we just need to keep teaching and then baptize. 

Language is good. I am on an english fast (except for emails) till the end of my mission. NO ENGLISH! It is hard but I will learn the language faster. 

Com amor, 

Sister Cropper 

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