Monday, October 7, 2013

Sister Cropper - September 30

Funny things about Brasil:

1. They love to live in the 60´s because all the cars here are 60´s VW vans and beetles. Also they love fiat´s.
2. Although it may be 40 degrees or below and have their winter coats on; they love to have the windows open in their homes! 
3. They wear socks and flipflops together
4. They love hot dogs and have hot dogs with 
5. They eat a huge lunch and then the next time they eat is at 9:00 at night!
6. Their dessert here is the best. I am going to get so fat!! They have this dessert called Brigadeira. It is condensed milk, butter, and powedered chocolate heated together. IT IS SOOOOO GOOD. 
7. They are obsessed with crackers. They have 50 billion different types of crackers. 
8. Their chocolate bars only come in the largest size possible. 
9. They don´t believe in shaving cream, tampons, or make-up. 
10. They love meat. Always always have meat at every meal! 
11; They through away toliet paper. no paper in the toliet!! 
12. Napkins are individually wrapped. 
13. Mcdonalds is fancy fancy. Like super expensive! A whole meal is 16 reais which is 32 dollars. 
14. Everyone woman wears skiiny jeans and tennis shoes. 
15. Everyone woman wears leggings. No matter what size you are! 
16. No one believes in AC or Heat. 
17. Houses are covered in tile. They don´t believe in carpet or anything else! TILE SOLMENTE! 

I´ll try to think of more next time. 

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