Monday, November 18, 2013

Sister Cropper - November 18

Yes, this week was hard and I am struggling just a little. Thursday we had our conference of the mission and it was good but just left me feeling sad and that I wasn´t doing enough. I mean it was really good. It was about vision and what our vision was for our mission. But since I have come here especially in this area, I have not been feeling complete when I end the days. I have been feeling like we can do so much more. I have been praying a lot and searching the scriptures like a mad man and I feel that I haven´t gotten a definite answer what I should do. But on Saturday, I just told Heavenly Father that I wanted to be happy and that this was my plan, to be happy and do my best. 

Plus it was hard because this week Rosicler had her interview but we only could teach her on tuesday or something and so we didn´t get a chance to prepare her. Also when we invited her to be baptized she said she wanted to but wanted to wait longer. She didn´t want to be baptized that next sunday. Knowing this, we still planned for her to be baptized and have her interview on Saturday. (If it was me, I wouldn´t have had the interview or plan for her to be baptized). I told my companion this but I also said, you are the senior companion, you make the decision of what we need to do and I will follow whole-heartedly and have faith that she will be baptized. She said, we are going to have the interview but if she says no, she won´t be baptized. So we take our District leader with us to her house. We start talking with her about baptism, she still wants to wait longer and then our disctrict leader said to Rosicler, can we go talk. So they go and leave and talk for like an hour and he interviewed her and she passed! She even said she wanted to be baptized. But she wasn´t super excited but she said she wanted to be baptized. So she had said earlier that she wanted our bishop to baptize her but our bishop was traveling so he wasn´t able to. So saturday, we went back to to tell her to choose someone else and while we were there she said actually I don´t want to be baptized. So we talked to her for like and hour about why and her fear. I told her that it wasn´t our will if she was baptized but that it is the will of God. I told her that she needed to pray to know if it really was the will of God that she was to be baptized. She said she would pray that night. 

So come the morning, we go and pick her up and our other investigators. We didn´t really talk with her much about baptism but she seemed happy. While we were walking to the chapel, Sis C asked about baptism BUT she didn´t follow up if she had prayed or anything. So we got to church and showed our investigators their classes (we had to leave to call more people about why they weren´t at church). We went back to the class and all the members were coming up to us and saying SHE DOESN´T WANT TO BE BAPTIZED, WHY ARE YOU BAPTIZING HER??? So we went and talked with Rosicler about what happened and she was crying and saying she didn´t want to be baptized. So she wasn´t baptized. 

I mean this is not the way to do it. But my companion keeps doing this we need to be more organized! God doesn´t want us to push people to baptism. I talked with my companion after the church and I told I don´t like the way President Monteiro wants us to do this, I don´t agree. She asked me what part I would change, I said the INTERVIEW! If a person doesn´t want to be baptized that next sunday and after we have already talked with them about why and tried to help them overcome their fear, then we shouldn´t baptize or push an interview or whatever. I think this happened this way because of my companion. She isn´t very organized. I don´t think it is how presidente monteiro wants us to do things. There are people out there that are ready for baptism in two weeks and that want it as well. 

This, I think, is what is upsetting me. I think. I don´t know. I am just a little bit confused and I never feel good when we do this kind of thing behind our investigators´ backs! 

Anyways, I am good but haven´t been sleeping the best. I had a fever last night but I don´t now. I just am tired and a little stressed. But it is all good. We will push on. 

I like Elder Cropper´s idea of putting a funny quote in the subject box. This was from two weeks ago when we were making calls during the day next to a bar. This drunk man recognized us as missionaries and actually was talking to me in english. He said that quote and some other things about how our religion is really beautiful. Actually it was a little bit sad to see him drunk. He works for the UN and lived in Salt Lake and now lives in Switzerland. 

Anyways, this week was fine. Not the best week. We found a lot of new people this week but still I don´t think they are extremely interested. My companion wants to go back but if it was me, I wouldn´t waste our time with people that aren´t extremely interested. But she is the senior companion and she makes the decisions so I will follow!!!!!! 

We taught this family last monday that has 12 children but they don´t all live there now because some are older. Most are adopted. They are a cool family. Very hip. People here remind me a lot of the US because people are really hip and have all the new gadgets. 

We had a mission conference and it was really good. My mission president talked about vision and also that a mission is the best school that we will ever recieve. It made me think a lot about my vision for my mission and for my area. I think I can definitely sacrifice more for my area and sacrifice myself. 

So for Christmas. I want the ingredients for puppy chow!!!  And post it notes. They are really expensive here. And m and ms. They are also expensive. I like sam´s idea of giving a bom away but instead, invite someone to church for the christmas program!!! That is what I want. So for the puppy chow, the ingredients so I can make it! 

So thank you for the letters!! I also got a letter from Grandma. Thank you!! Don´t worry about me. I will be fine. I love you all and miss you. Sorry my letter is really boring this week, it will be better next week. 

Elder Cropper - November 18

So this weeks quote comes from Elder R (not sure how to spell his name) He’s from Argentina and is a ZL in La Serena Norte. We work in the same stake so we talk quite often to coordinate things. Well every time I call him he always answers with ‘Whad up shorteee.” I always think its funny because well...he latin but he loves speaking english idk i just like it. So now whenever we see each other we always yell “shorteee.” 

so I had a good week. Things are going well with Elder H. Hes a really good missionary and its nice to be his companion. The spanish thing really isint that hard before i hated speaking spanish but now I kinda like it. Its just the language i speak naturally now. When I dream, when i think out loud, its nice. Something interesting I’ve noticed with Elder H. is that he talks a lot in lessons. I guess having to learn a language trained me to give short answers to people about gospel topics and to not explain to much. I’m glad I’m that way now because I used to talk forever when id explain things. 

Something that’s helping me in my companionship is just talking in spanish more often. Because i talk in spanish I speak better and understand better. Because of this its easier for me to be friends with the members. Im a lot more quite in the mission i don’t really talk very much. Something which I never really felt happened in my life before. Obviously this doesn’t mesh well with making friends with the members so im having to retrain my spanish brain to be nice to people and ask the questions.

We had an experience yesterday that bugged me. We were at a members house of some members who used to live in a place where Elder H served. They were talking it up and it was very fun to listen to. Elder H only has 3 months left in the mission so he’s out the door. They asked him how much time he had and he said 21 months which caused them to all freak out "oh my your almost done and yeah" but then when they asked me and I said I have 9 months in the mission they all said things like “ohh he’s new he’s just beginning.” They asked Elder H if he was training me as a new missionary which just caused us to laugh. Anyways we said no. Long story short I hate it when people call me young in the mission so from now on im telling people I have a year in the mission. I think that’s what I’ll probably do until the end of my mission and I leave, tell people i have a year.

This last week we did the zone meeting with all of the missionaries. Elder H and I did really well, I felt bad for Elder H he was really nervous. He said he hasn’t really spoken much in front of large groups. I loved the meeting and I really loved being up there in front in charge of the presentation. It was really fun.

Things are getting hotter here in La Serena. Somedays its super hot and others its pretty dang cold. Chile is weird. Did i mention that it never rains in chile....i hate that.

We had elections here in chile yesterday. There was no one in the street, and we only had church for 1 hour. There were lots of military people everywhere guarding buildings and helicopters flying overhead and such because the elections are controlled by the state so the military comes out to guard everything. 

Mom: I dont know what I want. i really like snickers and they are pretty expensive here in Chile so maybe  bag of those funsize ones. Besides that i have no idea. I’m trying to think of things i cant buy in Chile that i want. Oh fiber gummies cant buy those here. I don’t know if you could but I’d love my old ipod nano with the screen. it would be more easy to select songs idk. thats really it. Everything else I can find here. Oh don’t forget that everyone needs to give out a Book of mormon and then write me the experience. Oh and give the address of the person to the missionaries (most important part) 

So dad i really like that chapter. I taught it once in a District meeting. The Zoramites are crazy and so Alma says a prayer that he and the others that are with him can, ya know, be safe or what not. I love the part in verse 38 the last line. In spanish it says 

Y esto aconteció según la oración de alma; y esto porque oró con fe.

Basically in english that says that all of those things came to pass because of almas prayer; and all because he prayed with faith. 

The prayer of faith is something super important in missionary work which is why i like this chapter because it shows it so well. 

Mom to answer your question the mission is nothing like i thought it would be. I thought of the mission being this dream world where idk nothing bad happened, there was no temptation, and all you did was tract or teach people and you were always happy. The mission is a constant up and down of emotions which is probably the most difficult thing. Elder H said something to me which I agree with. He said have you ever wondered why for some reason missionaries don’t feel the spirit as strong as when they came into the mission. he said its because we get used to having the spirit with us all the time that its like we don’t even notice it. i think that could be true.

anyways goals for this week are...well i only have one.

-Work harder because I’m being a lazy bum.

how can i work harder
Answer: managing time better

Anyways love ya guys!

Elder Cropper 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sister Cropper - November 11

Hello minha familia! 

Hope all is well. It sounds like you guys had a good week this last week. Thanks for the emails, it was fun to read. 

This week was good but hard. A lot of our investigators dropped us which stunk! Plus our baptism that we were going to have dropped as well. We went and visited Elisser last Monday and found out from his cousin that he went to another state for work. But I continued on with my prayers that we would have a baptism. Well this one investigator that we had (her name is Rosiclarie) is solid but like everyone has some problems. She really loves the church and has a desire to change her life around be she´s got fear. She says she knows this church is true and really likes the people but she has got fear! Her ex-husband (guy she had kids with) told her last week that if she says yes he will return. Or she has this others guys that are potentials também. It is hilarious because she is like 45 or something. Such problems! Anyways so she wants to wait to be baptized till after she makes a decision about these things. MY goodness. But we invited her to be baptized this next Sunday. She has fear but we are helping her this week understand and prepare for baptism. 

We really only taught her this week. We found some more people this. Not as many as last week. This past week, I feel, we just didn´t get as much done as I would have hoped. Sometimes Brasil reminds me of America because when we tract, people just don´t care! 

Or we get people who really really waste our time. They want to hear a message from God but they really don´t want to hear our message. So we start our teaching (after asking questions and getting an understanding of their religious background (and try to see if they are really interested) and their life) and in the middle of our teaching or at the end, they go off on this rampent or just don´t have an interest! WHY DID YOU LET US IN TO YOUR HOME IF YOUR AREN´T INTERESTED!! I think that probably happened about 10 times this past week. Or like yesterday, we passed by a house that said we could return. I tried to decipher if this woman really was interested. I felt that we should teach the first lesson and then in the middle she said she only wanted to hear stuff from the bible and was set in her ways and didn´t want to hear our message! Or this other guy was interested but then was completely crazy and went off on this tangent about wearing a veil on your head and baptism! I hate when people waste our time! IT IS SO PRECIOUS!! I am sick of wasting time. I hate it SO MUCH!!!!! That is another goal I have for this week, not wasting time. Calling on the Spirit for help on this one for sure! 

So yeah it was good but it could´ve been better. 

Mother, you asked about the weather. Curitiba likes to be bi-polar and change weather everyday. So this last week for 3 days was pretty cold. I wore tights and my winter clothes. But these last two days have been HOT!!! Like awful hot. I need some t-shirts because I had to throw away some shirts in Ohio because they had holes and I think my summer clothes are going to be too hot. I am going to try and find some shirts (hopefully) but it may be too expensive. Anyways and this morning was absolutely beautiful but by mid-day it rained like crazy!!! I am glad you like your new iPad. Chique Chique! (Fancy in portuguese) Thanks for the email and the love! I needed it! Hopefully I will get your letters this week! Hopefully! 

Father, thank you for the advice! I needed to read that! I have been thinking the same thing but I like what your manual said. I miss you guys so much but I am really happy to be here! Sometimes it is hard and I am not happy but then I remember why I love this Gospel and why it makes me happy and then I remember that I came on this mission to help others have these same blessings. I just wish people would accept it more easily than they do! 

Anyways, love you all! Have a great week. 

Elder Cropper - November 11

Dear Family:
So this weeks quote comes from the wonderful police of Chile. The carabineros as they are named here. One day Elder L and I were walking close to a protest and there were police everywhere. The police here in Chile have 3 types of cars. the normal police car, a truck, and a van. oh and two types of motorcycles: a dirt bike and a BMW. They almost never have cars. Sometimes we see trucks but mostly we see the vans. I’m talking about minivans people that’s what the big bad Chilean police use to get those bad guys. Anyways, so about this protest, there were just police everywhere which means they were a ton of minivans. The protest was a little violent if I remember so Elder Land I were joking about how they were probably calling for more backup in the form of SEND MORE MINIVANS!


So we had changes! sadly my dear friend Elder L from the great state of Florida was moved. Seriously I loved that Elder, helped me grow a lot and figure things out. He is now in the Zone Villa Alemana Oeste as a ZL. I started in that zone so its pretty pool. My new companion is named Elder H. He is 23 years old and is from Bolivia, Cochabamba thats where the temple is in Bolivia. He is a convert of 3 years. He was introduced to the church in Argentina. He was there with his parents working and his girl friend a member introduced him. His parents were baptized a year and a half later. He has two older sisters i believe but they didn’t live at home so are not baptised. Elder H has one year and 8 months in the mission. So a year more than me. He ends in only 4 months basically, but this his his first transfer as a ZL so i am training him as a ZL. BOOM got what i wanted. Its hard sometimes with the Language but ya just need to be patient. I might start writing weird in my emails because Im speaking spanish so much but whatever. 

So i received that package! the shoes are awesome! just in time because now one of my pairs is really breaking. I didn’t realize you were going to send two pairs either which is awesome. Plus the candy was great! I received a letter from Kara Maxwell and Grandma. Every time grandma writes me she apologizes for the lack of letters but i think its fine of course. She needs to understand that I get letters once a month. For example the letters i just got from grandma i think arrived in Chile in the end of September. Which means they were written at least 2 weeks before that. I get mail 2 months after you guys write it. 

Consejo was pretty cool. President introduced a new thing we are going to use. Kiosks. Every zone will have 3 types of kiosks that the church will fund. They are “I’m a Mormon” kiosks. One type is permanent, the other is small movable, and the other sort of movable. Pretty cool. Because of the type of city La Serena is we are going to get a permanent one. The missionaries will be the one to work the kiosks. I’m excited. Hopefully I’ll still be here in the mission when they are fully integrated. 

So funny thing happened today , we learned that president checks our Facebooks. One of the sisters in our zone had a friend from back home get on her facebook and change things. In her interview later that next week with him he asked her about it. It makes sense i mean I know pres has a facebook and they have our full names so it makes sense they would check them. 

It was hard after consejo (the big meeting) because we got back to La serena at 4:30 in the morning. We were super tired when we got up at 7. I mean we were on a bus all night we didn’t sleep very well, and then we didn’t get very much sleep at home. We called the assistants to ask if we could sleep longer and the said no that they would have to call president. we asked them to call him, but they didn’t want to because HE was sleeping in and they didn’t want to wake him up. Oh another thing that happened this week in this big meeting was president told us that Elder Holland was going to santiago this next week to visit those missions. We asked him if he was going to pass by our mission and president said no. We were all bummed kinda but then president said to us for some reason that he would be going to the conference. i don’t know, kinda didn’t like that comment. felt like a rubbing it in comment. I don’t know probably just being too harsh. 

I’m surprised you guys didn’t say anything about the earthquake that happened here in La Serena like 2 weeks ago. It was a 6.5 and lasted for like  good 15 seconds. I was walking in the street at the time (really hard to recognize earthquakes outside) and i really felt it. it was cool to actually see all the buildings moving, and see like waves in the street. It was like right on the threshold of being worse. Any stronger and i think people would have started falling over.

so yeah thats what happened this week. The zone is doing well. areas that haven’t baptised in awhile are now baptising. we have 2 baptised for this month and 5 dates, like super strong dates. thats 7 baptisms which is better then the 5 we had last month. President just wants progress he told. Hopefully we can accomplish it. Plus in December we’re all set up because we have 5 sundays that month. To get baptised someone in our mission needs to pass a baptismal interview that the ZLs or the Dls do. and they have to go to church 3 times. so church attendance is always important. I hate baptisms--seriously people--its the only thing i ever worry about on the mission. How are we as a zone going to get baptisms so president doesn’t think we’re lazy, hard stuff. if i didn’t have to worry about baptisms my life would be more happy.

The weather here is kinda different all the time. Somedays cold and somedays hot. hot is really really hot, cold isn't that bad but really cold to the Chilenos. I hate hot........i think i will live in seattle for the rest of my life. Thats crazy about the typhoon, I read the articles on the church news website. Chile has their elections this Sunday. Its between Evelyn the republican (basically) and Michelle Bachelet the former president of Chile, she was president during the earthquake. Michelle will totally win, she’s like Obama. 

Anyways thats all for this week. Im doing good, just a little stressed, I just need to joke around with someone. Hard to joke around with latinos sometimes. Actually not true. my companion just has a more. serious kind of uncomfortable attitude. I observed him with other latinos and he doesn’t even joke around with them very much. Looks like i’m going to have to be the driving force in the pep squad this change.....ughhhhhh.....

Church is true, rock it up peeps cyz in like 15 months or something like that.

love the Elder Cropper

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sister Cropper - November 4th


So this past week was really good! Guess what?! We had 5 investigators at church so that means we can baptize them all next week!!!!! So anyways, this past week was really good. Sorry I am writing my email really late. We wanted to go to Jardim Botânico but it was raining today so we are going next week. Also we had to teach a lesson to some investigators during the day so it was easier to do email later.

It was a little bit of a slower week. We didn´t find as many people as last time which was sad but we still found 9 new investigators so I really don´t have room to complain. But our lessons have been getting better. We have been inviting people to be baptized and so that is good. One of our investigators is really silly, her name is Rosani. She needs to be married but she is really funny and cool. We were knocking on doors and this mom said her daughter would probably be interested. So we returned later and talked with the daughter, whose name is Roslie. But Rosalie (to me) didn´t seem that interested. When we had our return appt. with her, the sister of Rosalie was there and seemed really interested. So we made a return appt with her and it was great! She was really interested and we invited her to be baptized. This last saturday we returned and she said she received an answer that this church was true! Yay!! But she needs to be married so booo! Anyways, so on Sunday she was at church with her two daughters and she is so funny, when the bishop was giving her a ride home, we were in the chapel, and she popped her head in and said good-bye to us. Sorry that doesn´t sound really funny but it was then.

Another funny investigator that we have is Rosiclaire, she is really funny as well. We found her this past week looking for one of our other investigators who moved. We asked if we could share a message and she said yes so we shared the first lesson. She told us that she had quit smoking one month ago and she was really happy about it. She liked church a lot and said that she would come back. Little does she know that we want to baptize her this next week! 

We did a lot of tracting this past week in a different area. The other areas we have remind me a lot of tracting in the United States. We bater and bater but either people have a religion (Catolico), are busy, or don´t want to hear our message! So we like our other area better (Villa Torres) but sometimes we can´t be there because it is a little dangerous. 

So funny thing, this last week we taught this lesson to some investigators that are really invested in their church. When we had taught the first lesson to them, the mother cried during the first vision. But they can´t go to church because the husband has to work at BIG. Big is like Walmart (actually it is owned by Walmart). Brazilians are funny because they call it Biggie. Anyways, so the lesson was really good but we asked the husband (Marcelo) to give the closing prayer. It was the strangest prayer I have ever heard. It started off slow and quiet and then gradually got louder and louder and louder. He began and just praising God and was crying and the other family members were crying! Then he started speaking gibberish and all this other stuff. Oh minha nossa! Hilarious. We had the lesson with them today and I made sure I prayed first. Then during the lesson when we were talking about Jesus, he went into his prayer thing! He began with a comment and then he closed his eyes and began his prayer! Haha it was so crazy. He prayed that we would be able to preach the word and all this other stuff. Minha nossa it was so funny. At the end of our lesson, Sister C asked if she could make a comment, he said yes, and she went on to explain that he wasn´t praying in the right way and asked him to pray with more reverence. His wife cracked up laughing. It was funny. He was really stupid about it though and said that he doesn´t yell when he prays! Yeah right! 

So the ward was a lot better this week. We had a really good sacrament meeting. Several members got up and turned to our investigators and welcomed them and gave very wonderful testimonies. It was a lot better. The ward is really strong but the leadership just isn´t the best. But it is just this ward, because the other ward that meets in our building has great leadership. We actually had lunch with them yesterday and they are great. I think it is really good that this ward has missionaries now because they need to wake up a little bit. 

Anyways, thank you for the letters! 
Dad- The language gets better every day. I can understand people mostly. It is really good and it is amazing to see the gift of tongues working every day. I am definitely not fluent but I do feel comfortable. Sounds like your week was good. 

Mom- Thank you for the long letter! I am not sad like Sam is. I hear from my friends and stuff but I really care about hearing more from you guys. I write my friends and stuff. But thank you for sending all of the letters. I haven´t gotten any of them but hopefully soon. They are probably at the mission office and my zone leaders are being lazy and not giving them to us. Also what is going on with the shoes? Are you ordering the 7´s? I may have English classes. Several people in the ward want to learn english. 

Anne- THANK YOU FOR WRITING ME!!!!! Wow you´ve been busy but hey awesome! Way to go. I hope you are able to visit Brazil when I am done with my mission because their desserts here are so so so good. You will love it. 

Michael- Thank you for your long letter. You are right, I do need to change my mindset. I really do love the ward. I just like organization but no one is perfect. And thank you for the ideas! I will ponder! 

Samuel- Hope all is well! Just be happy, don´t worry too much. You are serving the Lord and that is all that matters. 

Anyways, family, I am good. I wasn´t extremely happy these last couple of weeks but this last week and today I feel a lot happier. I don´t know why I wasn´t happy. I think one thing is that we have a lot of pressure to baptize. Presidente Monterio told us that if we teach correctly we will baptize. So just lots of pressure but it is fine! I am good. 

A cool scripture I found this past week was in Alma 7:23-24. If we strive to have all of those qualities, we will do good things and we will have good works in abundance. I really liked this scripture so read it! 

Also, we are having a baptism this next Sunday! It is Elissier. He is from Haiti and is really cool. We found him on the street! So yeah things are good in the Jardim Botânico! 

Love you all and hope you enjoy this long email. 

Sister Cropper 

Elder Cropper - November 4th

Whats crackin peeps?

I’ve decided every week I’m going to put a funny quote of something someone said to me. This came from a drunk man who contacted us in the street. A dog came up to us and I was shooing it away. The guy told me not to worry because he had some power over dogs. He then reached out his hand and said “Jesus Christ...Help me!” and the dog walked away--hahaha Elder L and I just started laughing. ugh the story sounds so much better in Spanish. “Jesucristo Ayudeme!” 

Anyways, stuffs going well. So about the letters thing I talked with Elder L afterwords and he said he doesn’t always get letters from his family. And when he does they aren’t always long. So I decided I’d rather have nice good letters from you guys. you rock!

So Elder C the crappiest missionary ever left finally. Que le vaya bien! 

We are on interchanges with his companion right now Elder M. He’s from Chile in the south, he’s a great missionary. We accomplished 5 baptisms as a zone this last month which was good but I’m nervous we’re going to not pull out very high numbers this month. We have 2 right now but few dates for baptisms.

Elder W was called as assistant yesterday. He’s great missionary. I sat next to him on a bus for 6 hours. We have the same birthday which is cool. He’ll do a good job. He’s pretty humble too. He’s filthy rich, by the way. Like every single white kid in my mission is just rich. I’m talking dad’s who are doctors, CEOS, professors, or just flat out accomplished in the jobs. Kinda interesting because all the Latinos have issues managing their money in the mission but the American elders--no. 

Elder L is out of here which I’m bummed about. President wrote him in his weekly letter and told him. I loved Elder L -- he was my favorite companion and the companion I spent the most time with. We became very good friends and have many inside jokes. But regardless, he will go and I will most likely stay here in La Serena which means I will be ZL1 which is cool. Literally just means I have more time here though but I think I will see lots of growth. I like growth. 

Easiest change: Elder L stays here with me.

Hardiest change: Elder Larsen goes. I receive and new ZL to train and he’s a native.

Most hated change (to me): Getting called to be the registrador in the mission office....horrible...

Most wanted change (to me): the hardest one, so training ZL and he’s Latin. 

I guess we will see. crazy to get a Latino companion because I’ve never had one.

So busy week this week.

P day today.

Tomorrow we get calls from the assistants about changes. 

Wednesday is change meeting

Thursday weekly planning with my new companion.

and friday we go down to Viña for mission leader council.

So I’ve recently found out something. I was feeling a little frustrated a couple weeks earlier because I was asking myself what had happened with my obedience. I was feeling I had been more obedient during my training than I was now. I realized that I was obedient in my training because I didn't know what was going on and I was new. But I still had an obedience problem (just laziness) and needed to overcome it and Elder L helped recognize that and begin to scrape out the wound as mom says and let it heal all over again. 

Ahh yeah, other thing that was interesting this week. I’ve been feeling super unfocused, so after a lot of prayers and a fast, let me tell you what the answer I received was. I asked in my prayers and during my fast that Heavenly Father would help me focus. Just like how Nephi, when tied up by his brothers in--hmmm--I think 1st Nephi chapter 5 asked that the lord give him strength to the break the bands. What happened? After his prayer he found the bands loosened. Did the lord answer his prayer? No because Nephi asked for strength to break them himself. But the same outcome happened. What happened with me was not a night and day difference of being unfocused and day dreaming a lot and the suddenly having that not happen, but a soft reminder in my head every time I started to zone out or not pay attention that I needed to pay attention. cool stuff--God works in misterious ways. ugh I need to learn how to spell.

Dad: Thanks for advice ill apply it. love ya man

Mom: Elder L thinks its cool that Mitt Romney his building his house there, says I’m basically royalty. Elder L liked the news about Obamacare and so did I. send me those Jane pictures. lova ya momio

Anne: Wow your life is busy. send me those Jane pictures. rock it up

Michael: Thanks for the mission advice. I just need to have more patience.

Love ya all!!!!!!

Elder Cropper