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Elder Cropper - November 11

Dear Family:
So this weeks quote comes from the wonderful police of Chile. The carabineros as they are named here. One day Elder L and I were walking close to a protest and there were police everywhere. The police here in Chile have 3 types of cars. the normal police car, a truck, and a van. oh and two types of motorcycles: a dirt bike and a BMW. They almost never have cars. Sometimes we see trucks but mostly we see the vans. I’m talking about minivans people that’s what the big bad Chilean police use to get those bad guys. Anyways, so about this protest, there were just police everywhere which means they were a ton of minivans. The protest was a little violent if I remember so Elder Land I were joking about how they were probably calling for more backup in the form of SEND MORE MINIVANS!


So we had changes! sadly my dear friend Elder L from the great state of Florida was moved. Seriously I loved that Elder, helped me grow a lot and figure things out. He is now in the Zone Villa Alemana Oeste as a ZL. I started in that zone so its pretty pool. My new companion is named Elder H. He is 23 years old and is from Bolivia, Cochabamba thats where the temple is in Bolivia. He is a convert of 3 years. He was introduced to the church in Argentina. He was there with his parents working and his girl friend a member introduced him. His parents were baptized a year and a half later. He has two older sisters i believe but they didn’t live at home so are not baptised. Elder H has one year and 8 months in the mission. So a year more than me. He ends in only 4 months basically, but this his his first transfer as a ZL so i am training him as a ZL. BOOM got what i wanted. Its hard sometimes with the Language but ya just need to be patient. I might start writing weird in my emails because Im speaking spanish so much but whatever. 

So i received that package! the shoes are awesome! just in time because now one of my pairs is really breaking. I didn’t realize you were going to send two pairs either which is awesome. Plus the candy was great! I received a letter from Kara Maxwell and Grandma. Every time grandma writes me she apologizes for the lack of letters but i think its fine of course. She needs to understand that I get letters once a month. For example the letters i just got from grandma i think arrived in Chile in the end of September. Which means they were written at least 2 weeks before that. I get mail 2 months after you guys write it. 

Consejo was pretty cool. President introduced a new thing we are going to use. Kiosks. Every zone will have 3 types of kiosks that the church will fund. They are “I’m a Mormon” kiosks. One type is permanent, the other is small movable, and the other sort of movable. Pretty cool. Because of the type of city La Serena is we are going to get a permanent one. The missionaries will be the one to work the kiosks. I’m excited. Hopefully I’ll still be here in the mission when they are fully integrated. 

So funny thing happened today , we learned that president checks our Facebooks. One of the sisters in our zone had a friend from back home get on her facebook and change things. In her interview later that next week with him he asked her about it. It makes sense i mean I know pres has a facebook and they have our full names so it makes sense they would check them. 

It was hard after consejo (the big meeting) because we got back to La serena at 4:30 in the morning. We were super tired when we got up at 7. I mean we were on a bus all night we didn’t sleep very well, and then we didn’t get very much sleep at home. We called the assistants to ask if we could sleep longer and the said no that they would have to call president. we asked them to call him, but they didn’t want to because HE was sleeping in and they didn’t want to wake him up. Oh another thing that happened this week in this big meeting was president told us that Elder Holland was going to santiago this next week to visit those missions. We asked him if he was going to pass by our mission and president said no. We were all bummed kinda but then president said to us for some reason that he would be going to the conference. i don’t know, kinda didn’t like that comment. felt like a rubbing it in comment. I don’t know probably just being too harsh. 

I’m surprised you guys didn’t say anything about the earthquake that happened here in La Serena like 2 weeks ago. It was a 6.5 and lasted for like  good 15 seconds. I was walking in the street at the time (really hard to recognize earthquakes outside) and i really felt it. it was cool to actually see all the buildings moving, and see like waves in the street. It was like right on the threshold of being worse. Any stronger and i think people would have started falling over.

so yeah thats what happened this week. The zone is doing well. areas that haven’t baptised in awhile are now baptising. we have 2 baptised for this month and 5 dates, like super strong dates. thats 7 baptisms which is better then the 5 we had last month. President just wants progress he told. Hopefully we can accomplish it. Plus in December we’re all set up because we have 5 sundays that month. To get baptised someone in our mission needs to pass a baptismal interview that the ZLs or the Dls do. and they have to go to church 3 times. so church attendance is always important. I hate baptisms--seriously people--its the only thing i ever worry about on the mission. How are we as a zone going to get baptisms so president doesn’t think we’re lazy, hard stuff. if i didn’t have to worry about baptisms my life would be more happy.

The weather here is kinda different all the time. Somedays cold and somedays hot. hot is really really hot, cold isn't that bad but really cold to the Chilenos. I hate hot........i think i will live in seattle for the rest of my life. Thats crazy about the typhoon, I read the articles on the church news website. Chile has their elections this Sunday. Its between Evelyn the republican (basically) and Michelle Bachelet the former president of Chile, she was president during the earthquake. Michelle will totally win, she’s like Obama. 

Anyways thats all for this week. Im doing good, just a little stressed, I just need to joke around with someone. Hard to joke around with latinos sometimes. Actually not true. my companion just has a more. serious kind of uncomfortable attitude. I observed him with other latinos and he doesn’t even joke around with them very much. Looks like i’m going to have to be the driving force in the pep squad this change.....ughhhhhh.....

Church is true, rock it up peeps cyz in like 15 months or something like that.

love the Elder Cropper

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