Monday, November 18, 2013

Elder Cropper - November 18

So this weeks quote comes from Elder R (not sure how to spell his name) He’s from Argentina and is a ZL in La Serena Norte. We work in the same stake so we talk quite often to coordinate things. Well every time I call him he always answers with ‘Whad up shorteee.” I always think its funny because well...he latin but he loves speaking english idk i just like it. So now whenever we see each other we always yell “shorteee.” 

so I had a good week. Things are going well with Elder H. Hes a really good missionary and its nice to be his companion. The spanish thing really isint that hard before i hated speaking spanish but now I kinda like it. Its just the language i speak naturally now. When I dream, when i think out loud, its nice. Something interesting I’ve noticed with Elder H. is that he talks a lot in lessons. I guess having to learn a language trained me to give short answers to people about gospel topics and to not explain to much. I’m glad I’m that way now because I used to talk forever when id explain things. 

Something that’s helping me in my companionship is just talking in spanish more often. Because i talk in spanish I speak better and understand better. Because of this its easier for me to be friends with the members. Im a lot more quite in the mission i don’t really talk very much. Something which I never really felt happened in my life before. Obviously this doesn’t mesh well with making friends with the members so im having to retrain my spanish brain to be nice to people and ask the questions.

We had an experience yesterday that bugged me. We were at a members house of some members who used to live in a place where Elder H served. They were talking it up and it was very fun to listen to. Elder H only has 3 months left in the mission so he’s out the door. They asked him how much time he had and he said 21 months which caused them to all freak out "oh my your almost done and yeah" but then when they asked me and I said I have 9 months in the mission they all said things like “ohh he’s new he’s just beginning.” They asked Elder H if he was training me as a new missionary which just caused us to laugh. Anyways we said no. Long story short I hate it when people call me young in the mission so from now on im telling people I have a year in the mission. I think that’s what I’ll probably do until the end of my mission and I leave, tell people i have a year.

This last week we did the zone meeting with all of the missionaries. Elder H and I did really well, I felt bad for Elder H he was really nervous. He said he hasn’t really spoken much in front of large groups. I loved the meeting and I really loved being up there in front in charge of the presentation. It was really fun.

Things are getting hotter here in La Serena. Somedays its super hot and others its pretty dang cold. Chile is weird. Did i mention that it never rains in chile....i hate that.

We had elections here in chile yesterday. There was no one in the street, and we only had church for 1 hour. There were lots of military people everywhere guarding buildings and helicopters flying overhead and such because the elections are controlled by the state so the military comes out to guard everything. 

Mom: I dont know what I want. i really like snickers and they are pretty expensive here in Chile so maybe  bag of those funsize ones. Besides that i have no idea. I’m trying to think of things i cant buy in Chile that i want. Oh fiber gummies cant buy those here. I don’t know if you could but I’d love my old ipod nano with the screen. it would be more easy to select songs idk. thats really it. Everything else I can find here. Oh don’t forget that everyone needs to give out a Book of mormon and then write me the experience. Oh and give the address of the person to the missionaries (most important part) 

So dad i really like that chapter. I taught it once in a District meeting. The Zoramites are crazy and so Alma says a prayer that he and the others that are with him can, ya know, be safe or what not. I love the part in verse 38 the last line. In spanish it says 

Y esto aconteció según la oración de alma; y esto porque oró con fe.

Basically in english that says that all of those things came to pass because of almas prayer; and all because he prayed with faith. 

The prayer of faith is something super important in missionary work which is why i like this chapter because it shows it so well. 

Mom to answer your question the mission is nothing like i thought it would be. I thought of the mission being this dream world where idk nothing bad happened, there was no temptation, and all you did was tract or teach people and you were always happy. The mission is a constant up and down of emotions which is probably the most difficult thing. Elder H said something to me which I agree with. He said have you ever wondered why for some reason missionaries don’t feel the spirit as strong as when they came into the mission. he said its because we get used to having the spirit with us all the time that its like we don’t even notice it. i think that could be true.

anyways goals for this week are...well i only have one.

-Work harder because I’m being a lazy bum.

how can i work harder
Answer: managing time better

Anyways love ya guys!

Elder Cropper 

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