Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Elder Cropper - November 4th

Whats crackin peeps?

I’ve decided every week I’m going to put a funny quote of something someone said to me. This came from a drunk man who contacted us in the street. A dog came up to us and I was shooing it away. The guy told me not to worry because he had some power over dogs. He then reached out his hand and said “Jesus Christ...Help me!” and the dog walked away--hahaha Elder L and I just started laughing. ugh the story sounds so much better in Spanish. “Jesucristo Ayudeme!” 

Anyways, stuffs going well. So about the letters thing I talked with Elder L afterwords and he said he doesn’t always get letters from his family. And when he does they aren’t always long. So I decided I’d rather have nice good letters from you guys. you rock!

So Elder C the crappiest missionary ever left finally. Que le vaya bien! 

We are on interchanges with his companion right now Elder M. He’s from Chile in the south, he’s a great missionary. We accomplished 5 baptisms as a zone this last month which was good but I’m nervous we’re going to not pull out very high numbers this month. We have 2 right now but few dates for baptisms.

Elder W was called as assistant yesterday. He’s great missionary. I sat next to him on a bus for 6 hours. We have the same birthday which is cool. He’ll do a good job. He’s pretty humble too. He’s filthy rich, by the way. Like every single white kid in my mission is just rich. I’m talking dad’s who are doctors, CEOS, professors, or just flat out accomplished in the jobs. Kinda interesting because all the Latinos have issues managing their money in the mission but the American elders--no. 

Elder L is out of here which I’m bummed about. President wrote him in his weekly letter and told him. I loved Elder L -- he was my favorite companion and the companion I spent the most time with. We became very good friends and have many inside jokes. But regardless, he will go and I will most likely stay here in La Serena which means I will be ZL1 which is cool. Literally just means I have more time here though but I think I will see lots of growth. I like growth. 

Easiest change: Elder L stays here with me.

Hardiest change: Elder Larsen goes. I receive and new ZL to train and he’s a native.

Most hated change (to me): Getting called to be the registrador in the mission office....horrible...

Most wanted change (to me): the hardest one, so training ZL and he’s Latin. 

I guess we will see. crazy to get a Latino companion because I’ve never had one.

So busy week this week.

P day today.

Tomorrow we get calls from the assistants about changes. 

Wednesday is change meeting

Thursday weekly planning with my new companion.

and friday we go down to Viña for mission leader council.

So I’ve recently found out something. I was feeling a little frustrated a couple weeks earlier because I was asking myself what had happened with my obedience. I was feeling I had been more obedient during my training than I was now. I realized that I was obedient in my training because I didn't know what was going on and I was new. But I still had an obedience problem (just laziness) and needed to overcome it and Elder L helped recognize that and begin to scrape out the wound as mom says and let it heal all over again. 

Ahh yeah, other thing that was interesting this week. I’ve been feeling super unfocused, so after a lot of prayers and a fast, let me tell you what the answer I received was. I asked in my prayers and during my fast that Heavenly Father would help me focus. Just like how Nephi, when tied up by his brothers in--hmmm--I think 1st Nephi chapter 5 asked that the lord give him strength to the break the bands. What happened? After his prayer he found the bands loosened. Did the lord answer his prayer? No because Nephi asked for strength to break them himself. But the same outcome happened. What happened with me was not a night and day difference of being unfocused and day dreaming a lot and the suddenly having that not happen, but a soft reminder in my head every time I started to zone out or not pay attention that I needed to pay attention. cool stuff--God works in misterious ways. ugh I need to learn how to spell.

Dad: Thanks for advice ill apply it. love ya man

Mom: Elder L thinks its cool that Mitt Romney his building his house there, says I’m basically royalty. Elder L liked the news about Obamacare and so did I. send me those Jane pictures. lova ya momio

Anne: Wow your life is busy. send me those Jane pictures. rock it up

Michael: Thanks for the mission advice. I just need to have more patience.

Love ya all!!!!!!

Elder Cropper

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