Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sister Cropper - November 11

Hello minha familia! 

Hope all is well. It sounds like you guys had a good week this last week. Thanks for the emails, it was fun to read. 

This week was good but hard. A lot of our investigators dropped us which stunk! Plus our baptism that we were going to have dropped as well. We went and visited Elisser last Monday and found out from his cousin that he went to another state for work. But I continued on with my prayers that we would have a baptism. Well this one investigator that we had (her name is Rosiclarie) is solid but like everyone has some problems. She really loves the church and has a desire to change her life around be she´s got fear. She says she knows this church is true and really likes the people but she has got fear! Her ex-husband (guy she had kids with) told her last week that if she says yes he will return. Or she has this others guys that are potentials também. It is hilarious because she is like 45 or something. Such problems! Anyways so she wants to wait to be baptized till after she makes a decision about these things. MY goodness. But we invited her to be baptized this next Sunday. She has fear but we are helping her this week understand and prepare for baptism. 

We really only taught her this week. We found some more people this. Not as many as last week. This past week, I feel, we just didn´t get as much done as I would have hoped. Sometimes Brasil reminds me of America because when we tract, people just don´t care! 

Or we get people who really really waste our time. They want to hear a message from God but they really don´t want to hear our message. So we start our teaching (after asking questions and getting an understanding of their religious background (and try to see if they are really interested) and their life) and in the middle of our teaching or at the end, they go off on this rampent or just don´t have an interest! WHY DID YOU LET US IN TO YOUR HOME IF YOUR AREN´T INTERESTED!! I think that probably happened about 10 times this past week. Or like yesterday, we passed by a house that said we could return. I tried to decipher if this woman really was interested. I felt that we should teach the first lesson and then in the middle she said she only wanted to hear stuff from the bible and was set in her ways and didn´t want to hear our message! Or this other guy was interested but then was completely crazy and went off on this tangent about wearing a veil on your head and baptism! I hate when people waste our time! IT IS SO PRECIOUS!! I am sick of wasting time. I hate it SO MUCH!!!!! That is another goal I have for this week, not wasting time. Calling on the Spirit for help on this one for sure! 

So yeah it was good but it could´ve been better. 

Mother, you asked about the weather. Curitiba likes to be bi-polar and change weather everyday. So this last week for 3 days was pretty cold. I wore tights and my winter clothes. But these last two days have been HOT!!! Like awful hot. I need some t-shirts because I had to throw away some shirts in Ohio because they had holes and I think my summer clothes are going to be too hot. I am going to try and find some shirts (hopefully) but it may be too expensive. Anyways and this morning was absolutely beautiful but by mid-day it rained like crazy!!! I am glad you like your new iPad. Chique Chique! (Fancy in portuguese) Thanks for the email and the love! I needed it! Hopefully I will get your letters this week! Hopefully! 

Father, thank you for the advice! I needed to read that! I have been thinking the same thing but I like what your manual said. I miss you guys so much but I am really happy to be here! Sometimes it is hard and I am not happy but then I remember why I love this Gospel and why it makes me happy and then I remember that I came on this mission to help others have these same blessings. I just wish people would accept it more easily than they do! 

Anyways, love you all! Have a great week. 

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