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Sister Cropper - November 4th


So this past week was really good! Guess what?! We had 5 investigators at church so that means we can baptize them all next week!!!!! So anyways, this past week was really good. Sorry I am writing my email really late. We wanted to go to Jardim Botânico but it was raining today so we are going next week. Also we had to teach a lesson to some investigators during the day so it was easier to do email later.

It was a little bit of a slower week. We didn´t find as many people as last time which was sad but we still found 9 new investigators so I really don´t have room to complain. But our lessons have been getting better. We have been inviting people to be baptized and so that is good. One of our investigators is really silly, her name is Rosani. She needs to be married but she is really funny and cool. We were knocking on doors and this mom said her daughter would probably be interested. So we returned later and talked with the daughter, whose name is Roslie. But Rosalie (to me) didn´t seem that interested. When we had our return appt. with her, the sister of Rosalie was there and seemed really interested. So we made a return appt with her and it was great! She was really interested and we invited her to be baptized. This last saturday we returned and she said she received an answer that this church was true! Yay!! But she needs to be married so booo! Anyways, so on Sunday she was at church with her two daughters and she is so funny, when the bishop was giving her a ride home, we were in the chapel, and she popped her head in and said good-bye to us. Sorry that doesn´t sound really funny but it was then.

Another funny investigator that we have is Rosiclaire, she is really funny as well. We found her this past week looking for one of our other investigators who moved. We asked if we could share a message and she said yes so we shared the first lesson. She told us that she had quit smoking one month ago and she was really happy about it. She liked church a lot and said that she would come back. Little does she know that we want to baptize her this next week! 

We did a lot of tracting this past week in a different area. The other areas we have remind me a lot of tracting in the United States. We bater and bater but either people have a religion (Catolico), are busy, or don´t want to hear our message! So we like our other area better (Villa Torres) but sometimes we can´t be there because it is a little dangerous. 

So funny thing, this last week we taught this lesson to some investigators that are really invested in their church. When we had taught the first lesson to them, the mother cried during the first vision. But they can´t go to church because the husband has to work at BIG. Big is like Walmart (actually it is owned by Walmart). Brazilians are funny because they call it Biggie. Anyways, so the lesson was really good but we asked the husband (Marcelo) to give the closing prayer. It was the strangest prayer I have ever heard. It started off slow and quiet and then gradually got louder and louder and louder. He began and just praising God and was crying and the other family members were crying! Then he started speaking gibberish and all this other stuff. Oh minha nossa! Hilarious. We had the lesson with them today and I made sure I prayed first. Then during the lesson when we were talking about Jesus, he went into his prayer thing! He began with a comment and then he closed his eyes and began his prayer! Haha it was so crazy. He prayed that we would be able to preach the word and all this other stuff. Minha nossa it was so funny. At the end of our lesson, Sister C asked if she could make a comment, he said yes, and she went on to explain that he wasn´t praying in the right way and asked him to pray with more reverence. His wife cracked up laughing. It was funny. He was really stupid about it though and said that he doesn´t yell when he prays! Yeah right! 

So the ward was a lot better this week. We had a really good sacrament meeting. Several members got up and turned to our investigators and welcomed them and gave very wonderful testimonies. It was a lot better. The ward is really strong but the leadership just isn´t the best. But it is just this ward, because the other ward that meets in our building has great leadership. We actually had lunch with them yesterday and they are great. I think it is really good that this ward has missionaries now because they need to wake up a little bit. 

Anyways, thank you for the letters! 
Dad- The language gets better every day. I can understand people mostly. It is really good and it is amazing to see the gift of tongues working every day. I am definitely not fluent but I do feel comfortable. Sounds like your week was good. 

Mom- Thank you for the long letter! I am not sad like Sam is. I hear from my friends and stuff but I really care about hearing more from you guys. I write my friends and stuff. But thank you for sending all of the letters. I haven´t gotten any of them but hopefully soon. They are probably at the mission office and my zone leaders are being lazy and not giving them to us. Also what is going on with the shoes? Are you ordering the 7´s? I may have English classes. Several people in the ward want to learn english. 

Anne- THANK YOU FOR WRITING ME!!!!! Wow you´ve been busy but hey awesome! Way to go. I hope you are able to visit Brazil when I am done with my mission because their desserts here are so so so good. You will love it. 

Michael- Thank you for your long letter. You are right, I do need to change my mindset. I really do love the ward. I just like organization but no one is perfect. And thank you for the ideas! I will ponder! 

Samuel- Hope all is well! Just be happy, don´t worry too much. You are serving the Lord and that is all that matters. 

Anyways, family, I am good. I wasn´t extremely happy these last couple of weeks but this last week and today I feel a lot happier. I don´t know why I wasn´t happy. I think one thing is that we have a lot of pressure to baptize. Presidente Monterio told us that if we teach correctly we will baptize. So just lots of pressure but it is fine! I am good. 

A cool scripture I found this past week was in Alma 7:23-24. If we strive to have all of those qualities, we will do good things and we will have good works in abundance. I really liked this scripture so read it! 

Also, we are having a baptism this next Sunday! It is Elissier. He is from Haiti and is really cool. We found him on the street! So yeah things are good in the Jardim Bot├ónico! 

Love you all and hope you enjoy this long email. 

Sister Cropper 

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