Monday, December 2, 2013

dang im trying to think of something funny but i got nothing.....dang it.... Elder Cropper - December 2

Anyways tough week

Just talked to president and he sure let it rip. Well maybe not but i feel like he did.  First he cut me because i supposedly bought completos (hot dogs) with a missionary after 10, don’t know when that happened. anyways I really didn’t know what to say to him, and I told him that. he said if i thought of anything to tell him in my weekly letter. All i wrote about the situation was that I was grateful for what he said and that I would follow it. I decided i have nothing to say, i was being stupid, and i feel bad about things that are happening but they are situations that i caused. anyways, so thats what happened today.  President said at the end of the conversation,  I love you elder cropper. I feel pretty good about that, I just need to stop being dramatic and chill out a little more. 

anyways other then that things are fine i guess. Its hard with Elder H--but we’ve had some good talks, I think things are getting better. He’s just more of a follow missionary which means I need to rise up to the occasion and show the example but yeah. 

This week was a little frustrating because our numbers weren’t very good. But we recommitted to working hard and I think we’re going to see success from here on out. Our numbers were soo bad this week that out DL elder C called the assistants to let them know. Well i didnt approve of that, once again if Elder C has a problem he should come to us first and let us know, if we resist or do something stupid after that then go to the assistants. I worried about it because it was the second time he had called the assistants about us, once with Elder L and I and the other just a few days ago. So we prayed, held back the desire to call him right then and there and get angry, and instead showed love when we called him that night to get his daily update. We told him he was working hard and had our support, we told him we loved him and that we were on the same team. we also told him that if he ever felt like he needed to tell us something in regards to something we need to do better or change that he could. i think it worked out ok. I don’t like it when missionaries talk about other missionaries behind their backs, but I also realized that I do it too so I’ve decided to stop that. If other Elders are talking about another missionary in a poor way I will say nothing. 

Thanks for the advice fam you guys said lots of good things. I don’t want to be a problem for president. I think the things you guys wrote are correct and i need to follow them. 

love ya guys hope ya have a good week

Elder Cropper

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