Monday, December 16, 2013

Elder Cropper - December 16

SO literally the funniest thing happened this week. Elder Fraser from Argentina (literally the coolest missionary ever) He’s new in the mission but he’s so chill. He’s super tall, like insanely tall and looks like an American. Well, we had two baptismal interviews this week so we were waiting in the chapel while they were being interviewed. Elder Fraser was playing around with the piano playing songs and such. Well every piano in Chile is electric and they all have different sounds they can make like organ, guitar,jazz stuff like that. Well we realized that there’s a demo which plays an example song for every single different sound mode. Elder Fraser started messing with them and got to the grand piano one which was the stupid, gaggy, deep song that sounded like it was from a church movie in the 80s (of course i would say something like that I’m a missionary and all we have are church movies from the 80s) anyways he began to do this monologue with this song. Oh my goodness I was crying I was laughing so hard. It went something like this. It’s better in Spanish

“Hi I’m Peter.
One day my friends and I went to this party. We entered the house and I saw that they were playing ping pong, the spirit told me that I shouldn't play but I did it anyways. And now I’m paying for my sins.”

Oh my--it was literally the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. Later he did one about the book of mormon or something and then in the end being in jail. Ugh they were just these totally bogus stories which was why they were so funny.

This week was good we had a baptism yesterday which is always a wonderful thing. I did absolutely nothing with the ordinance which is how i like it. I prefer that the ward does everything. It’s better that way because the missionaries always go but the ward members always stay. 

We have changes this week which I’m a little anxious for. I told the mission nurse about my anxiety issue this last friday she gave me some advice. Last friday we had a really special mission conference with president and a member of the 7th quorum of the seventy elder from Chile. He was really cool and a good teacher. He liked to move up and down the aisles and ask missionaries specific questions. He was reading a lot from the bible old testament so it was a little hard for me to understand. The assistants stayed in our apartment that night.  

We are doing really well in the zone. There has been a lot of growth and I’m really excited about it. Hahaha I talk about growth so much i sound like Dad talking about genesis. September we had 3 baptisms 5 in october 7 in november and we already have 6 for december and we still have 2 weeks left. WE have 5 dates for baptisim in the zone and they are all solid and will get baptised with the exception of maybe one. Im excited to see if we can pass 10 this month. We are currently leading the mission right now so im happy about that. I see a change in the zone there is just a ton more faith and we aree fasting a lot more. one time a week minimum.

So let me tell you guys about La Serena. I live in an apartment like 8 blocks from the ocean. I am 8 blocks from one of the more touristy sites in all of chile its called El Faro or the lighthouse in english. Its just a really cool lighthouse in chile. Were going to start running to it every morning tomorrow. La Serena is a pretty nice city--I’d say there are like 300,00 people that live here. We walk everywhere which is just the way it is in my mission, The only elders who have cars are the office elders and they share it. Sometimes we take what’s called a colectivo. It’s basically a taxi but it has a set route. They do have taxis but they are super expensive. It is super hot here. Well to me it is, but the worst thing is the sun. It just beats down everyday--ughhh I’m not a sun person. What else do you want to know about La Serena. Ohh the sweater thing yeah that’s big in the mission because the rule was just recently changed that we can wear them It’s always cold in the morning in La Serena and always cloudy so in the morning you can wear sweaters but at 2 every single day the clouds are gone and it gets hot. My apartment is very nice. I’m spoiled. It’s probably one of the nicest in the mission. 

I will talk with you guys the 25 i think around 4 your time ( 6 my time i don’t know if that means 4 your time) anyways i will email you one more time before then this next Monday.

Love ya guys!


Elder Cropper

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