Monday, December 16, 2013

"If you're not baptized tomorrow, you will go to Hell!" -- Sister Cropper: December 16

Ok novamente, 

Hello there my family, 

So this past week was great, we worked our little behinds off and had another MILAGRE (MIRACLE)!!!!! 

SO we had a baptism yesterday. It wasn´t Janete or Paulo. (Actually we cut them because they weren´t progressing and it was really sad) 

It was actually someone that neither Sister A or I taught. It was a friend of a recent convert in our ward that has been coming to church for 5 weeks now. We pass by the RC´s house every Sunday and Sister Alves said that if she was there again, we would baptize her today. Well low and behold she was there, Sister Alves did her magic and she said she wanted to be baptized. That was some thing Sister Alves and I were not expecting but the Lord always knows who is ready, not us. 

So we had 30 lessons this past week. That is really good for us, we worked really hard. Last wednesday we didn´t work because we had our chirstmas conference. That is why we were all wearing red and stuff. It was really fun but super weird because we didn´t work at all that day. We had a spiritual part in the beginning and then had lunch and had some fun activities in the afternoon. It was all the way in Curitiba which is 2 hours away so we didn´t get back till 8:45 at night. It was really fun to see people from my district and my past companions here. 

Sister A and I have a competition going with how many people we talk to on the street. Last week was really good (we talked to like 300 people last week) but sadly i lost :( The prize is McDonalds. (by the way, McDonald's sucks here but my companion likes it, their ice cream is good though) So I am buying McDonald's today. 

So it was really sad with janete this last week. She totally dropped us. She decided to wanted to stay with her pastor than have a prophet in her life. 

Paulo we eventually had to drop. We met with last monday with our bishop. He had some doubts but we resolved them and told him he needed to read the BOM again. So he called us on our way back on wendesday from Curitiba and said that he finished the BOM! ALL OF IT. We met with him last friday with our bishop again and he had some questions about how jacob in the bible could kill laban but nefi in the book of mormon killed laban as well. He had some other doubts as well that I had never heard an investigator have. It was hilarious!!! But we resolved them and he said that he would be baptized after he knew that this church was true. We invited him to pray friday night and promised him that God would respond. Well saturday before lunch, he called us and said he wanted to have us over for lunch and that he had a crazy dream. So we went over there but he had started drinking and it just wasn´t like what we thought was going to happen. He kept bringing up all the doubts he had before and it was just impossible. We told him that if he didn´t go to church the next day, we weren´t going to return. He wasn´t there yesterday so we cut him. It was sad but had to happen. So the subject line is from this last saturday when my companion lost all patience with paulo and said that. She is a little bit fiesty. She bosses me around and I have been out way longer than her! I just boss her right back. 

So some crazy changes in my mission: 

- we don´t have language study or training anymore (my mission president wants us to work so we leave our house at 10 am and don´t come back till 9 at night)
- we can baptize people even if them have a problem with smoking or drinking (my mission president authorized this that if a person has these problems they can still be baptized because after they revceive the gift of the holy ghost, it will be easier to stop) 

Just a few of the things my mission president does. 

Anyways, I am really good. Really super happy. I really love my mission a lot and I am so grateful to be here. I don´t like thinking whta it would be like or what I would be like without my mission. I have learned so much. 

Family: one thing that would help me a lot is if you guys would stop talking about me coming home or what I will be doing in a year from now or something. I still have 9 months left but it is really hard when you guys talk about that stuff because I think of home. I´m not mad and you don´t need to apologize but it would help!! 

Love you family and I will talk you all next week wednesday for 40 minutes at 3:00 pm my time!!! 

Sister Cropper 

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