Monday, December 2, 2013

New World? Does it talk about King Kong? Elder Cropper - November 25

Dear Family:
So this week’s quote again comes from Elder R from Argentina. We were together friday because our two companions were in Viña for the New Zone Leaders training meeting. We were talking about the Jdubs (testigos de Jehovah) which there are a lot of in south america. We were talking about their bible or the thing which they call a bible even though its not. Their holy book is called the new world translation or something like that. Elder R said New world Translation?! What does it even talk about, King Kong?! haha it was really funny--we all laughed. 

Anyways sorry I dont have a ton of time to write today. Elder H and I had to send all the informes (documents or whatever formes thats the word) today and I had to teach how to do all of it. Well it turns out Elder H isn’t very good with computers so I kind of had to help him a lot. The Elders in the Office always do a really crappy job of letting us know when we have to do the informes. annoying. 

Anyways, thats whats going on. we had a cool day yesterday we put two baptismal dates. Its with a referral from a member. the man assisted church and is like a baptism in the bag. When I meet him he looked really familiar. Felt like he’s one of the people I need to baptize. 

so because of time i didn’t read your emails, well a little bit of dad’s but that’s it. I took pictures of them and I’ll read them today. just so ya know family i was planning on skypeing for christmas. I just kinda like it better. 

We had 7 baptisms in the zone this month. That made me happy, as of now we are tied for 2nd place. The last time La serena had 7 baptisms was in july. we had 3 september, 5 october, and 7 november. I’m liking the growth. 

Love ya guys. 

Elder Cropper

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