Monday, December 2, 2013

Sister Cropper - December 2

Hello minha familia. 

Wow. So this week was good but crazy ut good. So I am finishing the training of a Sister that was already here. Her name is Sister A and she is from São Paulo, Barigui. She is good but it was definitely hard the first few days. I was really excited to go to Ponta Grossa because you can get a lot of baptisms and the work is a little easier and it is just way different from Curitiba. So I arrived and we worked the next day. My companion kept saying that we would work a lot and have a lot of baptisms but the first day was really hot and she was just walking really slow!!!! But we continued on. We had our tour of the mission this last thursday and it was really good but at the end, I saw my companion crying and talking with another Sister. I talked with her after and asked if she was okay and what was wrong but she said she was only crying because the sister had told a funny joke! She was totally lying but I knew she didn´t want to talk about it with me so I let it go. I tried talking with her during the day, asking her questions and working but she was so closed and I was just thinking in my head, "okay this will be a long transfer but I will work!" So finally friday, it was raining really hard all day and during the day, we needed to call Presidente for permission about this referencia we received. So she told me she needed to talk to him after I was done. So right when I finished, I handed her the phone and she started talking and crying with President that she didn´t have any motivation to work, she was worried about her family and all this other stuff. So Presidente said we needed to go back home and stay there and read the book of mormon, sing and pray. So okay, Presdiente will do that. So we stayed there the rest of the day. It was good and we talked. There was something else wrong with my companion but she didn´t want to tell me which I understand. So after friday, it was hard to work because she just didn´t have a lot of motivation. On Saturday, se called Presidente and told him she wanted to talk to him personally. SO we went there today. All the way to Curitiba, two hours! I woke up this morning at 4:45 am. But my companion is all good. WE are happy and will work really hard this week. She is absoltely hilarious and has a very strong personality. She tells people that if they aren´t baptized, they will burn in hell (she tells the nicely but still). WE actually were going to have a baptism yesterday but the dad (who is actually a less active!) said no and wouldn´t let him. He is ten years old and the poor little guy was crying about it but we will  baptize him and his sister this next sunday. Tem certeza. Actually his sister wants to serve a mission but she didn´t come to church this last sunday so we wil see! The church is really strong here and it is cool. Our bishop is pretty new but he wants us to work with the members a lot. I think this transfer will be really good. 

So thanks for all the letters! I received some more letters from you mom and a letter from Grandma. I also got that great devotional you sent me! Thank you!! 

I will buy a new camera this next week and I understand about Christmas. Also, I will be skyping (I am not 100% sure but I think so and I will have 1 hour). Mom you need to send me the recipe for cookies because I don´t remember. Chocolate chip cookies please. And ANNE, I would like a Christmas CD of Motab for christmas. 

Sorry, I don´t have a lot of time. I will write more next week but I am good! 

SAMUEL- Be happy. Don´t be so hard on youself. Minha nossa! You are a good missionary but I am sorry about your mission president. He sounds hard. 

Love you all, 

Sister Cropper 

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